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16 April 14th, 2014 Roger Howarth Makes His Debut On Californication – Watch The Video!


On Sunday night, Californication returned for its seventh season on Showtime with an episode entitled “Levon” which also featured the debut of General Hospital’s Roger Howarth (Franco) in the role of Chris!

In the episode which introduces Howarth’s Chris, Hank (David Duchovny) meets up with Karen (Karen Van Der Beek), who he now wants desperately back.  The duo have had this on and off again romance and share a daughter together.  As they begin to have an uncomfortable chat at this coffee house, they are approached at the table by Chris (Howarth) who Hank is startled to find out that Karen met in her yoga class!  Hank begins insulting him in his own way, and Chris tells Karen that he is leaving and they can get together another time.

The episode re-airs tonight on Monday at 9:30PMEST! Watch the clip after the jump of Roger on Californication!  Then, let us know if you will be tuning in to check him out in upcoming episodes?

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    R.H. seems better here than as GHs Franco…imo!


  2. Liz says:

    I watch Californication sometimes but I will plan to watch this season because of Roger. I believe he’s in 6 episodes? I hope we get to see some great work from him. It looks promising.


  3. su0000 says:

    I’d love to see it..
    I don’t have Showtime and Netflix doesn’t carry Californication..
    couldn’t find it at HuLu, either .


  4. Johnny says:

    He is better than ANY other character than as Franco. The words EPIC FAIL were designed to be used in tandem with the casting, writing, and performances of this incarnation of Franco.


    su0000 replied

    I really like RH as Franco..
    I hope Franco will soon get a story.. RH will rock it!!
    Franco is still a mystery man, there is much more to come..


    Timmm replied

    JAMES FRANCO sucks! That character should have died when James was done toying with his time on GH.

  5. maria says:

    I watched Roger on Californication last night. I thought he did a really great job. I’m looking forward to watching him on future episodes this season.


  6. su0000 says:

    I’m a Franco fan!!
    Roger really hasn’t had a Franco story to bring him alive..
    Roger Howarth is an powerful extraordinary actor, no matter which roll he plays..
    waiting for more Franco, hi story ..


    Elizabeth replied

    Bring him alive???? Franco is exactly the same as Todd was.

    It just doesn’t work. Everyone, please send good vibes to Roger and watch Californification with him every chance you get! Let’s all have good thoughts that Roger can move onward and upward in his career and get away from Carlivati and GH for good!


  7. Mitch says:

    Wow, Roger looks so different here. Kinda like the guy from XFiles. I read the PP/ABC licensing agreement and it’s all over. Its time to hang the RIP sign on OLTL AMC. |- (


  8. Timmm says:

    Looking at this clip, Roger could have been a Frisco Jones recast?


  9. Patricio says:

    Bravo- he could be a movie star or carry a show on his own. Maybe this is his first step. Todd Manning will be a character for the ages. That is his.


  10. Shirley A Miller says:

    I would definitely watch Roger Howarth on Californication if I had Showtime. I loved Roger as Todd Manning on OLTL but the writers who wrote the Franco role for him just didn’t get it right!!! Roger is not the right character to play Franco. I do love Roger and hope he’ll do better on Californication, but wish he would get a better role for him on a soap opera!!!


  11. Schmooperz says:

    I don’t like RH’s hair color. It looks fake. Not flattering at all, too light. He has to go up against Hank to win Karen’s affections!


  12. rebecca1 says:

    Never watched Californication but I have a three month trial Showtime deal so I’ll check it out. As for Roger…loved him as Todd…still love him as Franco except to me his Franco is Todd with another name. And now, his yoga dude just reminds me of Todd/Franco so…dunno. Would have to see more of him in the role to see if he can play anything (in my eyes) that doesn’t seem to have the same mannerisms, expressions and inflections as his other two persona.


  13. Michele says:

    Roger’s yoga character and Karen should be a couple because he is so much hotter than writertard Hank. As usual, Roger was just fantastic, and can do so much with so few words! Want to see more of him!!


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