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15 May 12th, 2015 Rome Flynn Joins The Cast Of The Bold and the Beautiful!


Casting news today that is sure to shake things up for Nicole Avant (Reign Edwards) and the Forrester fam!  The Bold and the Beautiful has cast former VH-1′s Drumline: A New Beat, star Rome Flynn in the role of a SORAS’d Zende!  Viewers who watched”Drumline” know that Rome played the part of a gay drummer named Leon.

According to TV Insider’s Michael Logan, Zende, who was the AIDS orphan from Africa who was adopted by Kristen Forrester (Tracy Melchior) and her husband, Antonio Dominguez (Paulo Benedeti) in the 2001-02 storyline returns to Los Angeles all grown up and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Pam (Alley Mills) want him to be an intern at Forrester Creations.

Immediately tension and sparks fly between Zende and Nicole, since she also wants the internship at the fashion house! Guess Wyatt (Darin Brooks) and Nicole may not be the end game here?  Stay tuned!

So, what do you think of the grown-up Zende returning to the B&B canvas in the form of Rome Flynn? Comment below!

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  1. Mo says:

    Interesting. Wouldn’t mind seeing Kristen and Diego (was that his name?) back?


  2. elm51 says:

    well i guess this means that nichol will be stickinh around for a while – thanks michael!!


  3. Rob says:

    What about Lawrence St Victor, he is like the black Thorne. give him something to do already!!


  4. richard says:

    Loving the diversity and hiring of African American actors and actresses!!! BOLD is leading the pack these days(Dayzee, Marcus, Carter, Maya, Nicole, now Zende) sad that Y&R use to have the strongest afro-american storyline and now it’s hangin on for dear life. I always wondered if they were going to bring this character back, I am all for the addition of a black Forrester!!! Hopefully he will interact with Aly and Oliver too!!!! On a side note, I hope Kristen will be making an appearance. I miss her and Felicia!! They could age Felicia’s son with Dante, Dominic!!! The future of BOLD is bright, they have many young characters STILL that could be brought into story….Jack Marone, RJ Forrester, Rosey Forrester, Lil Eric, Logan Knight, Erica Warwick…the list is endless!!!!


    Mark Y replied



    davidevansmith replied

    Rosey, short for Ambrosia, is Marcus and Amber’s child.

    But Richard, you can’t count Dayzee and Marcus as part of the cast anymore, they’ve been off for more than a year, possibly two.

    richard replied

    Amber’s daughter with Marcus. Since Eric adopted Marcus, Rosey is a Forrester.

  5. Jimmy says:

    This is good news, I’m glad they are deciding to expand the Forrester family and bring back a character fans are already familiar with, instead of a newly created role with no ties to the show. This also adds to the African-American set on the show, since we never get to see Marcus and Dayzee anymore. The show should also consider bringing back Felicia’s son, Dino, and SORAS-ing R.J. (who should have been SORAS’d when Ridge returned).


    richard replied

    He was, but only to age 10, he should be 2 or 3 years younger than Hope. I wish they would, but since TK took over the character of Ridge, they have trashed the Ridge and Brooke love story to the point where I wonder will they end up together. If Ronn Moss was still Ridge, he would’ve never been paired with Katie OR Caroline!! Gross!!!!


  6. Iakovos says:

    I am glad to see B&B acknowledge there are other Forresters on the family tree. Thank you!


  7. SZima says:

    Why do we need yet another character on this over-bloated show? It’s a 30-minute show and we don’t see half the characters they have now.
    And if this means that the awful Nicole is sticking around, NOT happy!


    sarah replied

    its probably a sign that some characters might be leaving the canvas my money is on Aly & Oliver.


  8. sarah says:

    this is amazing Caroline & Steffy are returning this month they have put a casting call out for Thomas so he’s returning at some point to & Zende is returning this is awesome I might be wrong but wasn’t it Antonio that was HIV positive???


  9. Pam says:

    Why are they hiding the fact that Zende is the adoptive son from Africa that had the AIDS epidemic. Both his biological parents died from AIDS. Does he carry the virus too? Maya is so called transgender and now there is a possibility that down the line it will be revealed that Zende is HIV positive after he’s intimate with Nicole? Wouldn’t put this past Bell to stir up fans. I do wonder why these issues only target visible minorities like Tony Dominguez having HIV and then adopting Zende, who can potentially be a carrier who will subsequently put Nicole at risk.

    It’s odd that a Forrester would hide who they are. Usually they’re so proud. Every other new Forrester coming in as a intern never hid who they were, which leads me to believe that something is up with Zende. Seems like both Avent sisters will have difficult roles laced with touchy subjects to conquer. We can rest assure that once again the Forrester’s will be the wonderful and accepting ones who will have no issue with this, but will somehow find some other reason to fly the coup. After all, the Forrester’s have a reputation to uphold. Why would they be with someone transgender not that there is anything wrong with it, but the way they characterize the Forresters as this traditional family with an image to uphold, it seems unnatural for them to be this accepting.

    For some reason as accepting as they appear to be something always happens to distance them from the issues they accepted so much. The person moves to another city as in the case with Tony and Kristen Forrester since he’s living with the virus. Rick apparently accepts Maya, yet Maya is MIA leaving the blame on her if the relationship falls apart, and not that she’s transgender.

    The writers somehow changed Rick’s personality as accepting of Maya and her secret while showing him as a man who can’t tolerate secrets from others. Ultimately, whether or not Rick accepts Maya as transgender verbally, I would be surprised to see them in another love scene after this reveal. They have accepted, now go away, right?


    The Substitute replied

    The character does not have the virus both his parents did and died and then Tony who has the virus and his wife Kristen adopted him I think they met him in Africa on their honeymoon. He is obviously being written in for a love interest for Nicole but no he does not have the virus. Hope this helps!!!


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