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17 October 26th, 2011 Robin Strasser heading west! No Prospect Park OLTL in her future!


Daytime Emmy winner, Robin Strasser (Dorian) took to twitter last night and revealed that she is headed to Los Angeles to work on her next career moves, and will not be joining One Life to Live when it moves to Prospect Park.

Robin tweeted: “It’s DEF! moving to LA soon. NO “prospect” in NY, so I’m heading West:) where I have a real pretty house. NO pity pot- it’s pool party time!”

So perhaps a savvy Los Angeles based soap, might just snatch up the terrific talents of La Strasser?

Whatever the case, On-Air On-Soaps wishes the best for Robin on her new adventures ahead, and is sad to hear that she will not be continuing on as Dorian with One Life’s new home on the web next year.  What do you think about Robin’s tweet? Let us know.

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  1. Iakovos says:

    This is a MAJOR disappointment, but one can only wish Ms. Strasser best of luck and an active career in Hollywood. I anticipate Prospect Park’s AMC and OLTL 2.0 versions to be different from what was came to love for decades on ABC. Still, it is sad to know key legacy actors such as Robin Strasser will not be a part of the launch, even for a short time. Of course, situations dictate change and Ms. Strasser could return, or there could be a new actress as Dorian. But the latter is not what I want to see!


  2. Todd says:

    Good for her. Robin will get lots of tv work there. I hope pops in for holidays as Senator Dorian Lord.


  3. AlistairCrane says:

    I would love to see Robin reprise the role of Dorian on GH. She could become the chief of staff at the hospital and bring Dorian back to her doctor roots.


  4. Red says:

    Is Elaine Princi free?


  5. cher62 says:

    OLTL is a MAJOR disappointment. But I have felt that way for awhile and will not be tuning in for OLTL–PP. Not inviting Strasser to join speaks volumes for what they think of the show’s fans. I hope that Strasser lands on a soap or some other project in the near future. Most of all I’d like the opportunity to see her perform again. I am also very glad that she seems to be feeling better healthwise.


  6. jp says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I am missing Robin Strasser as Dorian. Please PP! She is a key character to history of OLTL. There is so many storylines the writers could do with Dorian. Please rethink this PP. OLTL is not the same without her.


  7. Torrey says:

    Sorry to hear this news. Hopefully, PP can come up with some kind of an arrangement in the future, to woo Robin back to OLTL…..

    But one question that I have for TPTB over at OLTL…. When on God’s green earth are we the fans going to get a conclusion on this John/Natalie story?!?! This is getting beyond ridiculous. Enough is Enough, Ron!!! Wrap this story up, and let John know he has a son. Poor Liam will be graduating High School, before he knows the identity of his parents. Dragging stories on like this is not a good way of keeping the fans interested…. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. So sick of seeing commercials saying this week the truth comes out, only to find that another person in LLanview finds out the truth only to keep the information to themselves.


  8. Jennifer says:

    All the best to one of the finest actors to grace television. OLTL’s loss will definitely be someone else’s gain. They just don’t make them like the divine Ms. Strasser anymore.

    What a shame that Frank Valentini and his headwriter do not value this actress and the character she played with such delight. The fans certainly value her.

    Her exit was written lazy and uninspired. The failure to not only try to recapture this fantastic actor for the online version, but failing to being her back and give closure to Dorian fans on the television finale is just insulting. She matters just like Lindsay or Alex or David Vickers or Noelle–who are all slated to return.. Frankly, there is no excuse for not bringing her home for the finale.


    Michael replied

    I’m not sure why you think it’s Valentini and Carlivati who don’t value her. Robin has had a prickly relationship with ABC higher-ups for a long time (for example, over her hotline), and she’s certainly not the sort of actress that Frons would have any real value for (i.e., she’s not blond, twenty-something, and bubble-headed). I doubt Carlivati and Valentini have had much say in any of the departures over the last six months, and I equally doubt they have been given much say in Prospect Park’s decisions about whom to hire/not hire. It sounds to me like ABC TPTB (especially Frons) is behind her not being back for the finale, and somebody at Prospect Park is responsible for her not coming aboard for the online version. (The Prospect Park people, after all, are the same ones who didn’t realize they needed to hang on to Susan Lucci to make the online version of All My Children work; it’s not hard to believe they would equally not see Robin Strasser’s value to OLTL.)

    It’s very discouraging, regardless of who’s making these decisions. Strasser not being part of the online migration represents a big loss, as does the apparent departure of Hillary Smith and Robert Woods at the end of the TV version. I suppose in some ways it makes sense from their perspective; I’m sure they assume that the online version will attract younger viewers (because they are more comfortable with an online viewing platform) and they don’t care about actors/characters beyond a certain age. I think they are wrong on two counts: I think a number of older viewers would be perfectly willing to watch online (it’s not THAT hard to make the technological leap; I’m 51 and think that, despite my creeping senility, I can manage it quite handily, thank you), and I think that younger viewers in any case don’t WANT to see a show that’s only about teens and twenty-somethings.

    Too bad. I had some hope for this online transition, but as it continues to shape up and I see who they’re hiring (you can just bet that all three of the Ford brothers will be staying in Llanview, although I don’t think we’ve heard anything about the actors’ status yet), not so much.


    Rob replied

    I think when all is said and done we are going to see a new version of OLTL. I also think the guys at Prospect Park are taking their time and negotiating with most of the current cast or at least those who may be willing to stay. Id hate to see many of the current cast go but all you need to get re-started are some core cast members and it seems that they have that. As far as the Ford brothers, well they certainly arent hard on the eyes but they could REALLY use some acting lessons!!

    Im new to OLTL and in a year I have become very attached to it, its a classic soap. Its a more traditional soap that reminds me of my two all time favorites, GL and ATWT.

    Im gonna give it a try online, hopefully Prospect Park will remain true to the show and the production values. As long as they dont hire Ellen Wheeler or Chris Goutman!!

    david replied

    Michael, if PP chooses not to hire Strasser, Smith, Woods, Kristen, and other older actors, it’s hard to imagine they know what they are doing or that they understand the appeal of generational interactions among OLTL family characters.

    My2Cents replied

    ditto Jennifer.


  9. Blake says:

    Sucks that all the people aren’t coming back like Dorian, and now i’m hearing JP might head to GH and FF might return to Days as Mimi. Though I don’t see how Mimi can since her friends Belle and Chloe are not on there. Unless they make her the daughter of an important character on there.


  10. Brian Greene says:

    Robin, We Love You Enormously & Will Miss You On OLTL!


  11. Dr. Donald G. Boudreau says:

    Let Llanview be Llanview…May I please here encourage all you ROBIN STRASSER fans out there to join me please by – taking a few minutes of your time and commenting on

    Prospect Park’s Facebook page

    and/or on their Twitter account: @prospectpk

    supporting their please signing Robin Strasser on soon as Dorian Lord.

    And, while you’re at it if you are so inclined, please – ditto that for the great ILENE KRISTEN as “Foxy Roxy” Balsom!

    Both of these great ladies publicly defended the OLTL cast and crew in their darkest months ever, following the nasty Disney/ABC cancellation announcement, and they have done so unprompted and bravely and courageously such that they deserve OLTL fans supporting their return by Prospect Park to OLTL on TOLN. “Thank you” sincerely for your time and wonderful assistance, it is sincerely appreciated. Yours in Llanview…:.)))


  12. mike says:

    I still hope that she at least might recur on the show. Frank Valentini and Ron Carvalati are not dumb, they know what the fans want,and we want Robin back as Dorian.


  13. david says:

    Erika Slezak is very good but she is even better when playing off the strength and intensity of Robin Strasser. Robin brings so much to her character and Dorian is integral to OLTL. If Strasser cannot return to OLTL on ABC, I pray PP will come to their senses and reconsider what is best for OLTL and what the fans want.


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