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35 January 27th, 2014 Robin Strasser Tweets About Her Prospect Park Contract With Shelved One Life to Live!

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The one and only Robin Strasser (Dorian, One Life to Live) took to her Twitter account this morning to share her feelings on Prospect Park’s shelving of One Life to Live, and her unpaid salary she says is owed  her as part of her contract with the production company who brought back to the life the canceled ABC soap opera and moved it online.

Robin went on to say:  “OK-I’ll step IN it:) I signed a PPP contract for a full year! When they “shelve” OLTL pending lawsuits w/ ABC I did NOT think: cancelled.  SHELVED doesn’t mean CANCELLED. Vet me w/dictionary-W/guarantee of a # of weeks work during a year-I worked 11 until “SHELVED” stay tuned…NAIEVE is not a word often applied to me LOL but I want OLTL and AMC  to be REVIVED & STAY THAT WAY! SUE ME:) & if I’ve mis-stepped-they WILL:) I RESPECTFULLY requested to be paid the balance of my 1YR contract on or about 2/14 if production didn’t resume.  PPP sed w/due respect: NO, I LOVE PPP OR any entity that goes the DISTANCE:) for OLTL AMC :) I’d go recurring if ABC  gets smart again LOL I’m so smart I’m stupid:) Back to conclude point: Legally PPP  has in their contract the term: ceases production. Ergo: shelved=’s no dough for many:( shelf=cancelled. Does this mean “give up”? or start hunting down meanies? I’m too exhausted & chubby for that:) But I remain BIG on Soaps& FANS who LOVE’em.”

So, what do you think about Robin’s series of tweets?  Let us know!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    She’d be perfect as Julian Jerome’s mommy on GH but i can hear fans groaning ‘OLTL pet no.4 hits GH’…lol


    ricardo replied

    I agree with you. ROBIN strasser would be very good, as Julian Jerome’s mama. GH producers please hire Robin strasser now.


    Joshua replied

    Can somebody who speaks Twitter please translate this? She is “too exhausted & chubby”??? WTH!!!

    rebecca1 replied

    Joshua…I think Robin is calling herself overweight…LOL…saying she’s too tired and out of shape to start hunting them down to get what they owe her…I THINK that’s what she means…it’s not Twitter speak…it’s Robin speak. She’s always playing on words and double entendres when trying to get her point across.

    Judith replied

    Yes! Robin would be PERFECT as Julian Jerome’s mother! Just perfect! Who cares if GH hires another OLTL vet. In this case it would be a smart decision, even if she were just hired on a recurring status basis.


  2. Sal Piscioneri says:

    great hear from Robin, a class act. Good luck to all.


    SUSAN M. replied



  3. Thad Bosley says:

    After year of reading her dizzying quotes and calling her train-wreck of a telephone hotline, I am convinced that THIS WOMAN IS CERTIFIABLE!


    TNT 2.0 Forever replied

    LMAO! I like Robin but think you may be right.


    Gina replied

    C’mon now, it’s Twitter! filled w/lots of abbreviations. I understood precisely what she was saying. And, I most certainly am not certifiable.


    rebecca1 replied

    I agree Thad. I understand she was devastated when OLTL was canceled and she took to Twitter for emotional/fan supports. But it seems odd to me that that’s her outlet…she holds nothing back…

    I personally think she’s harming her chances of gettiing more work; she never “tweets” with any of her former co-stars or any soap actors…but makes known every disappointment which of course TPTB probably read.

    While it’s entertaining to get her “inside view”…I think she needs to curb back if she doesn’t want to come off as a tad errrr…over the top!

    rebecca1 replied

    support…not supports. LOL…Michael…is there ANY way to get an edit tab on these comments! Verrrry frustrating when you can’t go back after you’ve noticed you’ve made an error! :)

  4. Mark says:

    Love her! Robin is Dorian but she was so good as Rachel on another world (so was Vicky Wyndham!!!)


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Loved them equally as Rachel…


  5. KM says:

    It happens I just finished reading the Llanview In The Afternoon book by Jeff Giles last night. (Great read by the way.) The last chapters are devoted to ABC’s cancelling OLTL and then the hope of the PP relaunch only to have PP pull the rug out from everyone at the very last minute a second time.

    All of the actors who took part in the re-relaunch took a great leap of faith with PP only to have the rug pulled out from them a third time.

    I don’t think Twitter was the place for Robin Strasser to address this but I can’t blame her or anyone else for wanting PP to make good on what they guaranteed the actors who took a chance on them.

    PP looks especially tacky because they don’t seem to be the least bit shy about suing ABC for an exorbitant amount of money for supposedly breaching their contract with PP yet PP doesn’t seem to feel any need to honor their own contracts with anyone else.

    What tools.


  6. Jack Evans says:

    Hard to follow her, she is certainly great as Dorian Lord on ONE LIFE and if it ever gets another re-launch since it’s not officially “cancelled” it will be great to see her as that unforgettable character. However, I, like many fans, am not holding my breath until that day – sorry, I don’t like what ABC-TV did with the show and I surely did not like Prospect Park’s non-communicative tactics at all, so it’s difficult to know WHAT to hope
    for at this point.


  7. louisa says:

    Love her, despite her crazy tweets. She’s a great actress. I need to see Dorian Lord on my TV!


  8. Yolanda Arenas says:

    I love Robin, she’s honest and doesn’t hold back, which is why I loved Dorian.


  9. Chris says:

    I didn’t understand a word she wrote. I wish I did.


    Dana replied

    LOL! I love her as Dorian, but as Robin, I find she rambles & it’s very hard to follow what she’s saying.


  10. MBmomof3 says:

    I’m a fan. Robin Strasser brought me many years of entertainment on OLTL, AW & Passions. Miss her on my screen. Hang in there Robin.


  11. su0000 says:

    where PP went wrong..
    On the internet PP should have never ever had that totally lame dance opening.. it was lame ..
    Any NEW to the soap, a younger person would click out as soon as they seen that horribly lame song & dance opening..

    A person will judge and decide to watch or not watch in the first few seconds, and OLTL opening said old fashioned lame stuff ..

    If you have a drama you need a drama opening to represent the product..
    OLTL song and dance open shouted LAME!!


    Jack Evans replied

    Oh brother I totally agree with that statement, that on-line Opening for One Life to Live with that atrocious dance routine was embarressing to watch – even the old old introduction with the sun rising over a mountain, corny as that may have been, would have been better that that horrendous intro – the music was horrific, the movements were stiff, I tolerated it just to have the show back but any Fan with some know-how could have come up with a better Opening.


  12. JLH says:

    Dang I miss my (semi) daily dose of Dorian!


  13. Rapids says:

    Her tweets Are amusing and she is keeping her name out there. Of course PP is not going to pay for production that never happened. The actors made very little money for all the fuss and bother but that is show biz and that is life.


  14. Robert in Jersey City says:

    Y&R needs Robin to fill the Jeanne Cooper void. Jill & Nicki aren’t the ones.


  15. James McDonald says:

    I think ABC should revive ALL My Children and One Life To Live again, or at least one of them. If both, make it the serial 30 minutes instead of an hour. Thirty minutes of All My Children and 30 minutes of One Life To Live – an hour block. Put it up against Days Of Our Lives.
    If ABC doesn’t want to put All My Children and One Life To Live back on the air anymore (but yet they want the rights back), then let CBS, NBC or OWN have it.
    Their always is the idea to make a brand-new soap opera.
    But, alas, they say it’s too expensive to put on soap operas now and the ratings are not Super Bowl.
    One more thing to throw in: They never did make a Days of Our Lives spin-off. Would it be less-expensive for a 30 minute format?


    terri replied

    i agree….i wish abc would grow a brain…or at least a little common sense and realize they made a mistake and correct it by reviving both – even if in 30 minute formats.


    Jack Evans replied

    They should combine OLTL and AMC and call it “Pine Valley” or call it “Landview” or call it ALL MY CHILDREN EACH HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Kidding there) but they should combine the best elements of each and have one show that would satisfy fans of both shows – it would be the best solution since not all the actors are available anymore. It’s a great idea and would work, but alas, instead they will probably come up with another boring Talk show filled with cooking recipes that no one cares about. If ABC-TV gets the rights back, it will be interesting to see what happens – if Prospect Park gets the rights back, Lord only knows what will occur – only time will tell.

  16. Ginny says:

    I agree 100% with her. I love and miss both shows. Did not care for the drastic changes when online (language and sexual conduct), that really shocked me. Oh well,guess its just me expecting the same old shows as they were on abc.


  17. Llanviewer717 says:

    Please, please, someone, bring back OLTL and AMC too. Love you Robin.


  18. Anita says:

    Robin is the best.


  19. Shirley says:

    I agree with Robin’s statement. If PP isn’t going to produce these shows I wish ABC or OWE would. OWE has 2 soaps already. I hate to hear the shows aren’t coming back especially OLTL they were so interesting.


  20. MARIE says:






  21. JJ says:

    Networks are just foolish not to get OLTL back on the air. It had better ratings than GH before the Soap resurgence. So now it should hit it out of the ball park!


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