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14 February 26th, 2013 Rick Springfield Confirmed For Return For General Hospital’s 50th!


Rick Springfield as expected is returning to General Hospital for the shows 50th Anniversary in a short story arc according to PEOPLE as Dr. Noah  Drake.

The pop rocker/author/soap star related on Noah’s history, “He lost his wife and became a drunk and regretted all these terrible, sinful ways and then cleaned his act up when he almost died from the alcohol. Now he disappears all the time, going to Doctors Without Borders and going around the world helping people. I guess he’s gone from a drunk to being incredibly altruistic. I’m not nearly as altruistic as Noah Drake is.”

Springfield’s son, Liam Springthorpe, has also landed a GH gig and will appear as an undercover cop.

So GH fans, are you excited to see another return of the original Dr. Drake? Do you hope that he will have more scenes with his on-screen son this time, Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson)? And what about Liam as an undercover cop?  Weigh-in!

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  1. su0000 says:

    I am loving it !!
    GH is the only soap, in soap history, to create fan excitement over revamping .. !!

    And the love for GH by it’s fans enthusiasm over its’ rebirth (even if less in ratings than Y&R) General Hospital is truly the #1 soap.
    The True #1 soap General Hospital !!! .. Long live GH !!

    And no other writer/producer have ever given their fans the returns of their favorite veterans in such a great numbers !! It is awesome to see them all once again if even for a short stint…………. Only on GH (has this been done)


    The_HugoBoss replied

    Well said. And not only bringing back favorites, managing to mix them in well with the newbies and current cast members.


  2. jim says:

    I think they shouldve had Noah reveal to Patrick that years b4 Pat was born he had a brief affair with a woman who got pregnant with twins but put them up for adoption after she and Noah split up. One twin was John who was adopted by the Mcbains and the other was Caleb/Stephan who was adopted by a weired hippie couple who was involved in cult activities which would explain why Caleb grew up to be such an oddball. Meanwhile if Caleb was really once a famous rock star, being such a well known celeb, how come no one, especially, John, mention Johns uncanny resembalance to this famous rocker long b4 now? And did i miss something? Todd was in cell with Rafe, so where was he when Molly broke Rafe and John out of jail? Also if Steve dies, will Olivia turn to Sonny in her grief and have an affair with him which will bring the Connie back out of Kate? Will Kate realize Sonny didnt cheat on her with Connie because he actually slept with both of them at the same time?lol


    jim replied

    If John could turn out to be Patricks half brother this could add more story involvement for the two actors.


    Patrick replied

    I know…. how come no one knows about his big rock star… who is impersonating a “vampire” who looks like Caleb… who may not even be a vampire, after all… ? kinda threw me for a loop their…


    jim replied

    That did spoil the story a little bit for me about how no one recognized Johns resembalance to a former rock star who by the way i knew wasnt a vampire after all. Now that sucks! pun intended, lol

  3. Annie says:

    Thrilled to say the least and cant wait to see Ricks son in action. Rick Springfield should definitely be a part of this 50th anniversary given his fsme and popularity then and still today. Liam will steal our hearts immefiately if he is just like his dad!


  4. Ces says:

    It will be great to see him back and I hope it’s while Jackie Zeman is around. Loved Bobbie & Noah.


    Patrick replied

    i was at target today…. and reading the SOD…

    Scotty’s THEEEE MAN!

    he’s been involved with them all…

    Heather Webber…. when she was sane…? if ever…
    Katherine…. Mary beth evans… now “I love” Kayla… DAYS.
    Bobbie…. he should move on with Bobbi again… if that’s what it takes to get her on full time….
    Lucy! she snagged em all didn’t she….
    Laura… you know she may not wed scotty after all… but.. she looks better with Scotty then Luke…

    Scotty’s done them all… LOL… and he’s still my #1 bear…


    Patrick replied

    Bobbie coming back… is my big harrah! be it with Noah… and hopefully, with Scotty… since it’s storyline… that he’s “engaged” to Laura….

    Ces replied

    you’re right, he’s got a lot history with all these women and I hope GH is wise and keeps him around!! Not to mention Kin Shriner still looks as
    mischevious as ever!!

  5. Tali says:

    Love the father/son duo of Jason Thompson & Rick Springfield! They should have lots of scenes together, they play well off of each other.


  6. susan M. says:

    I have alway’s liked Rick Springfield! Saw him in concert years ago in New York and he looked great. And the songs were great to hear in person! He wore these black pants
    that had zippers on the side of his left & right leg. OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Christy says:

    wonder if Dr. Drake will have another fling with Nurse Bobbi?? :-D


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