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14 August 2nd, 2011 Robin Strasser on her early OLTL exit & how Dorian leaves Llanview and if she would return!

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Daytime Emmy award winning actress Robin Strasser (Dorian) of One Life to Live discusses with TV Guide many questions that fans have wanted to know and to understand since last May when Robin told ABC she’d needed to exit OLTL early to deal with a severely bad back that’s plagued her for years.  Strasser was hoping a schedule could be worked out where she would be seen on air through the fall, closer to the end of OLTL’s network television run.  However,  Strasser has said that the ABC network abruptly gave her her walking papers as part of a major summer cast-cutting and budget measure.

In this very compelling interview, Strasser give her thoughts on what went down with OLTL, plus now that her medical treatment plan for her back has been altered, if she would entertain the thought of making some more appearances on the show before its conclusion, and then if she would move to the web with the series if asked to be part of the online version.  Here are a few juicy  excerpts!

Strasser on if OLTLcalled… would she be up for taping a return appearance before the shows network finale: “Since I am not going to be having an immediate surgery, if the show needed me and I can walk, I’d run to Llanview! If they want, they can consider me part of the recurring group. It’s a badge of honor as far as I’m concerned — that would put me in the company of the fabulous Ilene Kristen [Roxie] and Patricia Elliott [Renee]. I would have been fine about becoming Great Aunt Dorian with the hair and the clothes just getting flashier and crazier as the years go on. I really would! I just love that whole Cramer family of female energy and being a part of it. Just thinking about it, I get all crushy for it! I call myself “the team-playing diva” — an anomaly in some circles but not in my universe. There was a point, about a year and a half ago, where I even volunteered to go off contract and become recurring.”

Strasser on how Mayor Doriane exits Llanview: “She’s going to become a United States senator. They have her being appointed by the governor and going to Washington to replace the current senator who is caught in a scandal. They wanted to do the old thing about the men’s room and the tapping foot and I said, “I will not!” It was in the middle of the Weiner thing, so I said, “Make it a sexting scandal.” I just wasn’t going to do the bathroom thing. [Laughs] I think they were, like, “She’s on her way out. We’re not going to argue with her.” So it was changed. They also say Dorian will be running for the dethroned senator’s seat in November… apparently without a primary. Hey, I just say the words! Mine was not to question why, mine was to do it and die! [Laughs] It’s okay. It’s nice to know that, at least forensically, Dorian is still alive. Did I ever tell you about the time [former OLTL executive producer] Paul Rauch thought Elaine Princi was practically my lookalike twin and told me to my face — to my face! — “They are going to forget all about you, Robin! I have found a woman to replace you!”

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  1. cher62 says:

    Thanks for posting the link, Michael. Very interesting interview. Well, Paul Rauch–You were WRONG! I recall EP in the role of Dorian Lord and not to take away from the actress but I really missed Strasser as Dorian. She leaves a strong impression. Frank Valentini has been known to work magic with his budget. Since presumably they had budgeted for her to stay through the end of the show, It seems only logical that she return since she no longer needs the immediate surgery. OLTL just isn’t OLTL without Dorian Lord as played by Robin Strasser. If FV for some unknown reason can’t get it together this is a REQUEST to Prospect Park to get us our Dorian back!


  2. Jan says:

    she is a hoot


  3. Torrey says:

    I love me some Dorian!! LOL


  4. mike says:

    There is nobody like her, please Frank and Ron bring her back somehow.


  5. Jennifer says:

    Robin Strasser is awesome. Her Dorian is a delicious blend of good and bad. She is as vital to the pulse of this show as any character. It is a shame that the headwriter and producer fail to recognize or care about the brilliant gem they had in their midst. Fans of OLTL knew it.

    In his interview, Ron Carlivati claims Rama and Vimal are popular. Okay. Then he must recognize that RS’s Dorian is immensely popular and has enthralled, angered, and entertained viewers for decades. With that knowledge, penning such a terrible exit is astounding. A possible Senate seat and David and Dorian compromise –to what end? Another break-up or separation? No happy ending or promise of love and romance, just another David rejection or flight for something else? Really?

    Dorian languished whenever David took flight; RS had no story until TW returned. Now after chaining her for years to only David, they end them as she leaves? Too late. This show should have invested the same time, care, thought as that of a fan. This is especially true if they foolishly fail to bring RS back for the finale (they will certainly bring back David).

    Soaps are at their core about love. Dorian should leave on the arm of a man who loves her (how about Mel, Herb, or even Ray) and leave town for a reason that makes sense in the midst of her Cramer women Todd crisis. Dorian fans deserved a happy ending.

    At any rate, thank you to Ms. Strasser for the decades of fun, tears, and entertainment. Hopefully this wrong will be righted and RS returns for the final months.


  6. Susan says:

    Paul Rauch is an idiot, To me, Robin Strasser is the one and only Dorian. She is irreplaceable.


  7. lisa says:

    Ha – no one can replace you Robin.
    I do hope that you can return before the end….maybe for the TV finale…
    and then for some web shows.
    I love your spirit.


  8. ethel says:

    robin you ARE dorian! i pray they bring you back to llanview!!


  9. Jeffery says:

    Robin Strasser is the quintessential Dorian in the same way Andrea Evans is the ultimate Tina. That said, Elaine Princi did a fine job in the role of Dorian at a time when Robin Strasser did not make herself available to play the part. ABC treated Elaine horribly in the way she was fired so that Robin could return during Linda Gottlieb’s tenure as executive producer. The least ABC could have done was to give Elaine another role on another ABC series. She’s a lovely woman and a talented actress who got short-shrifted in every respect. I wish only the best for both women.


  10. david says:

    Dorian and Viki have been the heart and soul of OLTL for decades. I can’t stand to think about Robin’s absence after August 25. Robin, you have provided such satisfying entertainment and incredible performances, thank you. You are so loved and will be so missed.


  11. Joe Black on FB says:

    There is only one Dorian and there will only ever be one Robin Strasser! I hope everything works out for her back and that she rejoins the cast on the new online network. She is the reason I watch OLTL.


  12. Janeene says:

    Robin (Dorian)

    I am 62 years old & have watched OLTL since the first day it came on– always arranging my lunch hour to be home in front of my TV or in later years recording every show! You have always been my favorite actor on the show–even when they tried to fill in with someone else, it never worked and I hated them– they were not Dorian (you)! I just wanted to tell you without “Dorian” the show is already over! I wish you all the best — and if OLTL goes to the web, I will follow. Just one question, I have always wanted to know–do you really speak French?


  13. Allen says:

    I am a 44 year old male Family Practice Physician. When I was about 4 years old I started watching the Soaps while my Mother ironed (back then you could let a 4 yo watch the soaps!) . Dorian Lord Riley …etc ….became one of my favorite characters as a kid (which means Robin must have only been about 2yo at the time!). I have never stopped pausing to watch the show in my office or the hospital if Dorian is on…particularly if Vickie is there too! I am glad the Tina, Cord and Jessica are back, but I just cannot imagine OLTL ending without Robin Strasser there. I’d really love to see her back for an amazing Dorian Swansong! We love you Robin!!


  14. Paul says:

    Well, let’s see,its been two years, OLTL is BACK and Robin with it, and that bag of dirt Paul Rauch is well,how shall I put it, roasting in hell. I never cared for the way Elaine Princi copied Robin’s performance rather than bringing something new to the role. I always figured she was under order’s to do this, but it showed a lack of ability and integrity as an artist. I think it’s interesting to note that when Robin took off for California she found a lot of work to keep her busy, and Elaine, well, not so much. Poor Elaine. Whenshe got dumped she complained to the soap press that she was stabbed in the back, was lied to and mislead. Ironic considering she was on TV several hundred times a day all over the county assuring us all that she knew everything that was going to happen to her before it happened because she talked to her Psychic Friend every day. The Psychic friends Network canned her ass after that even faster than ABC when Robin wanted to come back east.


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