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26 November 29th, 2017 Rob Scott Wilson Returns As Killer Ben On Days of our Lives!


If you saw the juicy final moments of Tuesday’s episode of Days of our Lives!, it looks like Sami (Alison Sweeney) has hatched a plan and hired her goons to do the dirty work, whereby she has had Ben Weston kidnapped from the mental institution, and put in a room at the Salem Inn.

Sami has plan to help get her son Will’s (Chandler Massey) memory back by reverting to very extreme measures to jog the floodgates open.

This ushers in another return by Rob Scott Wilson, who now has brought Ben into soapdom cult favorite mode.

Wilson tweeted yesterday following the reveal of DAYS airing in all markets: “The woman brings it … my hands are tied. @Ali_Sweeney”

Don’t miss this week’s remaining episodes …  it’s going to be “Crazy Town”.

So, excited to see Rob back?  What do you think of the plot twist? Comment below!

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  1. Jimh says:

    Its a little far fetched but this is Days and Ron C. writing…at least the show is a lot better than a year ago!!!


    Celia replied

    How true, Jimmy!
    You know what I think? Ben cannot be so bad, if he could not go through with the fake strangulation of Will.
    This fact, however minute, leads me to believe that TPTB are trying to redeem him? Considering Rob’s lauding, as Ben, by the fans; there may be that possibility. What say you? Is Ben here to stay? ……As a bad guy turned good? A brain tumor? LOL.


    4ever DAYS replied

    Maybe some type of split personality disorder, Celia. It was already established that Ben, as well as Jordan, were abused by their father. Jordan was originally named Tammy Sue and Ben was Ollie or Oliver, but Ben had also gone by a different name in Florida, which is where he knew Eve and Paige. They were patrons at the diner he worked at…

    Jimh replied

    He could be a bad guy turned good but still a bad guy pretending to be good-lol….why not Days have had them!!!!!!!

    Celia replied

    @4ever DAYS.
    HI, 4ever,
    Yes, you’re right….I had stored all that info in one of the recessed corners of my brain, LOL.
    A dual personality makes sense. I love Rob ( since AMC) ….so, I will take him back ; hopefully as a good guy. He’s so good-looking and graces my screen effortlessly—he’s so angelic looking!! LOL.

  2. Dymundjake says:

    At least it keeps him on screen! Wish they never ruined the character but he did a great job as Batty Ben.


  3. Chrystie-Delancey says:

    I am excited to see him back. He was a snooze as the do-gooder, but when he went psycho, that is when he became a great actor. I think it shows that some actors are really better playing against type.

    However, Sami is in real danger of losing Will forever. Too bad she can’t just let him get to know her without her shenanigans, but then again, that would not be Sami. It’s a catch-22.


  4. jeremy says:

    All the storylines being pen out by Ron Carlivati is so ironic,On Days of our lives.
    Its like watching General Hospital, Round 2 with Ron Carlivati’s writing!!! Not impress at all with his Head Writing duties with Days. FF to next scenes.. Seen it on General Hospital, already but with different Actors. :) :) :) :)


    Kevin C replied

    Jeremy, I so agree with you on Ron C’s writing which is not my cup of tea at all…To me, DOOL was at it’s best in the 70′s and 80′s…character driven drama…


  5. Karen Clark says:

    I love him! He can come back as often as he can. Hot! Hot! Hot!! And I am 67.


  6. Patrick says:

    this is thee time to catch up with Sami

    can any one ?

    it’s been very interesting watching her flit to and fro ; reign herself in ; come to terms with – per Marlena – waiting her turn to see Will truly come “home”

    Sami is now a full fledged woman
    Sami is now gaining on maturity
    Sami is so impatient and rears herself of ole’
    Sami is just being Sami -  hum?  doesn’t get old with OUR Ali Sweeney REEL

    I truly think RC and AS and the cast will be fully acknowledging just how much Sami has done for this Fantastic Show.  honoring this character

    the excitement .. the heart swell… the longing for Will. her son, to get his memory back. this story , from here on out.. is our chance at getting to see all the layers of Ali Sweeney and RC take on what makes Sami.

    dag! HOW does any one… get over : two humongous loss’ with EJ and Will.


    shes hanging on as only we know Sami. this is tantamount to seeing all the emotions split reach and mobilize her as never before.

    so… it’s great to see two actors.. Ali and Chandler each telling their own story… and how the middle ground and celebration of will surface

    can you imagine from a mother perspective… yeah, it’s regurge.. yet .. when you are that close to this show… it’s playing out in fine form… kudos

    oy! i’m just waiting for Lauren Koslow ( grandma kate )turn – for Will and Theo

    Rob Scott Wilson.. it’s me again. Salute


  7. Soaphound says:

    Any reason is a good one for his return. He’s a wonderful actor and incredibly sexy and beautiful as well. I still wish Y&R would have cast him as Scott Grainger.


  8. 4ever DAYS says:

    This storyline should’ve been featured in this week’s promo, not Rope.


  9. conniemac says:

    well i don’t think sami will be getting the mother of the year award….


  10. stevie g says:

    I love having Robert Scott Wilson back on Days. Seeing him makes me wish they could somehow redeem his character. But as long as Paige and the red head who’s name escapes me are still dead, that dosn’t seem possible. Have the writers forgotten he also killed Abbi’s midwife?


  11. Iakovos says:

    I liked the Ben Weston storylines. Not sure character can be redeemed enough to return actor to full-time canvas but… the new writing regime can probably make him a long lost twin of a never before known Horton.


    Andrew Hass replied

    I’m sure Days could bring Rob Scott Wilson back as Ben’s twin brother.The story could be that mother sent one twin away to keep him safe from Clyde.The twin could come to Salem to try to make amends for what Ben did.


    Satan replied

    It’s only a matter of time before ReRon drags out the “brain tumor” excuse for Ben’s psychotic serial killer behavior. Just like he did on GH when he resurrected a dead serial killer in order to keep one of his One Life to Live pets employed (after a lawsuit prohibited him from using the OLTL character names)


    Omar replied

    Great idea Iakovos…If Rob Scott Wilson is available, he should be brought back full time..I saw it a few years ago in the AMC reboot that this actor is not just looks but has good acting chops and a big screen presence.


  12. Celia says:

    Sami is a mother….I would not have used such tactics (unless not in my right mind, LOL).
    Why did the writers go there?
    To use the old cliche’, ” desperate times call for desperate measures” ( paraphrasing); Sami IS desperate to get her son back, wholly!!…. Can’t blame her too much….I don’t know what that was all about; but, I can say for a certainty Massey is the BOMB!!!!
    The scene with Ali in the aftermath of the “strangling” by Ben, was crazy, outrageous, good!!!!!
    Give this guy a 10++, and then some. WOW!! It was so very real…..face redness, breathless, coughing and all.
    Good “shew”, applause, applause!!


    Patrick replied

    “…I would not have used such tactics (unless not in my right mind, ”

    OK – you threw me in to hysterics

    RC imagination … to feature the dramatic REEL of all involved

    Ben – Sami – Will

    FEATURING bigger than life

    I’m impressed with Chandler Massey REEL. not over the top nor is it unbelievable

    his calm demeanor is working

    I have to say.. I did not think CM had it in him

    for a character to be so beloved by all of Salem… and most of the audience… I truly have to hand it to CM

    CM… you have earned your keep… had to say that… and I mean it… “He’s still as adorable as ever”

    I would think that any one would come to his defense.

    one of the things he spoke about in past SOD issue… is that he was so young when he started on this show.. and grew up on… ??? 8 plus years ? and he needed that 2-3 year MIA to mature and EXPERIENCE life. ??? so that he had life experiences to draw from

    so i’m just celebrating his return

    like Grandma kate and Grandma Marlena…. this is your grandpa .. I LOVE YOU


    Celia replied

    Love your style, Patrick….
    Truth and compassion….and, yes….Chandler, as I said as soon as he returned, has grown up. I am enchanted…, let’s see Vivian—-can’t wait!!

    Chrystie-Delancey replied

    That was so disturbing to watch — especially a second time with the original Will.

    I was surprised he didn’t choke the life out of him again and then Sami have to rush to revive him. She kept saying she had the men there to stop it from going too far, but asphyxiation is a slippery slope. I doubt she had paramedics standing by.

    With Ben stopping himself, I wonder if it means his character can be made good once again and that is something they might want to explore some day.


    Celia replied

    Very adeptly put, Chrystie……..”disturbing to watch”…. sooo agree with you.
    Yet, in the midst of the offensive, negative image before our eyes, a positive has been borne.
    Chandler outdid himself—proved how much he belongs on stage. Bravo!!
    I thought the same thing about Ben….I think we all thought along those lines. Are “they” redeeming Ben? I repeat….will he be ‘tumorized’, or shall I say, ‘de-tumorized’?, LOL.

  13. Rick says:

    Agreed. Everyone did a fantastic job on today’s show. Chandler mentioned in interviews that it was physically intense doing the strangulation scenes perhaps this is what he meant. Nice change in voice, watery eyes, and facial intensity.

    Robert Scott Wilson did a great job and it is always fun to know he’s in town cuz something is about to go down! Is it possible for him to he be a citizen in Salem but not be insane, just always on edge? Creeping people out and NOT get boring (IMO) like his character was prior to Batty Ben. I know! Since he expressed remorse for hurting Will a couple of times and now Sami may have made his suffer a setback – in a twist of irony the courts assign Marlena to be his psychiatrist specifically because she’s related to both Will and Sami. Her insight can help expedite his recovery – you know, how a scenario like that can happen in soap land. HA But let Ben miss a session or two and oh dang! Meanwhile, he’s free to roam around Salem skeeving people out with the proverbial one or two people who’ll give him a chance (heck maybe even Will would see him as a victim trying to get better). Perhaps build his character and make us sympathetic to him. Chad would be enraged, of course! Kinda intense, I think.

    That would be fun to watch and keep Robert Wilson on our screens if even as a recurring.

    Not sure where you go from there since he’s great insane but RC can figure something out. I can only get you started writing team. :-)


  14. Mo says:

    Anytime they want to bring Rob back, I’m happy.

    I get what Sami is going for. She’s desperate and very impatient. I feel sorry for her that Will is so against her. Susan sure did a good job turning him against her.

    Chandler did a great job. Rob as well.

    Looking forward to seeing where this story goes.


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