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4 October 12th, 2010 Romanovich: “As One World Ends a New World Begins in Daytime Soaps”

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Associated Television International’s Jim Romanovich, who has become a big friend to the soap industry with his help in saving the Daytime Emmy Telecast from extinction, as well as consistently writing his thoughts on the ailing industry, and offering up some food for thought, has done it again.

In his new blog for Baseline Intelligence titled, As One World Ends a New World Begins in Daytime Soaps, Romanovich brings up some valid points about daytime’s past and it’s future.   Here is an excerpt:

Romanovich: “Currently, all six remaining daytime soaps can be seen on each show’s respective network site or Hulu.  The ads you see are extensions of the overall media buy so there’s nothing financially to support the production of the soaps specifically as we know it.  But it is coming and the soaps just have to hang on to reap that benefit.  The networks, I hope, realize the gold in the river that Monty found that is in these devoted viewers who will follow their shows wherever they go.  Story, Characters, and Execution.  That’s all it takes.  In this case the execution is not just with the actors, directors, and crew, but in the platform itself in which they can see it with a simple click.  Technology has to make it easy for everyone and not turn us into a bunch of Magellans navigating through layers of menus to get through the strait and into the open sea.  As I said, the viewers will follow the shows and advertisers will follow the viewers.  So make it easy for them.  If you build it, they will come.  These last six soaps owe a debt of gratitude to Guiding Light and As The World Turns.  It’s all very Christian in a way.  Both soaps created the disciple soaps and then were crucified when their mission interfered in their rulers’ justice system.  In death, they took the sins of the soap world upon their shoulders.  In doing so, it only magnified the strength of the soaps and their followers as well as many other new soaps now on the Internet- The Bay, Gotham, Venice, and so on.  They have been reborn from within.

I know that the six soaps can survive on the Internet or as a hybrid television/Internet vehicle if network programmers can see them as valuable commodities.  But I really can’t say as to whether they do.  Although the broadcast soap era may come to an end in 10 years, who’s to say a cable/Internet run isn’t in the cards? It doesn’t have to be the end.  A new beginning is coming”

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  1. Lisa says:

    I am not interested in web soaps. He is always so negative. I have been watching soaps since 1977 and I do not want to hear they will be extinct on television in less than 10 years.


  2. LUMI says:

    I been a soap fan sence the 60′s,I loved Another World and I did love Days,I still watch Days but all the charecters are gone that I liked the most, Lucas John Tony Marlena are all gone. and Im mad as hell about BRD/Lucas Horton is no longer on the show,it was no reson for him to go just because the writers coulden and woulden write for him,what sorry writers that cant and want write for a charecter thats been with this soap for 17 years… bring Bryan Dattilo back and the fans will watch and the rating will be back up. Joanne


  3. mmc says:

    I’m still missing ATWT and as a really long time viewer I guess I always will.This show had heart and soul and a core of decency that i can’t seem to find anywhere else.I really feel like a big chunk died in me.My husband looks at me like i’m nuts and maybe I am.but I miss it …it was “my time ” and I loved most of the characters….especially Dr. Bob, and my beloved Reid and Luke!


  4. reidstheman says:

    ATWT was the best soap opera on tv, period. I can’t believe P & G did not try to shop it out so it could have survived. They had the BEST storyline ever going with Luke and Reid and the fans were so emotionally invested in that show. Months after it had ended I am still grieving over the loss.


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