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17 July 5th, 2013 Ricky Paull Goldin Joins The Cast & Producing Team of Crystal Chappell’s Beacon Hill!


The casting of Crystal Chappell’s new web series Beacon Hill just keeps getting more intriguing and more intriguing! This afternoon, Chappell announced that daytime favorite, Ricky Paull Goldin (Jesse, B&B, Ex-Jake, AMC, EX-Gus, GL) has been added to the cast in the role of Andrew Miller …  and that’s not all! Ricky is also coming on board as one of the producers of the new web series!

So here is the lowdown on Ricky’s new role of Andrew Miller, according to the Beacon Hill website, “Katherine’s chief of staff is addicted to power. His ambition and underhanded actions may harm Katherine’s upcoming campaign and ruin any chance she may have to reconnect with Sara.”  And as previously reported, Katherine will be played by the one and only Sarah Brown!

Ricky received an onslaught of well-wishes from fans, followers, new and old castmates on Twitter when the news was released of his addition to Beacon Hill.   Goldin tweeted after the fervor, “Thanx 4 all the kind tweets. Made my day.xo Very excited about @BeaconHillWeb & working with amazing cast & crew. “

So what do you think of Ricky Paull joining Crystal Chappell, Louise Sorel, Sarah Brown and God knows who else is the political intrigue and romance of Beacon Hill?   Let us know!

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  1. Utah says:

    I think im going to like this new web series. Everyone who has been cast so far are ones’ that i have loved on the other soaps. They are terrific actors. This series reminds me of the soaps, Capitol and Loving. Plus with Crystal being on this show…well….you know it will be damn good. Cant wait for it to start!!! When is the launch anyway? Thanks


  2. su0000 says:

    Good for Ricky!!!!!!
    web series a Beacon Hill ..
    The inter-web has become a very popular place for series/soaps ..
    I will give it look-see :)


  3. Robert Seganti says:

    In my view,Sarah Brown is one of those inexplicably praised and highly over-rated actresses who reap undeserved acclaim from a few while turning the vast majority off.Yet,she keeps getting hired on one soap after another.


    JEM replied

    Hey Robert. I very much agree with you. However…it is not so much the fault of the actress as the fault of the writers and producers. With each soap she is hired on, people talk about what a revelation and how brilliant she was as Carly. But people are forgetting…that initial run for her was almost soap nirvana as ALL the elements aligned…a killer storyline rooted in history, spectacular slow=build writing that enveloped much of the cast, the use of core characters and favvourites, and sensational acting from everyone involved. Since then, however, soaps have repeatedly tried to hire her but they have ALL handed her poorly developed characters, with no ties to anyone on the canvas, and everyone of her other characters has petered out and disappeareed. When given good material, Brown is a good actress, but she is not a soàp saving star power or a one woman show by any means. Writers and producers who hire her have to do their part and stop thinking that just hiring her is going to result in the same magic that happened when she first joined GH in 1996.


  4. Philip Chase says:

    I definitely want to see this series. When does it debut?


  5. Kate says:

    Not sure why PP has not signed him up. I liked him on AMC but he is what OLTL needs. OLTL has lost several male actors that could be recast with Ricky. Ricky has the look that the missing OLTL actors had. Just sayin’.


  6. JEM says:

    I am SO shocked!! A big daytime star who went to Bold and Beautiful had his talent wasted and squandered in a thankless throwaway role?????????? This must be a first!


  7. JEM says:

    I would like to see if Chappell is capable of producing a quality drama about straight people.


    Utah replied

    She can do anything in my book. I have watched her for years and she is one of the BEST!!!!!


    kitty replied

    Oh, JEM, that’s funny. Did you intend to be funny? Scripted media is more often than not geared towards straight people. And Chappell’s dramas have plenty of “straight” storylines.


  8. Drew says:

    Super happy that this very talented guy is joining this series. I am very excited to see this show.

    P.S. Wow, there are some really negative people in this world :-) As my Mom always said, if you don’t have anything nice to say… don’t post it to the internet.


    Lew S replied

    I agree!


  9. Lew S says:

    Online is the way to go today. Bold and the Beautiful doesn’t know what to do with great actors, but hire them with great fanfare, then put them on the back burner. Brad Bell doesn’t have his father” s vision of seeing a great actor and building story around them.


  10. Sandy says:

    Ricky played a great role on AMC with Amanda and I was hoping he would return but instead found himself on the B&B playing a miniscule part. Glad he is returning for this new web series as he is worth waiting for.


  11. Deb says:

    Couldn’t be happier RPG has signed on for this new web series. Especially interested that he’ll also be producing. Stroke of genius on Crystal Chapell’s part. Can’t wait for this and love the idea that RPG will not be playing a romantic hero this time round. Love his edgier side, as when how portrayed early era Gus.


  12. Mo says:

    Is he coming back to B&B????? Or was that cameo it? A WASTE if so!


  13. shawnie says:

    Thank goodness Ricky is not some stuck up actor who thinks he’s above making cameo appearances. I enjoyed his little stint on the B&B and I hope he makes more cameo appearances on the B&B, his humbleness is very appealing.


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