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27 November 10th, 2017 Rick Hearst Lands Role On CW’s Dynasty Reboot!

Photo: Rich Hearst Instagram

Daytime Emmy winner and former General Hospital star, Rick Hearst spread the word today that he booked a primo role in an upcoming episode of CW’s Dynasty.

The series was also just given a full season order of 22 episodes! Hearst took to social media and related on the casting news: “Booked a nice role of the CW reboot of #dynasty.”

Look for Rick to appear in the 12th episode of Dynasty’s season. As to what role he will play, mum’s the word thus far.

Excited to see Rick mix it up with the Carringtons and the Colbys? Comment below.

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  1. Phil says:

    Maybe he will play Dex Dexter? Now please cast Tiffani Theissen as Alexis!


    knotsamc replied

    Heather Locklear should be Alexis!!


    vinee replied


    elm1951 replied

    have you seen heather locklear lately??

  2. Jules says:

    This man should be in everything. His acting is subtle, natural and visceral. He makes acting look so easy and that is a testament to his talent. He is among the greatest, yet underappreciated, actors in the genre. There’s no reason he isn’t in big television shows or doing movies. I hope he gets more opportunities and finds more success.

    (Not a fan of his hawking grandiose money making schemes or what have you. I think he’s better than that.)


  3. Patrick says:

    I’m so … sick.. of the focus…. @GH.. lack of production value.

    they do not read .. care.. or mind

    the dire dullard : Sonny and Carly ; BM Jason and Sam ; Michael and Nelle ; Finn; and Franco


    so I calmly put forth

    the only .. other man.. who’d make Carly.. REAL

    who’d make Carly… REEL

    Rick Hearst as Ric Lansing @GH

    kudos to the finer mindset of other productions to value what a hot commodity and surefire HIT

    WOW .. how GH languishes

    my best to you Mr. Hearst


  4. blake says:

    I loved him as Alan-Michael Spaulding on Guiding Light!!!


  5. Kevin C says:

    Don’t watch the new Dynasty…would love for him to come back to daytime…Rick looks GREAT with his graying hair…


    Kevin C replied

    I remember Rick taking over the role of Matt on Y&R from Eddie Cibrian when Matt returned to Y&R…Rick Hearst in my opinion is one of my favorite actors…Rick is a class act…


    Kevin C replied

    I meant to say, IMO Rick is one of the best actors on TV and is one of my favorite actors…

  6. vinee says:

    Would have made a much better Blake as he is a much better actor than Grant Show.


  7. K/kay says:

    Look close folks this is the handsome face of a great actor and a heck of a nice guy.


  8. Jovin says:

    He will probably be Adam. Although with the gray hair he might actually look older than Blake. Lol.


  9. Phil says:

    How about Dex Dexter? Now please cast Tiffani Theissen as Alexis, ASAP!


  10. Patrick says:

    shucks – I get confused on whether this is a guest spot.. recurring etc

    like I had hoped with Michael Muhney on @The good doctor

    it just doesn’t follow.. @GH

    WHAT power Maurice Benard and Laura Wright must have

    to be allowed to suck up so much air time

    they just stink together…

    I even try to post that Rick Hearst is the only – man – she’s every come across as a woman

    same goes for Sonny… he’s so dull.. the only other woman who meets him eye to eye.. is Dahlia Salem ex Claire Walsh

    if these two actors “think” they are all that and a bag of chips

    ratings prove otherwise

    the increase is in fact for .. Steve Burton.. and that jump will have to be WRITTEN FOR.. once the reveal of who’s who and who’s the real Jason

    OK – I couldn’t believe what magic and chemistry between Leslie Charleson and Billy Miller… once again… were they at the Quartermaine crypt ?

    who couldn’t feel the mother / son relationship just solidify and .. when watching both of their faces.. just knocked me over

    let Billy Miller be Drew – that way .. now bonded.. and with BM tough stance and yet sensitive portrayal… he already has an easy passage and path toward the Quartermaine familial.

    Steve Burton cannot act past his bug eye
    let Carly and Sonny and Sam kiss his arse… end of show


    Jamesj75 replied

    Bravo, Patrick! From beginning to end!


    elm1951 replied

    excellent post!!


  11. Alan says:

    He would make an interesting Dr. Nick Toscani…


  12. Jimh says:

    He would be better off not wasting his talents there…but if i was doing the reboot i would had made him Cecil Colby!!!


  13. Jamesj75 says:

    Dex Dexter, is that you?


    jaybird369 replied

    James…I was thinking the exact same thing, Brother!!!!! Y-e-p.

    Later, Brother.


  14. rebecca1 says:

    I don’t watch the show but congrats to Rick for landing the role. Of course I’d love to see him back on GH…for that matter, he’d fit in nicely with several prime time shows. Surprised he hasn’t been scooped up sooner.


  15. clb says:

    Enjoyed Rick Hearst on GL and GH. Not so sure about the Dynasty reboot as the CW is a failing network. ABC should have brought it back just as CBS should have brought back the Dallas reboot over TNT. But TNT did a better job than the CW will ever do.


  16. jaybird369 says:

    Rick Hearst’s new role on the CW’s Dynasty Reboot could mean one of the following…
    1. Adam Carrington/Michael Torrance
    2. Dex Dexter
    3. Mark Jennings (Krystle’s hunky ex-husband)

    Who knows……….


    Jamesj75 replied

    jaybird369, I like your options! I’m rethinking the Dex Dexter thing because Alexis has to be there first… I fondly remember the characters you mentioned. God, I miss that show…


  17. Rodd says:

    Can’t wait to see him!


  18. Diehardfan says:

    Elizabeth Hurley = Alexis!!!!!!

    and Joan Collin can play Alexis Sr LOL!!!


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