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2 October 7th, 2012 REVENGE: Whose Body Is Floating In The Wreckage Of Jack’s Sunken Boat, The Amanda?


If you saw last week’s season two opener of the hit ABC primetime soapy drama, Revenge, you noticed that the the episode opened up with a three month flash-forward to Labor Day.

In the key scenes, rescue divers noticed that an explosion looked like the culprit that caused permanent damage to Jack Porter’s (Nick Wechsler) boat, The Amanda.  As a diver took his flashlight to investigate, viewers saw what looks like a male hand with a wedding ring on floating in the hull, a picture of Jack, Declan (Connor Paolo), and their father, and a pocket watch!   Which leads to the question, who is the deceased body in the boat?

Revenge series creator, Mike Kelley, spoke to TV Guide in this week’s issue on newsstands now about his plans to unravel this story, noting that the corpse will be revealed just in time for February sweeps!  Kelley stated, “The core relationship for Emily (Emily VanCamp) is and always will be Jack. “  And while Jack remains in the dark as to the true identity of who Emily truly is, there is baby drama on the way with scheming Amanda.  And with the little bundle of joy (or not so joyous), we can look for Emily to stay close to the situation.  Kelley revealed, “Emily will stay close to Jack and make sure he’s OK.  She  just wants to protect him.”

In addition, Kelley previews that there will be a wedding before February’s revelation of who the body is in the boat teasing, “The events are tied together and it won’t end well!”

Now as for tonight, a new episode airs at 9PMEST/PST entitled “Resurrection”!  Here is what to look for:  Things get complicated as Emily continues to delicately weave her way back into the Graysons’  lives while remaining tied to Amanda and her unborn child.

Now after the jump, watch a preview from tonight’s all-new episode of Revenge, and then let us know after reading Mike Kelley’s comments above, who you think is the corpse in the sunken wreckage?

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  1. Judith says:

    I can’t comment because these You Tubes have such poor sound that nothing can be heard, and the video stops every few words to rewind.


  2. su0000 says:

    you need to update your pc- more power /ram etc.
    YouTube’s work beautifully..

    Revenge is an awesome soap. it is thrilling and I hope it goes on for years to come!!


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