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12 January 8th, 2016 Rob Scott Wilson Gives Special Shout-Out To Exiting DAYS Star Kate Mansi!


In 2015, one of the more memorable performances has to be that of Rob Scott Wilson in the role of Ben Weston on Days of our Lives.  As it turned out, hothead Ben turned out to be the Necktie Serial Killer in one of the most shocking and talked about storylines of last year in soaps.

Over many months, Rob shared many scenes just with Kate Mansi (Abigail Deveraux)!  First, as her viable love interest and fiance’, and then as a killer unhinged.

On Thursday, Rob took to social media to send his gratitude, applause, and thanks to Mansi, who announced her decision to leave the 50-year-old soap opera after five years in the role of Abby.

Rob tweeted: “I think we made ppl feel feelings.. Grateful to have walked the walk down Crazy Town w/ ya @KateMansi #growth”

So, what did you think of Rob’s message? What did you think of the work of Kate and Rob throughout the last six months of airshows on DAYS? Comment below!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Both actors so much improved toward the end of their storyline!


  2. Ray says:

    I wish they would bring RSW back as Ben’s twin brother. He was amazing.


  3. Mike says:

    I have to say, when Rob Wilson came on the show, he was a handsome hunk who seemed to be given little more to do than be angry and be supportive. Those were his two big emotions, and he was never asked via story to do any more than that. But after making him the necktie killer, the guy got to start stretching those acting muscles – and surprise! – he actually had some skills! And the further into the story we got, the more we got to see. Turns out, there was a pretty damn good actor waiting to get out the whole time. Sorry he only got to show how good an actor he was as part of his exit story, but glad he got to go out on a high note (well, in terms portraying an imbalanced serial killer).


  4. CeeCee says:

    Ron, as Ben, broke the monotony that was DOOL. And, through Ben’s tortured soul, so was Abby reincarnated as one self-assured, in-your-face-actress. A 10++++ to both.


    CeeCee replied

    Rob, not Ron.


  5. Bil Thompson says:

    Both actors showed tremendous growth and I really feel an attachment to Kate Mansi as Abigail – I don’t think a re-cast would be the same for me. But, actors who are very young feel that the time is right to seek other avenues of the entertainment field by their agents, and probably don’t want to be “trapped” into a role for too long a period of time.


    Reagan replied

    I can see that. I hate to see Mansi or Abigail go. I can also see – like you are saying- where young actors want to move on. With only 4 soaps on now & the constant up & down threat of the genre dying, i’m sure they want to expand their resume while they can. And while I fall in love with actors portraying their roles, I also see how some actors that chose to stay in the same role for too long (instead of going & coming back, etc) seem to lose some of their skill. I guess it is easy to get comfortable & not grow.


  6. Mayrettalady says:

    I thought the Ben and Abigail characters really shown with the necktie killer episodes. Rob really did great towards the end, as well as Kate. I wish they were allowed to have more meat to their part early on. Is this Days final year because so many are leaving? I couldn’t bear NOT having the show to watch every day. I have been watching since 1973!


  7. Mo says:

    “feel feelings”? I guess that’s why he’s an actor and not a writer.

    Anyway, he did improve once he got decent story. Although, I think Ben should have been arrested shirtless.


  8. Mateo says:

    Maybe the actress who currently plays Ciara could take over the role of Abbi since she has such “deep” acting skills. *insert sarcasm here* What we need is a tornado to come by and sweep those horrible kid actors away….DAYSNADO!!!!


    Kathy replied

    Vivian is one of the worst casting decisions they’ve made in the last few years.

    But, Rob Wilson is another. Lots of people say he wasn’t given good material. Lots of actors on Days had crappy material and they did their best like Kate Mansi did with Abigail being wishy-washy and a liar. Rob just doesn’t have the acting chops. He was a boring hothead and tried embarrassingly hard as the Necktie Killer to be scary bad. The things he did were scary (trying to burn people alive) but he isn’t a good enough actor. Take that final scene with Ben and Clyde. He tried to cry for the whole episode. It was embarrassing just watching him. If the tears aren’t coming, don’t scrunch up your face for an hour.

    James Lastovic and Kyler Pettis (hope I spelt that correctly) are decent actors. I don’t have an opinion on the new Belle yet.


    Tim Welles replied

    I understand, Kathy, what you are saying, but he did show some growth as an actor as the character became menacing, and some of his fight scenes, particularly the one which landed Chad in the hospital were very realistic.
    So, no, he’s not quite ready for a William Shakespeare play perhaps but I think he did all right with the role.
    However I agree 100% regarding these Teen roles, and their atrocious dramatics. The gal playing Ciarra just isn’t convincing to me.
    Am I the only one though I wonder who finds the scenes between Marlena and John to be….I don’t know, draggy at times and not that compelling?
    I enjoyed the chemistry between Paige and JJ much more than I am watching him with Gaby – He seemed really, genuinely in love with Paige and torn about the affair with her mom. Right now, they need to develop some very strong storylines and STOP with the (what seems like) a revolving door of characters.

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