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4 July 21st, 2010 Robin Christopher’s stint on GH ends!

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So long Skye Quatermaine yet again!  We all love Robin Christopher as Skye, but her time in Port Charles has come to an end…for now. 

The talented and beautiful actress has a final airdate of July 29th. She began on GH back in March 31st.  Soap Opera Digest was the bearer of this bad news today.

Could we now re-cycle Skye over to Llanview or even, Pine Valley again??

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  1. Dan says:

    What a waste of Robin Christopher. Why did GH even bother bringing her back when they had nothing for her to do?


  2. Tammy Jordan says:

    It was a waste,for a couple months she was on every other week[even twice a month].I was wondering WHAT “for now means??.I saw on a link?? at Yahoo[when I typed up Robin Christopher returning to AMC after GH??,on page 6 it said this July 29 is Robin Christopher 's last airdate as Skye,according to SOD...announced that she is "off for the summer"& will return to GH after Sept 12[the title was "General Hospital News",then it said the part I just typed up,I clicked on it and it went to GHH 2,BUT it only said the part about SOD and her last airdate].Sorry for the long comment.


  3. Tammy Jordan says:

    I suppose my comment will be the only one???


  4. MIKE says:

    hi why did Robin Christopher’s exit gh


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