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128 August 17th, 2017 Robert Palmer Watkins Let Go At General Hospital

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Another actor is exiting the canvas at General Hospital!  This time it’s Robert Palmer Watkins who has been let go in his role of Dillon Quartermaine.

On-Air On-Soaps can confirm the exit.  No final airdate has been revealed for Watkins. But with Robert’s exit, the Quartermaine family continues to shrink.

We understand the actor was completely taken by surprise by the decision made by the show.

Robert has been with GH since 2015, taking on the role of Dillon Q, first played by Scott Clifton (now B&B’s Liam).  Daytime Confidential leaked the news.

Watkins had been away from the ABC daytime drama series for the last month filming a role in the upcoming feature, Last Three Days. 

What are your thoughts on the news of Robert Palmer Watkins being pink-slipped from GH? Comment below.


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  1. Jillie says:



    Max Daddee replied

    Really, like what is up with these ridiculous casting decisions? First Rebecca Budwig, a huge loss to let her go. Now Robert. I was really looking forward to seeing his role grow over time. What’s all this about – to raise funds for Steve Burton’s salary? I never thought he was that great. Always seemed pretty lifeless to me. This is all absurd.


  2. Willy Garza ( PartyWill ) says:

    I deeply saddened by the latest casting & firing at Gh ..
    Thanks alot for letting go of our beloved characters & actors !
    You just lost a loyal viewer !


  3. Suzie rm says:

    Sad. Now the leading men are all Mobster, murderers or rapists. What happened to the show I loved?


    Justin replied

    Right! And, what happened to my favorite family, the Quartermaines.


    Momtude replied

    Yes, why are they getting rid of the legacy characters!? This focus on mob is a ratings killer- this isn’t the Sopranos- it’s a daytime soap-opera! I’m so sick of Sonny being shot, Sam falling off the stairs into fake Jason’s arms, Julian courting Alexis, mob mob mob and their mob mamas make for tired storylines. When fans said “lets get back to the hospital based relationship drama- we didn’t mean shoot up the mob and their gal pals and put THEM into the hospital! The core families and their exgtended characters should be the focus- it’s what works on the other Soaps—NOT Sonny and not Sam. If Soapsters want gritty street guys and gals they woudn’t choose to watch daytime TV! The Qs ( Monica, Ned, Dillon +) , the Webbers ( Liz and Laura +), the Baldwins/Spencers ( Scotty+ Luke+ ) — were all connected to//with hospital figures. That is why the Spencers/Scorpios/Cassidines worked. The Cassidine clan minus Nicolas is now a collection of mobbed up, criminal types. Horrible direction that is ratings suicide ( as shown BY ratings!) Bringing Steve Burton in to prop the mob-moll isn’t going to help since the core characters involved are just not interesting or hospital based- Steve’s connection to the story was his connection to Q’s and Webbers. THAT is what connected/endeared him to the viewers- the root of the affection to him. The emotional push/pull he always experienced, and we felt, to his past ( Monica/Liz) and the relationship to Sonny. . Sonny as one mob figure — fine- especially the family connection, but mob only storylines and Sam front and center is a snore. She doesn’t have the acting chops, she’s a one-dimensional mob- moll. Fine when she’s an ancillary character having an affair with Sonny/Jax/Lucky/Patrick but not main character material. She’s not a family type person and that is what SoapOperas are good at…sticking her in the Davis clan and then making the Davis clan mob isn’t working. You turn into a soap to see characters you can relate to navigating family situations. Most viewers can’t related to a con woman trying to play salt of the earth but continuing to dress in widow black and stilettos falling off stairs and eating at Noodle Buhhda. It’s too much focus on someone who can’t carry the load and with no real relationship to the core of the show’s origins.

  4. Maureen R Hoeler says:

    my favorite soap is doomed for extinction …all our faves are leaving 1 by 1…bad bad bad choices by TPTB.


  5. Robert L says:



  6. tony says:

    All these decisions lately are good. He was wooden and interesting. Bad recast to begin with. Couldn’t match the acting chops of the other Qs.


  7. Tracy says:

    Talented actor, always hate to lose someone that good, but they have not been utilizing him much lately. What does this mean for Kiki and the Quartermaines?


    Patrick replied

    shucks. I truly loved Dillon and Kiki…. I thought this was the perfect match for Kiki… when she finally made it out of the Corinthos orbit. this had all the making of true love. yeah, it was even a knight in shining armor . yes, I agree, what is so wrong with having a nice guy on the show ? even if he is a Q ? . nada , right?

    I could always depend on RPW Dillon. when he’d show … it was with such a relaxed feel… that I’d never want to think I took advantage of his character and just assuming he’d always be with. argh!

    ANYWAY: @Tracy .

    Griffin is finally going to let loose ? when Ava asked him… do you ever feel temptation ? being so perfect ? etc… and Griffin responded , “who says I don’t? ”

    that bee sting is more telling than we know. heat steam and then some just flew between Ava and Griff. It occurred to me that Griffin is going to get involved with the Jerome women…. this is, FINALLY a way for Matt Cohen, to break out.

    FINALLY… there may be a lot of nay say… so be it.

    i’ll take any thing.. just to see Ava out of the Sonny and Carly show.

    i’m equally excited to see matt Cohen stretch his acting wing

    hang on, Maura West is just starting it all up again.


    rose replied

    Patrick…Agree about the sweet” relationship between Kiki and Dillion. Sorry to see him go. Would have liked it if they had also built more on his artistic side since he doesn’t seem to be the corporate type Q.

    I can see the attraction between Griffin and Ava, even though I don’t want it to develop into a full fledged thing. I’m sure Griffin sees the good part of Ava’s soul, and wants to heal and nurture that. But I wonder if flawed humans can attract. And we know Griffin seems to feel continuing guilt over being priest or doctor, and having broken his celibacy. Matt did show he could breakout during his scenes with Olivia Jerome and Anna in GH underground basement. Would like to see more of that also.

    And finally, I know you like Liz, but just don’t see her with Franco. Especially since his return from NYC. She always seems to have a history of picking the wrong guy. But Franco! And then exposing “her boys” to to these revolving door relationships.

    Patrick replied


    hope you read this – i’m just not going to be jumping on the bandwagon with Franco and Liz this go round.

    have I figured it out ? finally …

    Roger Howarth does indeed have that it factor for smolder and take you in and off guard. yep i’d tango

    HOWEVER: once he started right in with his own mumbo jumbo and his talkie talkie about chocolate brownies or what not ? and talking in the 3rd person… I just jumped off and decided who needs this ? certainly NOT Liz. I hope Franco gets lost in his art studio

    SO…. TPTB can dispose of this … lauded pet. cya

    time for Liz to return to her sophistication and dress her to the nines.. glammed up Liz needs to ready herself for a new man.

    NOW… if he was like his premiere.. Todd + Roger Howarth .

    otherwise… this is a lot of cache to WASTE

  8. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    This is absolute B.S. to me. Robert Palmer Watkins stepped into the role of Dillon Quartermaine, and absolutely made the role his own. Connecting the character with those from his past and then mixing it up with those currently on the canvas was a great way to bring him back to the Port Charles canvas. The pairing with Hayley Erin’s Kiki was great and provided some really great potential for a long-term pairing, but it’s apparent TPTB at Disney ABC Television Group do not know what they’re doing.

    First, they fire Rebecca Budig and now, they’ve gone and fired Watkins. He deserved better, the fans deserved better and the character deserves better than this right now. If people could get Rebecca Herbst rehired, when she didn’t even have a storyline, then we can definitely get both Budig and Watkins rehired. I do wish him the best and am ultimately believing he would be an excellent recast for Kyle Jenkins on The Young and the Restless; his familiar similarities to the Abbott family would be excellent, and he would bring a lot to the Genoa City canvas!


    Kevin C replied

    I agree with you Scott that Robert Palmer Watkins would be a great addition to Y&R…I really like RPW and his dismissal from GH is a great loss…I know better things will come along for Robert and hopefully he will be picked up by Y&R…


    Kevin C replied

    BTW, I liked Dillon and Kiki as a couple…I no longer watch GH full time and I only check in from time to time…

    jeanine girard replied

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea for RPW as the new Kyle on Y & R!! Trade Tessa in for him, heck I’ll even throw in a few more dullards FREE!!


    Patrick replied

    RPW ; as a newbie

    is a competent actor, and that’s saying alot in this day and age

    he perfectly blended himself wholly in the cast and production

    whats not to like?

    @dmr.. he’d be a great Kyle

    he would gell completely with Peter Bergman.

    i’m getting heartsick about the Q and this show

    I wish this man the BEST

    Shelley and Frank : bitch slap


  9. Mateo says:

    I hope the Steve Burton hiring is worth knocking off solid cast members. Rebecca Budig and now Mr. Watkins. Robert Palmer Watkins has grown substantially as an actor. I am actually equally bummed about it. It’s time to focus on keeping the quality. I am glad that Will DeVry is able to stay and glad to see Roger Howarth back on the screen but it bothers me that solid talent such as Robert’s is being set free. I wish him well in his future endeavors but I would like to see him stay on the show.


    Jimmy replied

    To me, Robert never connected with the role the way Scott Clifton did. I didn’t take to his pairing with Kiki, probably because of the disaster of a character Kiki had been when she was paired with Morgan and that tainted her for me. I hope Hayley Erin is on her way out too.

    I too am happy Will is staying because Julian is an important character tied to many stories. Roger, on the other hand, is a very talented actor but Franco is probably one of the worst characters daytime TV ever created. I wish they had cast him in a different role because I still can’t stand Franco.

    As for Rebecca, I’m torn. While she is a fantastic actress and made Hayden a somewhat likable character, the writing was always either terrible or boring. She didn’t really pop until the last few months when her stories became interesting. Thankfully the door was left open for a return, but Hayden was also a fringe character with no ties beyond Liz and Finn (another fringe character), so I’m not terribly sad to see her go. It just sucks having to lose Rebecca.


    Soaphound replied

    I agree, Mateo. And we all know why he and Rebecca Budig were let go. This “biblical” return of Steve Burton sure has caused a lot of bad blood already, whether it’s the actual cause of the other firings or not. The timing is just too suspect.


    MB replied

    How much money does anyone think that Steve Burton makes? So let me get this straight, he gets Budig’s money, Watkins money, the money freed up from Tyler leaving, Jane Elliot’s, all that money that Geary made. Burton is one rich dude.

    This Burton narrative is ridiculous. And yeah he gets paid, so does everyone else. Howarth bolts for three months and they chase him, why? Oh yeah, big star, huge fan base. Except last he was on during May sweeps, GH was averaging 2.3-2.4 million viewers and a demo in the 370-390 range. The ratings this summer during the “big star’s” absence? The exact same.And ratings should be lower in July, beginning of August than May sweeps. I wouldn’t just say Howarth has no impact, I’d say that since Summer ratings should be and always have been lower than May sweeps, the fact they are the same means ratings have improved without him.

    But let’s pay Howarth instead of Tyler and other vets and get rid of legacy Quartermaine’s, and let’s keep DeVry and Stafford as well when they have no positive value on GH.


    Rhonda replied

    To be clear, Budig garners a steep price too but yeah, MB this totally sucks.
    Bryan Craig is coming back (hopefully he doesn’t stay) and Steve Burton is coming back and that means more Sonny, Sonny, Sonny.
    GH has become the Sonny station and I am sick to death of it.
    I liked Kiki with Dylan and look how she is thriving without that albatross around her neck. In addition, we need more Qs, not less! I call foul on this one.

    Charlene replied

    Howarth did not bolt, he was in contract negotiations and GH policy is to take the actor off the canvas during those situations. Howarth settled just before the summer break and returned to filming after the break.

    Lew S. replied

    Mateo, I was about to write that! Possibly to pay for Steve Burton’s salary, which I am sure is hefty!!


    Momtude replied

    maybe that was their goal– bring back SB to spike ratings, dismiss actors to fire up the fans and when the SB storyline fizzles out ( he’s NOT the real Jason) and he goes fans won’t be too disappointed and will start to watch and appreciate the Billy/Kelly pairing. I don’t see their pairing helping the ratings at all- dismissing the past for Jason as Miller plays him/writers write him is keeping the ratings stagnant. Jason is a Q and his connection to mainstream characters and his personal respect for the past and his relationships are the core. It’s what pulled the heartstrings and kept us tuned in.

  10. Patrick says:

    He fit right in with, the “Q’s”

    that; is no easy feat

    he has one of the BEST coupling for the younger set. Dillon and Kiki.

    it’s fun right now watching him with Ned Quartermaine.

    Robert Palmer Watkins fit like a glove… just an instant comfort level.. that will be missed.

    as a newbie , he couldn’t have “cost” that much… when you mess with his place on the show… you mess with much more than the actor… it’s like the Q’s are now near complete dismantle

    if this show , w/ Steve Burton is back for the Corinthos. wasteland


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    Agree on all points.

    Where are my Quartermaines?!!


    Sal Piscioneri replied

    agree too

  11. Dave says:

    It stinks. GH is moving the wrong way for sure!!!!!


  12. Jimmy says:

    To be honest, I never liked his portrayal of Dillon. He always felt very wooden, and seemed out of place with actors like Jane Elliot, Leslie Charleson and Wally Kurth. Plus, he hasn’t had story for months now, so this isn’t much of a surprise. It is sad to see the Q clan continue to dwindle though. Ned and Monica are is the only ones left now, and they aren’t seen often. Maybe they will recast Dillon in the near future, or find a way to bring Emily or A.J. back – both characters should still be alive.

    Hopefully he will take Hayley Erin with him, and Kiki can go off to med school. I’ve never liked the character or Hayley’s portrayal, and she is another fringe character that can be easily cut.


  13. Soaphound says:

    I wasn’t a big fan of Robert, but he was pleasant enough and a competent actor. He’s also quite easy on the eyes. Maybe that’s part of Mr. Burton’s return contract terms….no younger actor who’s better looking than he is can stay. Of course, the big stars (Roger Howarth, Billy Miller, Maurice Benard) wouldn’t be affected, but maybe they want the younger guys picked off. I’m sure SB can get just about anything he wants.


  14. 4ever DAYS says:

    DAYS should cast him as Alex Kiriakis. He’d go from playing Wally Kurth’s brother on GH to his son on DAYS!


    Ray replied

    Love this idea.


  15. su0000 says:

    Robert is a talented young guy with other projects..
    It’s good for him to get out and explore the many opportunities awaiting him…

    Dillion has been horribly written..
    A handsome talented young actor/character has never had a story, he has been written as somebody to keep Kiki viable..

    Dillon is a Quartermain and he should have had great Q stories and at the least bump Michael out and take over and be involved in Quartermain stuff.. But he was horribly written.

    What a shame he was written into an awful boring blah relationship with Kiki.
    Robert/Dillon could have rocked !

    Shame on the writers, just shame they dismissed a Quartermain with their lazy writing and destroyed a young Quartermain by tuning him into a do nothing go nowhere no purpose Quartermain.. shameful indeed..


  16. jaybird369 says:

    The firing of Robert Palmer Watkins…Y-E-T ANOTHER boneheaded move by TIIC at GH!!!!! Clueless imbeciles.


  17. Dawn Hennessey says:

    I have not words. I’m just so sad, and shocked….


  18. Chaz says:

    Gotta free up cash for $teve Burton to be paid. Who i$ next?


  19. Steve says:

    Unless the role is immediately recast (which I wouldn’t rule out), with Watkins departure, this would be the first time since 1977 that a charcter with the last name Quartermaine was not under contract on GH.

    I don’t want to hear FV say the family still has a strong presence in PC, unless Steve Burton’s character has the last name Quartermaine. Milquetoast Michael Corinthos doesn’t count. Monica, Ned and Olivia are all recurring (and why is LiLo still in the opening credit mix?)

    I’ll hold out hope for a big name Dillon recast. RPW brought out the best in Haley Erin. If there’s no recast, then what is Kiki’s purpose? The “fast track” medical school farce they mentioned recently? Please — the character could barely hold down a waitress job at the MC.


    Charday replied

    Hi. Didn’t occur to me that this is first time since 1977 that a Q has not been on contract. That’s too bad. I thought the same thing about Kiki and med school–GH will have her a doctor in two months…saving Sonny’s life, of course.


  20. James R. Poissant says:

    Someone is out to downsize the cast. I bet there will be more to come.


  21. Phyllis Sizemore says:

    It’s a dang shame. TPTB need to hear the fans. There are a few characters
    we’d rather see go and believe me Dillion is not one of them.


  22. aria says:

    this sucks he is so handsome and talented, wtf is going on w/ this show? seriously all this for steve Burton? believe me he is not worth it…


  23. Jamie says:

    Stop getting rid of characters we love! Are you trying to do away with GH. We don’t want the new characters you’re bringing to the story if it costs us ones who belong. Is this the price we pay for having Steve Burton back?
    Let’s see, Nik, Morgan, Hayden, Sean, Sabrina, and now Dillon? Why are you destroying the show? How do we even like the new characters when you do things like this?
    How about bring Lucky back, instead of him being a dead beat dad.


  24. Heidi says:

    I personally do not like this decision. I like Robert Palmer Watkins playing Dilon he is a fantastic actor.I really wish the people that do the hiring and firing would listen to the fans. We are the ones who give this show ratings u take away all the good actors and actress u are not going to have any body watching the show. Please leave him wherected he needs to be on GH


  25. mike says:

    Dillon and Kiki are a great couple. Robert is great as Dillon,this is a mistake.The Q’s go farther downhill. More cost savings for Burton?


  26. Pockets says:

    Why watch the show at all anymore. The actors are dropping like flies. Nothing left to watch.


  27. Laura says:

    Done watching after 40 yrs. Ruined the show. Haven’t watched since spring. Sick of main characters gone or w stupid storylines. Next soap gone will be gh


  28. Jimh says:

    Mixed feelings here…He was a Q…i would had liked a fight between Micheal and Ned over running ELQ and had both Mike and Ned stunned and surprised when they find Dillion had secretly taken over without their knowledge…sure, he doesnt seem likely Dillion would run the business but you got to have these twists and turns!!!


  29. Sissy says:

    I want less mob, more Q’s!!! :-(


    Justin replied

    Me too!!! But, that’s all this show and some of it’s viewers want, mob, mob, mob.


  30. robbie says:

    Shame to lose another Q. They didn’t really give him much to do tho. May as well 86 Kiki while they’re at it.


  31. Mary SF says:

    I am sad to see another Q character leave the canvas– but the truth is with the only Q’s left being the nice ones, (Micheal, Monica, Ned) the character Dillion is redundant — without one troublemaker Q to stir the pot– the Q’s will be the soap equivalent the Brady Bunch– (if you are too young to get the reference- google it)

    If he is on contract and has been on back burner status for a while, I understand why the suits would want to use the money they are paying him toward paying someone who is on front burner status– yet I don’t understand why they couldn’t just put him on recurring status– which means they only pay him per episode not weekly

    The fact they didn’t seems to suggest the show is continuing the focus to be on the mob families and the Cassadiines who are just a classier version of the mob


  32. Jake says:

    Who would you fire or not re-sign to keep RPW, SB, WDV, RH? I liked the character of Dillon, but I’ll take more MAC and Felicia over that character. Hire a cheaper Dillon to keep the Q on screen.


  33. Timmm says:

    Never a fan, good kid, wish him well. Looks like Frank is totally dismantling GH. Lets just shut it down, its disgusting! Kim Jong-Valenti!


    JMER replied

    Right. He’s completing dismantling it. I haven’t been watching for months because I saw it slipping deeper and deeper into the bad but this confirms that the Qs are not important or a priority on this show.

    What next?

    RPW was young, promising, cute and a good singer–they could’ve easily let him sing regularly on the show to attract a young audience and it’s something older viewers could enjoy too. But no, that’s way too much of a Classic GH/Classic DT Drama idea.


  34. Charday says:

    Sorry to see another Quartermaine go. He was a solid actor, but never given much of a storyline.


  35. Rita says:

    Watkins has grown and filled in nicely with the part he plays. But maybe this is just a chapter in his book of life. Maybe bigger and better things are coming for him. The writers seem to give him a second place person to play. I am excited that Burton is coming back but I hope it doesn’t push Bily Miller out of his position. I have come to like Miller and Sam together. Maybe Burton can hook up with Liz. I don’t really like Franco. I didn’t miss him one iota.


  36. Elite Advisors says:

    I too am shocked at this news… I thought the chemistry with Kiki was finally starting to click. Poor decision, and maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with the return of Steve Burton, but boy the way they are shaving good actors, there better be an extraordinary story line coming with a HUGE payoff.

    The way they left the character of Hayden is absurd. Here she is pregnant with Finn’s baby and she is written off as an attempted embezzlement and running away … awful.


  37. Rodd says:

    I am seriously outraged by this decision!!! There is no good reason to get rid of a very talented young actor who also happens to portray a Quartermain!

    WTH is going on over there at GH behind the scenes? Are they being asked to deliberately sink the ship?

    Of course, it’s only natural that many are going to blame these recent firings on SB’s return. It’s time for someone in authority to step up and speak up and let the fans know what’s happening. People will not remain loyal viewers when there’s a senseless bloodbath of very talented actors. Loyal viewers will become occasional viewers and then once-in-a-rare-while-viewers until they no longer watch at all.

    This is such a shame!


    JMER replied

    They’ve chosen the niche audience they want to write for and I am not it. I thought it best to accept it and move on. I did that once before when I was younger with hardly any looking back at all–with age I have gotten sentimental but no more.


  38. Stacy says:

    Horrible decision. Quality actor in a strong well-liked, popular couple on the show and a Q?? He and Wally have a great rapport – I don’t know what GH is thinking. First Rebecca Bud


  39. Jennifer Mabry says:

    Not happy that he is leaving. Robert is a great actor. This is a big mistake. The Quatermaine family is a staple of this show. Not a happy viewer one bit.


  40. 4ever DAYS says:

    It seems he was let go playing a Dillon because of a return of someone who played a different Dillon…


  41. Mister K says:

    This is quite a surprise, given the Q’s were just getting their family back w/ Ned and Olivia and Dillon and Kiki. Mr. Watkins has done a great job, although with very poor storytelling by GH. Also, I really love the actress who portrays Kiki now, she brings great depth to the role. If the GH team reads these comments, please reconsider your actions. This is a great actor and your fan base likes him.
    If you don’t mind….a few more general thoughts on GH.
    There are several great actors at GH who have the simplest story lines. Im thrilled Lexi Answorth is getting a good script and her complicated story with her professor will come up again. Hailey Poulos is underused. She’s a remarkable actress and she is such a beautiful young woman. I watched her in the Lifetime movie and wow..she was incredible. Give her a story line that is front and center…hook her up with an older actor, maybe a 2000′s much updated Luke & Laura story. Speaking of L&L, how about giving Laura some good material. Finally, the outdoor shots at the park. Maybe seeing the palm tree’s in the background are not seen by the editors?? Or maybe we’re supposed to keep imagining that this place is nice. It looks like shady place. I love outdoor shoots…but can you take the show to someplace different?? please!
    Thanks all, I hope you have a great weekend!


  42. gh'er says:

    I have seen RPW on many interviews and he was always so proud talking about being a member of the GH family.

    You don’t get rid of Quartermaines, for they are GH. (my opinion).

    I don’t know what’s going on at GH, but they need to get it together, reel soon.


  43. dmr says:

    Why is a Quartermaine character being let go? Although, I didn’t care for Dillon’s reentry into Port Charles, and I could care about the Kiki character (UGH), I actually like RPW’s portrayal as Dillon Quartermaine. I think he has great comedic chemistry with Wally Kurth, and I think the character had potential. The only saving grace for me would be if Dillon took Kiki with him!


    dmr replied

    *could care less about the Kiki character*


  44. dmr says:

    I wish the insipid Lulu and her keystone cop/detective would be sent out of Port Charles-UGH, Michael and Nelle, too-boring! We were just starting to see a little more of the Quartermaine Family with Ned and Olivia just married…


    Timmm replied

    Amen dmr. Dante is horrible and he ONLY rides one ass and thats Sonny’s! Why isnt he tough on any other criminal he arrests!


  45. Maureen Lynch says:

    I honestly don’t understand this move. Very frustrated with GH right now. I would love to see an actual soap opera contract, why have one if you can be let go at anytime?


  46. Andrea Hofer says:

    This is truly unbelieveable. I see no reason to let go a young, talented, hot actor in a working couple story. This is GHs dumbest move yet. It is like they wanna deliberately scare away the viewer. Worst decision yet.


  47. Michael says:

    Besides for the fact that I HATE that the Q’s will see their ranks thinned out further…I think GH has completely missed the boat on this choice. He’s a great actor. He came on extremely strong and somewhere along the line, the writers chose not to focus on him. They’re getting lazy again … focusing primarily on Sonny, Carly, Jason. Every other character and storyline no longer matters. There’s a lot they could have done with the actor/character.


  48. Rebecca1 says:

    Very disappointed. Loved this guy from the beginning. He and Kiki are great together (if she’s single again I predict they pair her with Griffin…who seems to be interested in Ava… who will probably be paired with Nicolas when he comes back…thus freeing up Kiki for Griffin. Until Morgan comes back. Ah, soaps.

    Sigh. Hate losing Robert Palmer Watkins! Thought they were filling the Q house back up; not depleting it. Might as well give it to Spencer!


    Patrick replied

    some one posted they haven’t been utilizing Dillon. and I hadn’t thought about that… and it’s true.. after the Nurses ball when he and Kiki nailed their number.
    it was so sexy as they were walking back to the hospital as she had to get back to work.

    then it was goodbye to Mom Tracy. then we see him hamming it up with Ned and Olivia .

    be that as it may: I depended on him… what an upstart nice good guy. who was never given a story . so what.. that just proves how much he gelled with the cast as a whole. the writers wasted a golden opportunity.

    it’s been NEAT watching Matt Cohen mix with the Jerome women. and totally off guard, no? much to Anna chagrin.

    I thought.. oh no.. it’s happening… he’s falling for Ava.. it doesn’t even matter what she looks like… it’s all about her spirit and energy. which is always full throttle.

    dang it tho.. if this is the time for Matt Cohen to break through… so be it

    I truly hope they don’t go the mother daughter MIX like they did with Morgan. altho it crossed my mind. Kiki does not need to be duped again by her own mother.

    if the recast Nick returns… ( I don’t get that yet .. let go that easy of Tyler Christopher? ) oy! oh well… from what I’ve seen of Ava and Griffin… hotted out

    I didn’t see that with the temporary recast of Nick.

    so… that being said.. i’d MUCH rather see how Griffin and Ava mix.

    I do not want to see Morgan return… even if he must just to shut up Carly and Sonny. as it would put Ava and Kiki right back in to the dullard Corinthos’ orbit.

    it’s a slap in the face to the LONG TIME VIEWERS. what is happening to the Quartermainia. all we asked for is the longevity of the one core family. I adore Monica… as I’ve posted… she never lets the audience down. with Tracy gone.. TPTB thought it that easy to FIRE one ? they are not writing for so many

    i’d say the audience as a whole is “waiting” with ready arsenal.


    Rebecca1 replied the way. There’s a petition going around online to keep Robert. They have almost 3000 signatures! If you want to sign just google for the petition. Every sig helps!

    Shay replied

    By the way, for anyone thinking of signing this petition to help Robert? I happily did likewise for Michael Easton, and was pleased with the eventual results, but keep in mind that if you don’t like spam, putting your contact information on such a petition will most likely spur on a plethora of emails from all and sundry other signature seekers in your inbox!..Iin my case, it was primarily crazy cat causes that clogged up my spam list for quite awhile before these people got the message that I was sooo not interested! Hence whilst I truly wish Robert luck, there is no way I will put myself through such a “cat-astrophic” ordeal again!

    Rebecca1 replied

    @Patrick, or anyone else interested in signing the petition to keep Robert Palmer. Fear not, as another posted above, about spam if you sign a petition. is a great online venue to let your voice be heard, as many of you probably already know. There have been some wonderful petitions on everything from healthcare, charitable organizations, animal rights, etc. Runs the gamut. Sometimes it makes a difference, sadly, other times, not. But it’s nice to have a voice and the opportunity to effect change.

    I think there are simultaneous petitions to keep RWP, one in the U.S. one in Canada which started later. You can sign both, I believe. The one started in the U.S. is almost up to 4000 signatures.

    Just an fyi, if anyone would like to sign.

    Shay replied

    For the record, when I obliquely referred to “all and sundry signature seekers,” I was speaking of practically every leftist organization one can imagine and then some….yes, the kittycat nonsense was the absolute worst, but there were enough others of the usual suspects pushing their liberal agendas wanting the public’s money and support….so, if that is your thing, then have at it. But if you don’t, then YES! Be forewarned….and cybertread very carefully, because these groups and their propaganda are a gross imposition once they get your web address!!!!

    Patrick replied

    I forgot to add; thank you for posting

    about Parker and Kristina… it is in the news for “underage”

    this is more than a distraction.. these are two GOOD solid actors

    I am looking forward to this . altho I was already completely put off.. by Alexis telling her college aged daughter she had to drop her class… or however it played out.

    Ashley Jones and Lexie Ainsworth. the best


    Rebecca1 replied

    Hi Patrick,

    You’re welcome! I think people just see the teacher/student thing without realizing these are two consenting adults. Nothing inappropriate…other than the obvious which would be cheating on a spouse or influencing Krissy’s grades.

    Howeva, dear one, :) … we do part on liking this couple. I really don’t feel them. They just look like mother/daughter to me and their interaction still FEELS like mother/daugher or student/teacher. I think they’re completely mismatched and they don’t work for me at all. If they decide to keep this couple and develop their rapport, perhaps I’ll change my mind but right now I honestly cringe when I see them.

    You know who I could see Krissy with??? Valerie! Ha! If Val was bi, I think they’d make a cute, fun, sexy/flirty couple!

  49. kmayne says:

    I wonder how many more actors will be let go to compensate for the return of Steve Burton


  50. Annalee says:

    Rob is such a kind person. He did justice to Dillon!! I don’t want to see him off the PC canvas
    But….I think he is headed for more major career driven goals. I wish him everygood vibe out there!


  51. Michelle says:

    Very sad. A horrible decision was made. I’m not sure what is going on


  52. JasonLovesGH says:

    I’m not sorry to see him go. He certainly wasn’t anywhere near as repulsive as Kiki but when he was on she was bound to appear too and that was never good. Snooze-fest! Please drop kick Hayley Erin next. Perhaps these two can get back on that Greyhound and motor off into the sunset together. Good riddance!

    While the show is cleaning house…how about axing Olivia too? This character is tantamount to nails on the chalkboard. Monica should have booted her out of the mansion upon learning that she fired cook. WTH? Who does this broad think she is? I was truly hoping that Monica would bitch slap her right out the front door.

    Finally, not a fan of “Ask Man Landers.” Yikes! Is this all the writers can do with Maxie and Nathan?? Zzz. My goodness!


    Timmm replied

    Haley has gotten better but they should ship them both off screen and recast later. Kiki will just be Freako’s sounding board now!

    I agree, I thought Olivia would be a new breath in the Q mansion but she has gotten so annoying and Wally isnt signed so lets send him off to and if and when they decide to make Ned a full time character, bring back Louis and Brooklyn to.

    Ask man Landers? Besides being a third grade story, Maxie’s portrayer has been sick and Ryan just cannot handle a lead story.


  53. Carrie says:

    I really like Robert Palmer, and the character of Dillon. I think GH is crazy for doing this. Such a waste. It seemed like maybe they were going to do the right thing and build the Quartermaine family back up and give them more stories. Heaven forbid they give the long time viewers what they want.


  54. Ric says:

    That sucks. The actor should move to Days and create Andrew Donovan or Alex Kiriakis!


  55. Robert Seganti says:

    The team from the late ,lamented OLTL saved the show for a while,but with bad decision after bad decision I find the show unwatchable.
    It would be nice if this actor once again succeeded Scott Clifton in a role as I find Clifton one of the most ,incompetent,overrated,obnoxious actors in daytime.


  56. robert says:

    probably to pay Steve Burton


  57. Patti says:

    Gonna miss Robert Palmer Waltkins as Dillon Q. He’s a good actor who has stepped into his role nicely. Will miss him as GH eye candy! Keep Robert!


  58. Kevin says:

    Too bad! He really fit the role well & it is nice seeing some semblance of a Quartermaine Family again on the screen. Enjoyed him with Kiki, Lulu… all around good job! Best wishes to him & sorry to see him go!


  59. Dan says:

    Steve Burton must be getting a hell of a buck with all the budget cutting they’re having to do. The timing of all of this happening definitely doesn’t seem coincidental. ABC probably told Frank, we’ll let you have Burton, but you’ll have to make some cuts to keep within the budget. And I would imagine the re-signing of Roger Howarth and William deVry was a factor as well.

    I don’t like this one. I thought Robert did a good job, and I enjoyed Dillon and Kiki as a couple. He started off a little rough, but I thought he grew into the role very nicely. And poor Hayley Erin, who I also like, she’s seen her last two love interests leave the show. Not sure where Kiki goes from here. I have fears of something really icky with James DePaiva’s Dr. Bench all of a sudden showing an interest in her.

    It’s a disgrace how the Quartermaine family has been slowly decimated over the past 10-15 years, which began under Jill Farren Phelps and Bob Guza when they got rid of Stuart Damon, and has continued under Frank Valentini. Jane Elliot is gone, Leslie Charleson who knows how many more years she plans on sticking around, and she isn’t under contract, so they could stop using her at anytime, Wally Kurth isn’t under contract, now Robert Palmer Watkins is gone. That leaves us with Michael, who is a Corinthos and Olivia, who is only a Quartermaine by marriage. Am I missing anyone?

    The Quartermaines used to be one of the legendary, iconic families in all of soaps, now they’re barely a blip on the radar screen. Damn shame.


    Steve replied

    No Dan, you’ve covered the dwindling ranks of the Quartermaines. And despite being in the opening credit mix, LiLo (Olivia) has been non-contract for almost a year now.

    How is Andre who has no story and no connections to any legacy character still on contract? That spot really belongs to Jon Lindstrom.


  60. Amy says:

    Don’t really care. Loved Scott Clifton & the character wasn’t even that great w/ him playing him & even though Robert is a good actor the character is just a bore


  61. JK says:



  62. Melissa says:

    Are you kidding me?! Kiki and Dillon are about the only couple on the show that is a delight to watch. And the Q family needs bolstering not diminishing. He also one of the few 20-somethings in the cast. All for what? To bring back a warmed over Jason?


    Shay replied

    Watkins’ Dillon was a completely harmless and charming character that added a nice dose of youthful exuberance to GH and it’s a real shame he has been written off the show…However, I don’t blame Steve Burton’s return for his departure, but rather, the apparent necessity to cough up the extra cash for keeping the “Cougar Porn Chronicles” cranking away in order to placate those Julexis groupies whose knickers were in a twist because this pair was about to go their separate ways…and should have!!!!


  63. Maria says:

    Now I am mourning Robert’s departure..I am still hurting for losing Morgan, Nicholas, Hayden…Horrible Choices.


  64. Luisa Clemente says:

    I like Dillon and Kiki a lot, I am NYer so he reminds me of those gorgeous Midwestern coming into city with bright ideas and dreams, And this is what Robert Palmer did GH. I like my vets, but vets need family. O wait only the mobster gets to have a storyline and a family. Yet it’s called General Hospital. For Steve Burton who ratings came from looks


  65. Drake says:

    Sad to see him go. It’s unfair to compare him to Scott Clifton because he has his own vibe and flair. Somehow I see him landing an entertainment hosting gig. Cute and quick on his feet. Lookout Ryan Seacrests of the world!


  66. Daisy Day says:

    I never could get into this character. There was no chemistry with
    I’m still sad that Hayden is leaving.


  67. Sandy J. says:

    When Robert first began playing Dillon, it was easy to compare him with Scott Clifton, but eventually he made the role his own and .made me forget Scott’s Dillon, who was much younger anyway. I liked RPW’s pairing with Hayley Erin; they had great chemistry on-screen and obviously became great pals off-screen as well. Since Ava still needs her daughter, I think Hayley will remain with the show but, folks, ya never know!

    All I can do is wish Robert the very best and let him know he’ll be missed by a great many fans.

    I hate what TPTB are doing to this show, getting rid of so many fan favourites that were very talented individuals. As far as I’m concerned, G.H. is still the “Sonny and Carly Show” and I’m sick of it! Valentini et al promised us there would be more balance between the hospital and the mob when he took over. But nothing’s changed, and as much as I applaud the considerable acting talents of Laura Wright and Maurice Benard, I don’t want to see them virtually every day! I’m disgusted with the show runners and head writers, who claim they listen to the fans but, in reality, they don’t. I missed most of last Friday’s (Aug. 18) show as it was so boring (Franco’s back, with another brain tumor?) and playing solitaire on my computer was more interesting. What a sad state of affairs for this show that was once so great. R.I.P. G.H.


  68. gwill says:

    I would rather keep him and let a few others go, but since he’s out, please write it so that he takes kiki with him.


  69. Deborah Romaniello says:

    Clearing the financial decks of all of our favorites and talent to make room for Steve Burton. Bye GH, I’m done.


  70. Kevin O. says:

    Honestly, I think the ABC executives no longer care about “GH” and are trying to depress the ratings so they can justify cancelling it in another year for a cheaper show like “The Chew.” Sad.


  71. penny says:

    Not knocking Robert’s acting but do ya really think the material written for his character was interesting? He’s been on the scene since 2015 and I don’t remember any of his story lines.


    Steve replied

    Since his return, Dillon has played second fiddle in other characters storylines. Dillon was brought back after WK went on contract at DAYS, having Ned depart, leaving Tracy without support as the Fluke storyline was coming to a head. Dillon then played a cog in the collapse of Dante and Lulu’s marriage.

    Even after his father was revealed as a serial killer, Dillon’s reaction was brushed over and not really explored. His relationship with Kiki has been sweet, but backburnered since Tracy left.

    Missed opportunities aplenty.


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    Sadly, this is true of so many. The actors are stuck in limbo. Two thirds of the show is St Sonny and his St Mob Moll. That’s a measly amount of time for everyone else.

    Throw in the fact that the writing is uniformly static, flat and uninteresting…. Yeah, no one is making any kind of impression.

    The show has a strong cast. Pity they sit on the sidelines.


  72. Timmm says:

    I see here and other stories that Michael posts that a great deal of fans are blaming Steve Burton’s return on theses mass firings. Does ANYONE have proof of this? NO! Honesty, I dont have proof that it doesnt BUT all of us fans have complained about the cast being bloated for over a year now. So what gives? I dont want anyone to loose their jobs but especially in sport s and entertainment, its almost inevitable. GH’s roster needed trimmed. So many fans hated Hayden for so long and now, out of the wood work people are outraged? Robert Palmer was a good dude and kind of fit in but he wasnt a ratings grabber and his family doesnt exist. Him being a film guy doesnt give him lots to do. Thats why they are sending Kiki to med school. [I cannot believe that!] If you are not tied into the core of the show, you struggle. The Q engine is empty. Robert was not needed. Olivia needs to go. THEN, if they can FV the new head of the show can at least promise a Q revival and sign Wally to a contract and have Louis and Brooklyn join him. Maybe Jane will be bored with retirement and she can pop in like Monica. But back to Steve, I feel for the guy. Why come back to a show when these “Fans” are just pissing all over you? Isnt there enough hate in this world right now?


    rose replied

    Timmm…I’m waiting to be surprised about what they do with Steve. Hope they write him into a good story, and find a way to integrate some way with Jason. Two good actors…could be a really good story.

    A little off topic but referring to your last sentence. Totally agree. That’s why I really liked how the Eclipse today brought us a lot of us together from one end of the country to the other, and some from other places in the world…even if just for a day. There was celebration, awe, travel, adventure, easy science, fun, no demonstrations…no matter if you got the “full” or partial. There will be other eclipses…the next 2024. That’s why this one was the most important thing that happened for me today. Not sure when we will see this again. But just nice to know it’s possible. :)


    Timmm replied

    rose, excellent point. I do wish there were no colors or political lines but like the eclipse or Haleys Comet, it just doesnt happen that often!

    Rebecca1 replied

    Hi Rose…funny. I agree with you. I got kinda “misty” watching the crowds watching the eclipse (I always feel that way when I see something good…like when complete strangers risk themselves to save another.) But still, in light of what I saw in Charlottesville, what I know is out there, hideous creatures, insecure small culture, class, intelligence…no worth or sense of self worth..the freaking Nazis…my “mistiness” was clouded by that reality. They live amongst us. They always have, but unfortunately given the current “climate” felt their time had come. LOL…it was like awakening vampires from their sleep…just waiting to be set free so they can continue their bloodshed. (although I hate to insult vampires with that analogy.)

    I’ve “analyzed” these people. Literally, it comes from insecurity. Insecure that another group is going to replace them, erase them, take over their jobs, make them feel inconsequential. Most of them have no success in life so they blame it on “others.” They also don’t seem to have a sense of belonging unless they can keep within “their group” …feel that solidarity between themselves which gives them that sense of belonging. Of having a cause, a purpose. Then they huff and puff and show their might.

    Disgusting. You know what made me so proud. When the anti hate groups showed up and overpowered them by thousands! To see such an outpouring of people willinng to show these mongrels of hate that they can march their little tiki torches right into the masses that aren’t going to kowtow to their shite.

    THAT…made me proud. Unfortunately necessary. For what would the world be if only the hate-filled had a voice? (Slavery, the Holocaust) just to name two in a world of many.

    Rebecca1 replied

    Oh, Rose. I must add…it’s worse than we thought. She’s a “conspiracy” theorist! The Nazis weren’t “real”..they were “staged” to make the right look bad!!!! Oh my gawd!!!! LOL! Exasperating? Understatement. And this is why, unfortunately, there will never be peace in this world. When the world is filled with twisted minds…there is literally no way of getting through. This isn’t, “I like Franco”, the other person doesn’t. This isn’t “I love the summer:, another loves winter. This is literally a mindset so entrenched in conspiracy theories and lack of rationale or balance…that’s what we’re up against. It reminds me of when they burned “witches” at the stake. There was no way they were going to believe those women weren’t witches.

    Scary. And disheartening. Can only hope rational, more thoughtful minds prevail….and outnumber those who don’t have one.

    rose replied

    Oh Rebecca…Couldn’t agree with you more. But i’m not going to waste my time trying to present the other side…again. It doesn’t make a dent.

    But more to your nazi point…wonder how those World War veterans who laid down their lives for our freedom feel when they see the nazi signs and horrible slogans marching through U.S. streets in Virginia. Thank goodness some others opposed them. Or those who have a history of slavery in their families when they see statues commemorating those who endorsed it as they walk to work or school. And last week being reminded with the newer, unhooded KKK with their equally awful language. I would expect more from the commander in chief than some milk-toast rebuke to these groups. And I don’t think anyone from the administration went to Heather Heyer’s funeral.

    On a more fun note…Just watching “Murder She Wrote” episode. Nancy Lee Grahn is in it.

    Rebecca1 replied

    Hey Rose…

    Ugggggg!!! Just bought an android tablet (dropped my ipad) and for some reason when I reply on an android system the reply falls out of order even if I place it directly under the comment I’m responding to. Just moved over to my desktop…lost everything I just wrote to you on the tab…

    Funny about Nancy. What year was the episode…she’s quite in the same mindset as us…very outspoken. I thought she was going to have a coronary when orange was elected and she hasn’t let up since. Very passionate. Informed.

    Billy Miller has a small role on Ray Donovan. He plays a cop! (Jason Morgan would be appalled.) ;)

    You are never going to answer me on the Younger show, are you???!!! lol. Have you watched it??? Love it!!! Off to watch an episode now…I hope you catch it eventually.

    Oh; here’s my new theory. Steve Burton is coming back as Franco’s long-lost twin…the boy in the canvas art he painted and showed to Liz today. Perhaps Franco thinks his twin was a figment of his imagination, but, really exists. I was also thining that there are triplets! (LOL..all with different faces!) I remember quite a while back Heather said there was another Quartermaine out there that no one knew about…

    Sooooo…that’s my current guess. Steve is Franco’s brother. Orrrr..perhaps Steve was the killer Franco and this Franco was never the killer! Then he’d be redeemed in everyone’s eyes.

    At least its’ food for thought. Better than being predictable!

    Shay replied

    How right you are, Timmm! The Burton bashing has gotten totally out of hand…and it is in many ways quite reflective of and similar to the unabated atmosphere of pure hatred that has been too prevalent in this country during recent months. Just as that has been immensely overdone and unwarranted, so has the wholly unnecessary enmity directed toward Steve. Quite frankly, GH has been a disgraceful mess for at least the past few years…too many deplorable, overpriced “soap gets” that have failed to deliver with their underwhelming characters and lackluster storylines, plus more than a handful of contract players who have no conceivable reason for being in Port Charles other than placating certain demographics, again taking up valuable space that could be more pleasingly filled by those legacy players we have repeatedly asked to return for substantial appearances. Mind, I have no problem with GH cleaning house….it needs to be done and very badly….and there have been a few departures that have truly gladdened my heart…(Sabs and Hayden)…however, not nearly enough! There are plenty of tedious, extraneous characters with no discernible import that could go tomorrow and not be missed…despite the contrived brouhahas raised when specific actors are rumored to be on the way out from GH. (Try Nina, Franco, Amy, Julian, Alexis and her “girls” sans Sam…for starters! Even Ava has worn out her welcome in Port Charles. such as it was….) This show has become a complete borefest thanks to the aforementioned characters, although getting rid of someone as innocuous as Dillon definitely doesn’t correct that basic problem which has plagued GH for an absolute age!


    Kevin O. replied

    Steve Burton’s Jason is the definition of “tedious.” He can only display two emotions.

    Timmm replied

    I doubt Steve is the reason people are being let go BUT if that were the case, didnt the fans complain this whole year about how bloated the cast was? I will not name my wish list of canees because WE have no say in it anyway. BUT what have we really lost? I like Hayden with Nick but once she got attached to the praying mantis, snoresville! Now he will walk around aimlessly just like he did as Silas! GET HIM OUT OH HERE!

    I will say this, our middle aged boobtacular Alexis gets points from me for tearing Kristina a new A hole for her hypocritical behavior!

    Lastly, because of all the network interruptions, GH has been hit or miss on my local channel. I used to get fired up about that BUT perhaps they are doing me a favor now?

    Shay replied

    Hey , Timmbo….I hope you enjoyed the eclipse, if that is indeed your thing! Me? Not so much…I was not in its direct path and I honestly had a much better way to spend my day…all that hippy-dippy-harmonic convergencesque hype and kumbaya-warm and fuzzy groupthink stuff has never appealed to moi!!!!Too much personal life to live! Anyway, I agree with your estimation of Steve’s situation…GH has long been guilty of too many hideously overpaid actors crowding the canvas, so why Burton’s return is suddenly taking the blame for the show finally culling their too-thick herd of characters is beyond me! As for Alexis, why yes, she is always superb at pointing out the hypocrisy of others whilst ignoring her own (amongst certain other well-honed skills, which shall remain nameless this time around…) But, my, oh my, talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Not unlike the current situation we are witnessing in real life: After months on end of paid-for criminal anarchists wreaking havoc and destroying public and private property all over this country, the left finally sees fit to complain because a few players purportedly from the extreme opposite side of the political spectrum may have incited violence? (Like it never happens when liberals are left to their own devices…) Give me a break…not only does this event need a thorough federal investigation to ascertain exactly who financed and enabled this obviously orchestrated fiasco, but these far-left hate groups need to lay off the destruction of historical US monuments….as an ardent preservationist at heart, it makes me sick to see this sort of illegal, anti-social activity being permitted to propagate. Not only is it against the law, but it defies logic…history happens and it cannot be changed….trying to revise it or obliterate it makes one no better than the Taliban or other like-terrorist groups who reduced many ancient artifacts and priceless antiquities in their own regions to rubble all in the name of their twisted causes and ideologies….What’s next, book burning or literally fanning the flames with classic films some find offensive? (We all know who famously did that, but I shall not “name-call” like various individuals who apparently have the unquenchable desire to repeatedly typify those with whom they politically disagree in the most base pejorative terms possible….) However, that’s the least of my concerns at this moment…right now it is paramount that our irreplaceable national treasures are protected and preserved with no expense spared to keep them intact for future generations to visit and be inspired by just as I was, since as Santayana observed, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


    Timmm replied

    Hey Shayster, I’m a hip dude who walks to a different beat. In other words, I dont join the hype, I find other things to entertain me and “Eclipsemania” was not on my agenda! Of course when I waste an hour watching Franco cut up his art , Sonny and Alexis blow hot air or Carly blow smoke up her daughters …., maybe not so hip after all? Oh Shay, I just dont know how the heck this world will stay in one piece with all the hatred that is spewed from the anti-Donald movement. All this statue destruction saddens me and is embarrassing as an American. I put it this way to a fellow conservative, the late great Glen Campbell may someday have a statue erected on his behave and I wouldnt have a problem with that, he was a great musician. BUT, Mr. Campbell had a nasty drug habit and went through lots of women in the 70′s and 80′s BUT should that take away from his full body of work? NO! If an historical statute was erected, it had to be for an historical reason, LEAVE IT ALONE! If not, close the Clinton Library!

  73. k/kay says:

    He was in complete shock he was let go to make way for a Kiki, Griffin & Ava triangle.


    Rebecca1 replied

    I agree k/kay…but as I mentioned above there’s a petition going around to attempt to save Robert. Not sure if it’ll work but they’re almost up to 4000 signatures as of tonight I believe. This actor/character was more popular than the writers thought. They should be expanding the Qs…especially since Tracy left and Ned and Olivia are hopefully going to be spending more time at the Q mansion. Personally, I hope they reverse their decision and keep him.

    I do agree, though. It does look like Griffin’s going to be involved with one of the Jerome women. However, if Nicolas comes back, if Morgan comes back, if they DO keep Dillon, LOL, who knows???


  74. Dee says:

    I have hated for many years the storyline that Sonny is in. The mobsters storyline and everyone involved in it has killed GH. The Quartermaines, the Webbers bringing back some of the old-timers for special events on the show was great, Love seeing Mac and Felicia every now and then. But, the main core of the storyline needs to change, I DVR the show every day and watch the whole show in 15 minutes. How sad, I show I used to look forward to watching every night. Steve Burton is not the Savior everyone thinks he is, his time on GH has come and gone. I don’t know what they’re going to plan but more Sonny, more Sam more people I don’t care about.

    all they’re doing is turning people away that I know that I’ve watch the show for over 40 years. Good luck to the producers and writers. I see better things ahead for this show that I have loved since grammar school.


  75. Michael says:

    This is such a dumb move. The guy is hot to look at, a talented actor, and his character could play an intrical part in rebuilding the Quartermaine family. This would never occur if RC was still writing. Thankfully, he’s busy saving my fave soap Days, which has never been better. Thanks Anthony Geary LoL


  76. M says:

    I really liked Kiki and Dillon. The chemistry really worked for this couple. I am upset Rebecca is gone. I think Finn and Hayden were really beginning to fit into the GH canvas.

    I am completely bored with Sonny and Carly. They nauseate me!!!! Carly needs to dump Sonny for good. Joslyn has more common sense than her mother. I was hoping Sonny was crushed for good. Sick of this moron of a character.

    Now bloat boy (Steve Burton) is coming back. The man is a horrible actor.


  77. Suzie says:

    They get rid of Hayden and Dillon who are great characters with a lot of potential and great actors besides. Yet they keep Andre who may be the most uptight preachy boring character on tv right now. Would love to know how they came to these conclusions.


  78. Pat says:

    totally sucks. He was a great addition to the cast. Plus great eye candy. Lets hope they bring him back


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