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28 September 6th, 2011 Robin Strasser tweets she has not been asked to join Prospect Park OLTL or return for ending on ABC!

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Last night on her Twitter account, Daytime Emmy winner, Robin Strasser ( Dorian of One Life to Live) addressed some of her followers questions.  She responded with a tweet regarding if she had been asked by Prospect Park to join the show as Dorian once One Life moves to its new home online in January, or has many had been angling for and hoped, if she had been asked back for some of the final episodes of One Life to Live that will air in January on ABC.

Strasser tweeted to that, “NO, haven’t been asked to participate in prospective Prospect Park OLTL. NOR in OLTL’s last final months. Diss-appointing? yes-Surprising-no.”

So what do you soapers think of that? Do you think that is the final word on this? Or, do you think the powers-that-be, once they get some more ducks in the row, might have the forethought to bring back beloved Strasser as Dorian? Let us know!

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  1. jerrica says:

    i miss Dorian so much on the show, i hope she will move to prospect place. im sure FRONS the MONSter is not having her back on the abc finale. LUV YA ROBIN!!


  2. ethel says:

    i am so hoping that prospect park will ask robin – after all she is a oltl staple……………


  3. Iakovos says:

    I am hard pressed to even imagine a Llanview without Dorian Lord. ONE LIFE TO LIVE is a wonderful daytime drama and the color and character Robin Strasser brings to the show is too valuable to squander. Even before Strasser assumed the role, I enjoyed Dorian nee Cramer’s longing to be accepted into society. Those early stories of the murder of Mark Toland and Dorian’s eventual marriage of Dorian to Victor Lord remain key to the genesis of what has become — all thanks to Robin Strasser — an incredible legacy character that is of her creation. I hope those in charge see fit to find a place for Dorian Lord and Robin Strasser in the closing days of OLTL’s network run and in the Prospect Park reboot.


  4. brian says:

    I think that just how we all hoped that OLTL would be saved for cancellation… and it was, the same will be true for Robin’s rerturn. We just have to demand it, and I’m sure it will happen.,


  5. Susan P says:

    We need Dorian!


  6. Trish says:

    I could hope Robin/Dorian would be asked back for the ending of the ABC show and the beginning of prospect park…my God did you see Vickie and Dorian good bye Priceless…of course bring her back!!!


  7. Vanessa says:

    I think that PP is probably working as fast as they can to retain those actors who will be on screen on ABC in January for continuity of stories. Once those actors have been signed I can see them trying to get the important players who were released early, like David and Dorian to return.


  8. GLTURNS70 says:

    Robin ran away from this show without blinking to think about her fans or long time fans who have loved her all these years. You go get my blessing by leaving me in the dust. MOVE ON WITH OUT HER OLTL


  9. cher62 says:

    Dorian as played by Robin Strasser is OLTL for me as a fan. It’s not OLTL without her.


  10. Brian T says:

    Please anyone who has twitter send messages to the Prospect Park twitter account telling them that we want Robin Strasser and Trevor St John too.


  11. Xtopher says:

    It’s one thing to be upset, it’s another thing to be bitter. Ever since the cancellation she has been overly rude and mean. It’s show business, you know what you’re getting into. Shows get canceled, actors/actresses get fired. Does it suck? Yes. Should you just suck it up? Yes? With all the negative things she’s been saying, it’s no surprise she’s not asked back. A classy person would have shown their sadness and even anger, but not to this extent, to even go so far as to now make fun of the replacement, “Chewy-Phooey” I believe she called it. When she made the statements she’s been making, while her followers and fans may support her, those who would be the ones giving her a job see her as a liability. Long story short, huge fan of the show, I liked Dorian, hell I even watched Passions while she was on it for her, but frankly, her attitude, for me, and this all just my opinion, has made her lose her luster. I wouldn’t have asked her back either.


    Waltina replied

    I think she is showing the disrespect that she and others have received. When is it wrong to react to what one think is wrong, Some people have no problem cheering Roger coming back , and look how TSJ was disrespected by showing him that his 8 yrs. on the show as Todd didn’t mean anything. So if you want to talk about disrespect talk to TSJ.


  12. mike says:

    A Landview without Dorian is not Landview.


  13. Vicki Turner says:

    The show is not the same with out Dorian and David. I love both of them together, and the lines for David are so funny. They make a perfect match on the show. I can understand the surgery, and the time to heal, but when it gets down to the nitty, gritty, we need Dorian, David, and Dorian and Viki being friendnemies. The show won’t be the same. Dorian and Viki need each other.

    Prospect Park, don’t wait too long. We have fought too long and hard to save these shows. We thank you for taking over our beloved shows, but they need the original actors, actresses, and crew that have kept these two shows going all of these years. These shows have been made by these seasoned actors and actresses.

    I am in agreement of adding new faces now and then, but not losing the older actors who have made the show.


  14. Dr. Donald G. Boudreau says:

    The talented ensemble of “One Life To Live” has tremendous soul and one of the hearts of Llanview’s soul, lies in the person of Dorian Cramer Lord, former Mayor of Llanview, and currently I might add, a distinguished United States Senator. This grande dame is no small treasure because she is the leader of a remarkable group of women; Cramer women. A Cramer woman is proud and self-respecting and full of love for her family, her clan. She is as protective of them as any lioness should rightly be. The great actress Robin Strasser is no weeping willow by any means and she, like very few other of her colleagues has had the sheer brains and tremendous courage to speak up, to speak the painful truth regarding the many deceptions and injustices visited upon the casts and crews and families of “One Life To Live” by the Brian Frons and Anne Sweeneys and Robert Igers of the world given the cancellation of OLTL and the nasty manner in which it was carried out. She has rightly praised the work of Valentini as have many others for producing one of television’s finest shows, ever magically so, and under budget. And Carlivati is a master storywriter par excellence. Ms. Strasser, like the great actress she too, Ilene Kristen a/k/a Foxy Roxy, have publicly defended OLTL and the soaps genre writ large and in having done so, exposed the idiocracies of The Disney Company and ABC for what they are, in having so maligned and deceived and mistreated this show, and moreover its countless millions upon millions of fans across these United States by having “slapped their fans in the face” if I may so liberally paraphrase, which is exactly what the network did do in making these cancellations of OLTL and AMC, concurrently announced on 14 April of this year. Younger (and dumber), naive actors and actresses, notwithstanding the genre being visciously attacked, dare one say it – decimated, sought to appease The Frons through shameless demeaning, public brown nosing, disrespecting their many many colleagues in the process, who were in the throes of being economically slaughtered, too, yet retained some self respect and restraint and dignity, nevertheless, through their silence. We love watching the adversarial great ladies, Robin Strasser and Erika Slezak bitch-slapping each other, year after year, and decade after decade. We love watching sex symbol, Tuc Watkins a/k/a David Vickers Buchanan, and cougar Dorian Lord, in all of their romantic love and sexual innuendo. Ms. Strasser, all kidding aside, has had some serious back pain issues in recent years following back surgery in the past. But she is ready and willing to get back into the saddle and head up that Cramer Clan, and trust me on this one: Those Cramer women are hoping and praying that Prospect Park as smart as it is (and it is!) knows that internationally it can have a billion dollar plus international property on its hands, if it does not blow this golden opportunity through underinvestment – and a lack of rightful — risk taking. OLTL did not become the great ratings hit that it has become in the most highly valued demographic by playing it safe and cheap and lowest common denominator mediocrity. Hell no, it is always striving for Excellence and everytime, that Robin Strasser walks out on that set, you always know that you are going to get her “A” Game, no matter what. And, that is why, so many of us love her so dearly and pray for her day-to-day return to Llanview, her home and ours, where she belongs. And yes, her housekeeper at La Boulet, you can just bet, will be heard vacuuming with nothing but a Hoover…So Dorian Lord! So Robin Strasser!…God love her! And he does… Hear that Prospect Park? :.) Please bring her back YESTERDAY…


    Strong tea drinker replied

    Here, here, to an elegant summation on a Class A actress with Grade A intentions both on air and off. The mediocrity of mega corporate thought that goes on at ABC/Disney can never appreciate a woman of character and action that is Robin Strasser. They are too busy towing the line of corp. crap that will bring about the demise and profit of the very industry they pilfered in order to seek financial gain while ignoring art and quality. It appears they never respected the business they were in. It appears they never valued their employees. It appears they never valued their consumer. May their love of money at the expense of all else follow it’s logical conclusion by consuming their own suited selves and may Prospect Park learn the lessons of these fated dinosaurs and usher in a new era in entertainment. I wish them well.
    PS- I will always remember and will never voluntarily watch ABC/Disney et al again.


    Scott Paquin replied

    Well said! I totally agree


  15. Debbie Hamilton says:

    I am very much disappointed in the way Dorian’s part has been handled, very much so!
    But in all honesty Robin I do believe things have not been laid out yet in ink.
    Keep the faith and I am sure everything will fall into place for all the actors. My favorite word — “Faith” We all love you!

    Love Debbie


  16. Brian Greene says:

    I still believe that an agreement can be reached between Prospect Park & Robin with OLTL online! :-)


    Scott Paquin replied

    I hope so!! I miss her already and the Cramer women need her back!


  17. heidi says:

    we can only hope so… but they have shown that they don’t care what we want (letting TSJ go).


  18. Scott Paquin says:

    One Life To Live needs Robin back on the show. I think once the dust settles with Prospect Park that she will be asked to come back. Robin is too important to the show and her many fans!


  19. lisa says:

    Please PP and OLTL bring Dorian/Robin back – she is as much a fixture on the show as Victoria/Erika.


  20. jp says:

    Now that Erika Slezak signed on with PP, don’t be surprised if they ask for her input. I think Erika will do whatever she can to bring back her friend Dorian. Slezak and Strasser are classy women whose work shines when both are on the screen together. PP lets get the ball rolling. You got one part of the dynamic duo. Now lets get Strasser. You won’t regret it.


  21. chevjuls says:

    I love Robin Strasser as Dorian and would love to see her come back to OLTL, but she quit saying she have back problems and can no longer work, so can PP ask her to come back if she have that kind of problem with her back and can’t work.


  22. oltlmania says:

    Dorian needs to return but the charcter has to stay true to her origin. That stupid mayoral race storyline was so bad and Dorian being afraid to deal with Mitch?
    Was so bad, I miss her during the buchanan takeover storyline that was cut short….

    I think with Prospect Park maybe she has a chance and I hope they bring Micheal Malone on as a creative consultant.


  23. Ms_Julie_T says:

    OLTL will never be the same without (Robin Strasser as) Dorian.

    I appreciate the honesty and openness regarding this matter. I hope Robin takes the time necessary to heal and recover completely but, I hope she is respected by ABC to equal the love that her fans have for her and is invited to say goodbye.

    ABC is making a stupid mistake. I, for one, will not now – not ever, watch “The Chew.” I can see that kind of show ANYWHERE and ANYTIME! But, One Life to Live and All My Children are gems and jewels and they have foolishly not recognized the continuing value inherent in these two great soap operas.

    I hope it wrecks Frons’ career. Leave him with a reputation for making foolish, costly mistakes in judgement and all that.

    And I will buy Hoover products in the future. I am very loyal to those who stand with me! Thanks Hoover!!


  24. Allen says:

    If Robin’s back won’t allow her to act on OLTL then she has my best thoughts and prayers. Robin, if you can still act…hell even in a wheel chair ( look at the wonderful job your “ex-lover” did on the show even though he had such a serious illness)..and if OLTL does NOT ask you back….well then i just can’t imagine paying on line to watch. Yes, Vicki is wonderful, but without Dorian, she is like Ying without Yang! Yes I’ll stay tuned for a few months without you for a few months when you need a break, but an entire production of OLTL without Robin Strasser is unthinkable to me.


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