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40 December 8th, 2016 Robin Riker Returns To General Hospital!


Naomi Dreyfus will never win “Mother of the Year”, but by the end of this year, she will be back on the canvas on General Hospital.  That means her portrayer, soap vet Robin Riker will be making a return to the ABC soap opera.

According to the lastest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Hayden’s (Rebecca Budig) mom who was carted off to jail in September after claiming that she, not Hayden, took those diamonds and did not turn them over to the feds, will be back by the end of the month.

With Hayden being in a precarious position healthwise, and her budding relationship with Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton), what could Riker’s return mean?

There is also the issue of Naomi having had an affair with Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) dead, Jeff Webber.  Thus causing the revelation that Hayden an Liz are really half-sisters.  And speaking of Jeff, will he finally return to Port Charles?  Many questions to ponder.

So, what do you think will happen when Naomi returnns to GH? Comment below!

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  1. anonymous says:

    I think the writers’ will have to decide if they are going to do a recast of jeff webber if Richard dean Anderson doesn’t want to return if he was asked to come back. Because jeff thinks he only has 2 daughters and/or will we see the person that hayden always thought was her father? I think there’s more to the diamonds than viewers have been told. Speaking of telling, when do sarah and steven find out they have another sister?


    Patrick replied

    it’d be great if Richard Dean Anderson would return…. he looks good… even weight gain hasn’t lessened his appeal.

    I wonder, tho

    would GH hire , Robert Newman, ex-Josh, GL ? I think he’d be amazing… and would be spot on … and an amazing DAD to Liz… of course these riles Hayden to no end…

    PLUS: as some posts have shared…. is Jane Elliott ‘ Tracy really retiring…. ?

    Robert Newman and Jane Elliott…. for the WIN…. WOW


    Lisa replied

    Jane Elliot retiring ? Oh dear perish the thought !
    She looks absolutely fabulous !
    And she must keep the Q’s relevant and on the canvas.

    dewlove replied

    Hi All…..yes, yes, yes to all of this and a cigarette afterwards please!

    Violet Lemm replied

    I returned to GH a few years ago, and Jane Elliot looked nothing like she does today. Not only younger, more energetic in the way she walks and moves around, and loss of weight, more becoming attire and hairdo. I can’t say enough about the changes in her whole personna. It would be a great loss to GH and the viewers if she leaves, so this had better be a biig rumour.

    dante williams replied

    I keep saying he needs to play Liz or Sharon’s dad on Y&R, maybe both because he’s that good and there’s only 4 soaps on air in daytime so let’s get an extra helping of him! Great idea Patrick:)

  2. Tim S. says:

    Would like to see her on for awhile with a good storyline….


    Violet Lemm replied

    Me too. She needs some romance. Love her and Quinn, but not that way.


    Violet Lemm replied

    Correction! Dr. Finn not Quinn.

  3. Scoma60 says:

    GMAB! I’m sick of a 19 year vet like Becky Herbst having to prop the hateful sanctimonious Hayden. Naomi is not needed especially on this already bloated cast.
    WTH haven’t they brought back Jeff (a character we know & are invested in) at least for an arc?
    We’re expected to believe Liz hasn’t contacted Jeff about Hayden over the last 3 months??She’s just sitting on that? This “poor pitiful ” Hayden backstory is insulting especially since Hayden has routinely called Liz a slut, her kids bastards & acts like she’s better than Liz. Liz has worked since 15, been raped, abandoned by her parents w/a friggin’ neighbor in Colorado,etc… Liz’s abandonment issues should be addressed instead of trying to prop up newbie # 7925 on GH’s already grossly bloated cast


    Patrick replied

    Scoma60 – I salute you. telling it like it is.

    “I was once” a Hayden Fan. she came on like gangbusters… WITH Nicholas. Magic.. but then again… their always is… with Tyler Christopher.

    GMAB: GH writers decided Nicholas was not good enough…. Frank Valentini WANTS to prop his pets…

    this is another post… that had me roaring with laughter.

    Wil replied December 3rd, 2016 at 10:10 pm
    RB can reprise Greenlee. Hayden can die of Finn’s disease.

    it’s the perfect scenario, right ?


    Patrick replied

    ps: until Hayden TREATS Liz with respect… oohh i’m chomping at the bit.

    plus: I couldn’t stand it… when Kiki stepped up and decided it was best that she quit working @Metro Court.

    Carly: “That’s a very mature decision”

    HUH? I kept telling myself… Carly will apologize to Kiki for how she ripped Kiki a new hole… with her overkill rant… because she fell out of love with MOrgan.

    so… until Carly mans up… and apologizes to Kiki. i’m so done with her.

    case in point: back to the same ole BS… as Ava went over to talk to Sonny about parental rights with Ava… since he confessed to killing Morgan. their were these two bullys… with no charisma OR personality corralling Ava… blackmail begets

    I can’t help but know… when the show features Sonny and Carly… I immediately think of a vacuum… they suck the life out of the show. dullard.

    Vicki replied

    I agree with ALL of you…Rebecca deserves better…I am sickened that RD has to be kept and take good airtime from her…not to mention what I refer to as the Nelly portion of the show

    Marianne replied

    Who are these guys kidding? We all know Hayden and Finn aren’t dying. This storyline is absolutely ridiculous.Prop, prop and more prop for Hayden. Finn has been on for almost a year and still no name for this disease. It’s as if the writers are making things up as they go along. There is no way in hell I will like this Hayden character. I don’t care if you give her a deadly disease or try to soften her. Not buying it and tired of it. They are turning Michael Easton back into a head scratching Silas and it bothers me. He needs his mojo back. Forced pairings never end up working.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Patrick, I just want to applaud you for this: “I can’t help but know… when the show features Sonny and Carly… I immediately think of a vacuum… they suck the life out of the show. dullard.”

    To those still drinking that “Sonny and Carly Kool-Aid”: See, there are plenty of us detractors!

    Max Daddee replied

    Rebecca Budig hasn’t found a good spot to fit in on this soap. Hayden’s role is essentially that of a misfit. Naomi Dreyfus? Who cares and who needs her on this soap? GH the last few years has gone in the direction of parading characters in and out for periods of time. Revolving door. If we’re lucky with this storyline, Richard Dean Anderson will pop in for a while. Then he’ll be gone. Good grief. I still miss OLTL and AMC – much more interesting writing and stable casting.

    Timmm replied

    You make a good point. As I stated, they just dropped the whole Jeff Weber thing and moved on to freaky Franco creepin on Liz and now we get this Tom Baker dude. Yeah, not ONCE did Liz say, yeah I called Jeff and asked him about Hayden. That is an OMG moment in her life and these moronic writers dusted it back under the rug so we can watch Sonny sleep with Lolita!


    Violet Lemm replied

    Now, now, Sonny didn’t sleep with Lolita. He just thinks he did. If he’d use his head, he’d know better (oops). She made him believe it, and I can’t wait to find out why!

    Stacey replied

    Liz has a sister Sara. Why ignore her and change history just to tie this character of Hayden to the canvas? First she’s Jake Doe’s wife then she is with Nicholas. Propped by Nicholas, Tracy, Elizabeth,
    Finn, Monica. Now her Mom is back. But what takes the cake is making her financial officer of GH . It is absolutely insulting. ENOUGH!


    Katia replied

    How and why should we be invested in this sickness when we know what the outcome will be? This storyline stinks and I really like MIchael Easton. Hayden, not much at all.I resent the fact the propping is non stop. It really makes me dislike the character.

  4. Timmm says:

    She is a good actress and Naomi could be an interesting character. I just wish they would bring Jeff back. That story or rumor fell flat on its face! Also, how about they cast her ex-husband?


  5. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Im glad im not the only one who types errors…that should be dad not dead-lol….Robert Newman as Jeff Webber…dont matter that he is 8 years younger than RDA-if they could get Anderson back that would be great but i have my doubts…Patrick Duffy ok too…Ron Moss looks the part but some dont like his acting!!!


    robbie replied

    Really digging Gil Bellows(Ally McBeal) on Eyewitness on USA. Would be a great addition to GH, as Jeff.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Too young as Jeff…but maybe as somebody else

    robbie replied

    I suppose you’re right, didn’t think that thru.

    Violet Lemm replied

    First of all , why can’t I get my replys to the right person? Drives me crazy! Have you seen Ron Moss lately? Looks like Santa Claus. The man I could see Tracy with is Ron Raines from GL who plays the handsome, rich tycoon to the hilt! I know he’s busy with his Broadway stuff and whatever else he’s into these days, but they would really be good together. P.S , he’s only 67 , not too old for Tracy??


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    i like Ron from GL-think i mentioned him for one of the roles-he could be recurring which would get him time to fly back to New York…but Jeff was Monica’s ex…would like to see them together first

  6. Addison says:

    I guess this is good news but it hardly merits an exclamation mark at the end of the headline.
    GH could really use some super good news–like an announcement of a new EP and writing regime,


  7. su0000 says:

    Haydn’s mother returns because her daughter is dying.
    She probably has a body part that will save Hayden lol ..


  8. mike says:

    Love Robin Riker. Michael E. Knight would be a great Jeff Webber.


    Violet Lemm replied

    He sure was great on Y&R but some dummy let him go. Was so good in his part.


  9. Jamesj75 says:

    I am all for anything that broadens Elizabeth’s storyline, as she is the ONLY current link (“relative”-ly speaking) to original character, Steve Hardy. So if Steve’s biological son, Jeff, were to ever return, that would be another link, and I would be ecstatic!

    But why expand any links to legacy characters and families when the despicable character of Sonny can simply permeate every single storyline on this show every single day?!?! (Sorry, but I couldn’t resist…) :)


    jaybird369 replied

    James…dude…to me, the second paragraph in your post particularly SPEAKS VOLUMES!!!!! Oh…and…as far as I’m concerned, there will NEVER BE anything romantic (or whatever) about a character aka Sonny who is nothing but two-faced, toxic, slimy, sleazy and hypocritical. BEYOND BLECH!!!!!

    Have a good one, Brother.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Thank you, Jay!

    Why don’t the powers that be
    Listen to you and to me?

    Take care, Brother!

  10. rebecca1 says:

    @ Robbie…Loved Gil Bellows on Ally McBeal! Such a cutie! Haven’t seen him in anything since. Glad to know he’s still acting. (Responding from my phone. For some reason it doesn’t place my comments under the “reply” choice…


    robbie replied

    First I had seen him too, really enjoying the series too. Check it out. Enjoy!


  11. Paul says:

    With GH most of the shock and awe is at how they don’t build suspense and that the stories always seem to lack real excitement. Wow… Hayden is Liz’ sister! Only one surprised by that will be Liz!


  12. Ces says:

    I would loveeeeeee to see RDA back as Jeff!! I used to love hum back in the day … Ooh Anne/Jeff/Heather/Diane such good GH back then …. If they have to recast then I say bring Robert Newman in but otherwise try like hell to get Richard back even for a short story arc! It would being great history and hopefully a few good scenes with Robin M too!


  13. mfarris70 says:

    Since Richard Burgi was already squandered on the character of Paul, I think Robert Newman or any of the myriad of actors who played Frank Ryan on Ryan’s Hope would make a fine Jeff Webber.


  14. rebecca1 says:

    Ugg….another show to check out! Lol…my DVR is going to self-combust! Thanks Robbie…I’ll look for it!


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