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1 February 17th, 2010 Robin Christopher returns to General Hospital!

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Bob Guza, head writer, GH is ramping up the battling Quartermaines! Today comes word officially from TV Guide Magazine that Robin Christopher is returning to her role as Skye Chandler Quartermaine on March 31st. Last week the ABC soap announced the addition of a new Quartermaine relation—African-American med student Maya Ward (Annie Ilonzeh)—and now comes word that the show is bringing back Skye! The character was last seen in 2008.

“It’s hard to write GH without the Qs,” says Guza. “Every time we drift away from the family, even though we’ve diluted them a bit over the years, it just feels wrong. So we’re looking to build them up again.”

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  1. lisa says:

    Dear Bob.. you are destroying GH by not listening to long time, die hard fans of this show!!! Why do you continue to feed the viewers total BS about the return of Genie francis??? Have to admit that you had me going for awhile there with the rumormill in full swing in Dec 09!!! I have since then, lost all faith in anything you have to say!!! GH is on the chopping block here and still your massive ego continues to trump what the viewers want!!!! you sicken me and as heartbreaking as it may be… I no longer watch! Just waiting for the other shoe to drop.. how sad :(


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