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12 August 29th, 2013 REVENGE Stars Emily VanCamp and Barry Sloane Talk Season Three! Will Emily Ultimately Wind Up In The Arms Of Aiden?


One month from now, ABC’s hit primetime soap opera, Revenge returns for its much-talked about season three!  When we last left off: Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) revealed to Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) that she was indeed Amanda Clarke!

Meanwhile, Emily/Amanda is set to marry Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman)! But what about Aiden Mathis (Barry Sloane) who was Emily’s protector (or seemed to be) for most of season two?  Could he, in truth, be the ultimate man for Emily/Amanda?

On-Air On-Soaps spoke to Revenge series stars, Emily VanCamp and Barry Sloane at the recent ABC TCA cocktail reception to get their thoughts on their upcoming season three escapades, which as fans now know is all about what goes down at Emily’s wedding, and from the promo released just the other week, it does not look like a “bloody” good time was had by all!  With Sunil Nayar, the series new showrunner for its third season, look for tightened up storylines to play out over the arc of all all-new episodes! Revenge begins on Sunday night, September 29th at 9PMEST/8CST

Here is what Emily and Barry had to say about the future of Emily and Aiden in the romance department, a preview of season three, and more!

Emily, what did you think about Barry when he showed up on Revenge as Aiden Mathis … and, Aiden’s on-screen relationship with Emily?  Do you think they could potentially be the end game for each other, romantically?


EMILY:  I think it’s a fantastic relationship, and Aiden is a great addition.  I think Barry is a fantastic addition too, and we lucked out with Barry, because you can really believe that he can challenge her physically and mentally, and they had been through the same training.  Barry is a big guy, and I am kind of a tall girl, and so it works physically.  And, he is just the easiest person to work with.  He is a cool guy, and no bullshit.  Barry comes and gets the work done, and I love that about him.  I also love the fact that there is someone in her crazy world of revenge that actually brings out this human side to her, and that challenges her.  We are able to see Amanda, and now we can see that a little bit with Jack, but that is an intense relationship.  I think Aiden is an important relationship for her to maintain. Ultimately, I wonder if that is where she should end up.  I have never said that before, because I have always said, “Jack and Amanda”, “Jack and Amanda”.   But now with everything she has done to Jack, and everything she and Aiden have been through, I really wonder.  I think it’s going to be a long road for them to get there, because she has still got to marry Daniel.  So, I don’t know how this is all going to go down.

BARRY:   I think that is why they were such a success together last year on season two. They were very, very similar.  It’s such a wonderful dynamic between them and the sexual chemistry – you don’t know if they want to have sex on the floor or beat each other up.  It was like that in every scene!

EMILY:  It’s also about her getting over her nostalgia for Jack, so that Aiden really may be the person for her, because they have an understanding, and they live in darkness.  And, I don’t know if someone who doesn’t necessary live in that kind of pain and darkness can be with someone who is so wholesome, and truly good.


Barry, you came on to Revenge in season two and really made this role a keeper! Did you feel you fit right in with the cast, and on the canvas, from the very beginning?

BARRY:  I feel I was able to fit right, and I especially felt that from Emily. In episode one, we sat and discussed how we were going to do the scene where she has the knife at Aiden’s throat.  Emily was very welcoming to me, and so was the whole group.  They allowed me to do my thing, and I am glad it was a success.  It’s nice to not be the new guy this season.  When I first met Emily, though, I thought she was such a sweet girl, and such a wonderful actress.  She is usually so relaxed and lovely, but when she puts that “revenge” face on, you know who you are standing toe-to-toe with!  Our first day together we basically met checking each other out at the Pacific Ocean, while I was getting my pasty British skin sun-burned in the California sunshine.  It was a wonderful day, and fortunately because of how well we got on, it works well on-screen.

Are you excited for what’s ahead in season three?

EMILY:  I am!  I think it’s very twisted and very dark.  My character is doing a whole lot of shenanigans … maybe a little more than usual, because she has been put on a huge timeline.  Jack gives her an ultimatum and says, “You have got to get this done, or I am going to expose you!”  She is under the gun, and somehow ends up in a very twisted difficult predicament the night of her wedding.  It does not go as planned, and you will see that on the flash-forward in the first episode of the new season.

Do you think viewers were left absolutely confused at all the complexities of season two?


BARRY:  I have said to people, “When you watch season two as a whole on DVD, I think it will tie in a lot more.”  For me, it was a great season, and there were a lot of things for me to do.  This season it will be a lot simpler in a lot of ways, and this will help everybody.  They have really stripped it down for season three, where they expanded everything in season two.  I think now you will see some of the characters move back to the feeling of season one, like Nolan and Jack, with the experiences from season two.   I think you will have something interesting.

Barry, you had done soaps before when you were on Hollyoaks in the U.K.  What has it been like working on a series such as Revenge?

BARRY:  It’s a pleasure to work on this.  The global scale of being on a show like Revenge, you can never prepare for.  We film something and we go home, and it’s in millions of houses all over the world. You know, my immediately family lives here in L.A., and my other family is in Liverpool, England and so they watch it, but it starts in January in the U.K.  So, they are slightly behind, and they want me to tell them what is going on! (Laughs) Being on Revenge …it’s unreal, and I’m very proud to be a part of it.

So Revenge watchers! Do you think that Emily/Amanda should end up with Aiden? Do you think they have the most sex appeal as a duo of all of Emily’s apparently many suitors?  Did you enjoy Aiden and Emily in season two? What do you thin will go down at the flash-forward and at Emily’s wedding to Daniel?  Comment below!

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  1. deme says:

    Ditto to everything that Ms. VanCamp and Mr. Sloane stated. The relationship keeps you guessing because like Barry stated you don’t know whether they’re going to sex each other up or slam each other against a wall.


  2. heidi says:

    I know that it was supposed to be Amanda and Jack and I felt that too… however Aiden and Amanda/Emily are better suited in so many ways! Great interview Michael!!!


    Carolynn Varner replied

    I agree with Heidi. I do think that Aiden and Emily/Amanda belong together.


  3. Cami says:

    Ms Thorne seenms to have a thing for bartenders.. Jack is too wholesome but Aiden is far too dark. It’s hard to root for a protagonist in a relationship wit a killer, which Aiden is. And the push and pull, after a season I am very over it, it just goes in circles.


  4. Lyn says:

    Great interview! I am rooting for Emily and Aiden to end up together. After everything that has happened with Jack, it just doesn’t seem right anymore. Aiden and Emily may fight, but they always come back to each other. That’s what makes their relationship so interesting and fun to watch.


  5. Roza says:

    Amanda and Aiden -> YES !


  6. Mini says:

    I think Aimily fans just don’t buy the childhood sweetheart meant to be endgame we are often told is a given. It’s nice to see EVC acknowledge Aidens importance and that he may just be the right man for her. They have had a relationship – twice in fact, yet we’ll no doubt have to ride the Jemily love, once Daniel is out of the way as they need to actually see how compatable they are.
    On a shallow note, Aiden and Emily look so good together and their on screen chemistry has always been obvious.


  7. mrsnoahdrake says:

    I like Emily & Aiden but I thought I read a few months ago that Aiden was not coming back for Season 3.


    deme replied

    Oh honey, Aiden is so back and in a big way!


  8. bc says:

    Promo of emily getting shot was laughable while wearing a very wedding gown esque ensemble. Are they that desperate to rip off kill bill? It’s hilarious how actress from new abc sudser “betrayal” mentioned how “great” scandal is but had no description and praise when she mentioned revenge. Giggles.


  9. Bella says:

    I agree that Emily and Aiden SHOULD end up together. They are both so alike in many ways. I like how they see each other for who they REALLY are. I would be disappointed with the writers and the show if they continue to drag the Jack/Emily storyline on us AGAIN. The chemistry between Jack and Emily was long gone.


  10. nadine says:

    i think it should be jack because i believe she loves him more than she do aiden but because of what she is caught up in she dont want jack to get hurt. And i dont like the girl jack is with anyway. time for her to get out the way.


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