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10 March 30th, 2012 Revenge’s Gabriel Mann tweets on cast finding out Season Finale plans: “We were gasping out loud!”


Always look for clue’s on Twitter these days! Any clues! Guess that is the new motto for 2012.  With that said, fantastic and exciting news tonight from Gabriel Mann who plays Nolan Ross on ABC’s hit primetime soap opera, Revenge!  Mann, who plays the best side-kick any gal could want …. yes, Emily Thorne, we are talking to you…  tweeted his reaction this evening after sitting with the cast for the season finale tableread!

Mann tweeted,  “Back from the @revenge season finale tableread & and honestly we were gasping out loud.  My head’s gonna explode. #revenge indeed #NeedADrink.  Just to clarify.. my head is not ‘literally’ gonna explode on the show. Just kinda in shock and damn, i think everyone else will be too.”

So what on earth could those brilliant minds at Revenge be concocting to throw us all for a loop in the season finale and keep us waiting and wanting  for a season two? 

Let us know your thoughts! And remember, all-new episodes of Revenge kick-off on Wednesday night, April 18th on ABC.

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  1. heidi says:

    Love him!!! Can’t wait!


  2. Jan says:

    I thought about watching but….never did. Theres not too much on TV that says watch.
    And when it gets cancelled or actor goes its insane. GH I catch on youtube.


  3. Sheryl says:

    Revenge is awesome , can’t wait to see the season finale. Thank you Michael for all your interviews I really enjoy them .


  4. Linda says:

    boycotting abc/d


  5. david says:

    He’s an actor hyping his show for ratings. I can’t bring myself to patronize anything on ABC or anything related to Disney.


    barbara t replied

    Me either ,as I pretty much said to shea peecher in my post below yours.down with abc/disney/the rat channel.


  6. Shea Peecher says:

    Regardless what he is “hyping,” the show is fantastic. I understand why people want to boycott ABC, but in reality it isn’t going to change why you are angry with them in the fist place, nor is it going to bring back daytime. If daytime soaps were produced like this show, every channel would have soaps on from 1-4 everyday of the week! Revenge is executed perfectly. The writing is smart and fresh. The acting is top notch. I know I am not going to change anyones mind, but if you like soaps, you will like Revenge guaranteed!


    barbara t replied

    Yes ,abc/disney/the rat channel is going down in the ratings and the soap fans are doing it by watching other shows on different networks so we are not missing out on anything ,the mouse channel use to be #1 daytime and prime time well they arent anymore .When Revenge has been on for almost 50 some years then its ripped from your life then maybe you can understand how we feel ,I lost all my children ,one life to live and general hospital is being threatened Ive watched all these shows since day 1 and the only reason we lost them was because of greed the fans were watching in many different ways so there is no excuse for the ratings being low,take my word for it the day time soaps are smart and fresh with decades of drama they have survived longer then any other prime time show thats on,mark my words revenge will never last that long shows in prime time never do not now ,not rat channel loves cancelling good shows in 2 years they got rid of v,boston legal,brothers and sisters lost could have lasted longer,the list goes on. enjoy Revenge us soap fans are enjoying our revenge against abc/disney/the rat channel its working and we are loving every dramatic minute of it.


    Shea Peecher replied

    Show me where you get your statistics. Post a link so I can see the decline in primetime viewers since AMC and OLTL were canceled, after you do that we can talk. With that said, I am as disappointed as anyone that AMC and OLTL were canceled. I hate it. I am not old enough to have watched from the beginning, but I have watched AMC and OLTL for about 20 years. For you to even suggest I am not upset doesn’t make sense. If I wasn’t a fan of daytime why would I be on a website dedicated to daytime?

    I don’t expect Revenge or any other primetime show to be on for 40 some years. To even suggest that is ludicrous. Not only would story run out (as it did in daytime) but the actors would get bored and want to move on to different projects. You suggest that viewers were watching in many different ways. This I do agree with. With all the ways that people can watch tv now a days, I understand what you are saying here. The ratings system is quite antiquated and with the technology available today you would think that there would be a way to include every household instead of just those chosen by Nielson.

    You maintain that daytime is smart and fresh, but let me ask you a question, how many times during your stories did you fast forward or wish that you could fast forward through specific scenes? If you say none, then you are in the minority. I see people post comments like this yet they fast forward or wish they could through many scenes in a day. If the writing and storytelling was as fresh and smart as you suggest and the acting talent is strong, then there would be no need for anyone to want to fast forward through anything!

    I too was guilty of this when watching AMC and OLTL (not so much OLTL during it’s final months)
    Regardless, there were things that could have been done to save these soaps, but boycotting a channel isn’t going to bring them back, no matter how bad their overall ratings are. That was really my only point.

    barbara t replied

    not Once did you mention that you watch all my children and one life to live ,you said,why are you angry with abc and I explained to you why I dont watch abc/disney any more ,I dont fast forward I dont have one of those dvr things I have been a faithful abc soap watcher from the start and I can honestly say those soaps have always ,everyday for 49 years been turned on in my home I started watching them with my grandmother and I wont stop watching them till the last one is gone.THere are several places you can go to see that abc which use to be number one isnt anymore you can go to,tv by the numbers,tv media insights,google news,search and you will somewhere find the ratings just this morning a business sight said to abc/disney dont be stupid and make the same mistake and cancel general hospital ,the ratings are there in black and white abc/disney is sinking in the daytime and they are not #1in prime time anymore.Go to google news then go to one life to live or general hospital there are several good reads about abc/disneys stupidity in canceling the soaps and they are feeling the pain.You said at the end of your post ,there were things that could have been done to save the soaps,No there wasnt ,abc/disney/the rat channel want to line there pockets with more money and the first place they went was the soaps ,I can sit here and write so many more facts I could go on for ever ,My point was if enough people get together and and try to save something they truly care about somewhere there is someone who will hear you and the true fans of all my children and one life to live are letting there voices be heard and its working, thats was what I was trying to tell you .If you go to facebook there are a lot of places you can go ,daytime fans unite ,swan,general hospital fan page ,there are several petitions to abc/disney there are so many places just go there and you will see what I am talking about heck even the business magazines and papers are saying that abc killed themselves by cancelling the soaps ,they pissed the soap fans off and the network is feeling the loss of fans they use to have ,LIke I said I could go on but I was just trying to tell you why we are boycotting abc/disney and it is working will it take the network down ?No it wont ,but the mouse kingdom will never be #1 in the daytime again until they turn around the damage they did by canceling the soaps.


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