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7 December 26th, 2014 Ronn Moss New Music Video “You’re My Addiction” Featuring The BAY’s Jeter!


“You’re the pill I want to take, you’re the deal I want to make, you’re the only thing that matters in a habit I don’t want to break, and I don’t mind at all” is just one of the verses sung in Ronn Moss latest music video and tune, “You’re My Addiction”!

The former star of The Bold and the Beautiful (Ex-Ridge Forrester) who is now part of the canvas on Gregori J. Martin’s  web series The Bay, crafted this tune that fits perfectly with the love story/steamy affair of The Bay’s cougar romance storyline which features Lilly Melgar’s Janice Ramos, and Kristos Andrews’ Peter Garrett!

The music video features Moss singing the song on the beach intercut with some clips past, present, and future of moments from the torrid relationship of this hot duo!

Watch “You’re My Addiction” after the jump! Let us know what you thought of the song! What do you think of The Bay’s Jeter? Comment below!

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  1. Cees says:

    Love it! Love the Jeter storyline and love The Bay!


  2. Nikki says:

    I really feel he’s too old for the dog collar and chain etc. He’s not bad but I just feel he needs to accept his age and move on for goodness sake.


  3. harry says:

    “You’re the pill I want to take”?
    Well me too, darling, upon reading these lyrics.


  4. Connie says:

    Ridge…. Lol if I closed my eyes and pretended it was Jon Bon Jovi.. I may have been more enchanted with the song. But it was hard to take it serious after seeing the banana rolled up to look like a dog collar. Although on Jon it would have been completely acceptable. Lol


  5. brenda says:

    I need to start watching The Bay. I like the song. I really miss Ronn on BB.


  6. Tootie says:

    Loved the words and music. Hard to see Ron Moss doing this. I’m use to seeing him on the soaps. I really didn’t buy the guitar playing. Good job Ron.


  7. skeetskeet says:

    Tootie, the reason it’s hard to see Ronn doing this is because it’s difficult to watch/listen to. The song itself isn’t too bad but he needs to have someone else perform it. It’s as if the beach is a metaphor for his music career…he’s washed up. It’s amazing how there is too much autotune, yet not enough.

    And the ending? “And I can’t walk away”….but he immediately turns around and WALK AWAY! Omg the frustration with that!


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