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26 August 23rd, 2012 Ronn Moss Speaks on His Decision and Departure from The Bold and the Beautiful!


After a shocking turn of events that left soap fans stunned worldwide, Ronn Moss has finally given his first interview since his decision to exit the role of Ridge Forrester after 25 years on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Moss opened to about his rationale, if salary issues where the main factor in his stepping away from daytime, his final tape day, Susan Flannery’s choice to exit, and how he will be written-off the show and much more!   Here are just a  few of the interesting excerpts from the interview below!

Moss on if salary issues and taking a pay cut where part of the issue for his decision to leave B&B:  “Yes, a piece of the whole thing, and it all showed me I need to move forward, not backwards, and I’ve been doing this for 25 years. How many shows — how many jobs — last that long? I felt that I needed to go in this new direction to give myself the chance to do all the creative things that I haven’t had a chance to do in 25 years, because I’ve dedicated so much of my life to this. That’s what I want the fans to hear, how dedicated I am to them. I wouldn’t have done it all this time if I wasn’t dedicated. It’s not just a job! I could do lots of other jobs. I had music, I had lots of other acting things.”

Moss on his last day on the set with long time scene-partner Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke):  “That last day was very strange. It was strange with everybody because most everybody was in, and everybody was trying to hold it together. I was desperately trying to hold it together. We’re all on that stage, and we’re all raw, and we’re all right on that edge of stuff — because of the job we do. Katherine Kelly Lang, most of all, that’s who I was probably most concerned with because she’s the love of my life in more ways that just the show. She’s been with me through thick and thin — we’ve been with each other for so long that that’s the longest-running relationship that I’ve ever had. We literally had to stand in front of each other and just pretend that we weren’t there. We couldn’t look each other in the eye. We were trying to be professional, but it was hard to be professional. She starts rehearsal on the first scene and falls apart. Then I see another girl fall apart. It’s everything we can do to keep it together. It was one of the most emotional days we’ve ever had.”

Moss on if he would be upset if the show decides to recast the role of Ridge:  “I don’t know if I really want to say because it’s not up to me. If it was up to me, I would say, “Let me have that as the legacy. Let me make that 25 years worth what I thought it was.” But it’s out of my hands.”

Moss on if he thinks his send-off with another Brooke/Ridge wedding and then honeymoon is the right ending for him as Ridge:  “It would be nice to have it that way, but it’s executive producer, Brad Bell‘s show, and he can do what he wants.  I wish him luck, and I want all good things to come to everybody who’s there. I want the show to thrive and prosper and go on to new heights. I hope they do. I hope everything works out. But I cannot dictate how things are going to be. I just don’t know. It’s one of those unknown things.”

Moss on Susan Flannery’s (Stephanie) decision to exit B&B as well:    “I had already known that, and the reason that my leaving got broadcast out was because Susan had blurted out on stage that we were both leaving last week. I knew that, and I knew that she was considering doing this. I think she’s doing it sooner than she even was thinking, but I think that says something. I’ll leave it there because I have to. I can’t really comment on that because her path is there now, too.”

What do you think of Ronn’s comments on his decision to exit?  The last day on the set for him and Katherine Kelly Lang? And, how Ridge as of now appears to be written-out of the show?  Weigh-in!

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  1. JW says:

    Sorry he’s leaving but BRING ON J. EDDIE PECK!!


    bc replied

    J. Eddie Peck would actually be a great recast. I used to watch him on Y&R w/ what feels like centuries ago before I quit the daytime soaps. He seems laid back and unemotional enough to be cardboard Ridge and he’s very handsome.


    Iakovos replied

    J EDDIE PECK?!!?? That’s really a good idea! The character Ridge with a new actor could be downplayed, ie not made the lead as with Ronn Moss, but enough to remain integral to story. If Susan Flannery’s Stephanie is written out through death at year’s end, I for one will be upset without a Ridge presence.

    And we do have another Forrester who is handsome and vital on screen… Winsor Harmon’s Thorne is a biological Forrester 100 percent, too. And he is way handsome himself!

    MBmomof3 replied

    Good call! Love J. Eddie Peck.

  2. toscanti says:

    Recast the role


  3. Tom says:

    “…I had lots of other acting things.”

    Um, sure, Ronn. Meanwhile, I think either Michael E. Knight or Vincent Irizarry would be amazing Ridge recasts.


    MBmomof3 replied

    Love them both too! And they can act.


  4. Rodd says:

    So many of his replies are so confusing. Does he even hear himself speak? ~ And I’m not just picking on him. I’ve read a lot of star’s answers in recenet stories that make them sound like they’re stoned out of their minds or doing a very good imitation of a lawyer; double-speak. NOTE TO SOAP STARS ABOUT INTERVIEWS: Please try to sound intelligent when replying to a question. Your fans will thank you.


    ethel replied

    ronn is definitely not stoned out of his mind – all you have to do is read between the lines…………….


  5. Blake says:

    Wow you can really read between the lines in his statements!


  6. bc says:

    Moss is making a mistake if it’s abt salary issues. How many daytime actors can say they have job stability? How many 60 something actors can say they’re still the kinda leading man of their soap? It seems like B&B was not forcing him to leave. Moss should have taken the pay cut. Moss was very lucky to be getting paid especially bec he is quite frankly not the most talented actor. I quit B&B eons ago but it’ll be interesting reading the recaps abt how Ridge exits. This would be really annoying if this is some kind of publicity stunt for Moss and B&B if he were to return immediately after all this media attention.


    kay/kay replied

    I think it was more of this storyline of the teenyboppers more then salary when the Ridge/Taylor/Brooke storyline was front and center their were still other great stories to offset it. And probably a bit of hurt feelings that BBell doesn’t really seem to care about keeping him.


  7. bc says:

    Oddly SF’s announcement that she’s leaving has taken the attention away from Moss leaving B&B because it really is Susan Flannery who has been was carrying that show when I used to watch it. They never use her based on the recaps of B&B episodes w/c probably was a factor when she quit. I think SF’s exit would have the most impact on B&B’s ratings.


  8. Sue Davis says:

    In a nut shell…!!!! I am so worried about losing
    the last two soaps that I watch. Ridge and Stephanie’s
    leaving came as a huge blow!! The show
    will NOT be the same… I started watching B
    B&B when it debuted. They are my family!
    it is like losing or replacing a brother.. I am
    very sad.. I had a love/hate relationship with
    Stephanie. Now that that will be gone my feelings
    about the show are not going to be good..
    I wish they could stay.. =(


    MBmomof3 replied

    As a lifelong OLTL fan, I feel your pain. I really like Susan Flannery, Ronn Moss, not so much. They don’t use Stephanie enough IMO.


  9. kay/kay says:

    Only wish you the best and no their can not be a recast he is Ridge! I have been disgusted and have not really watched for a year, to make Scott Clifton the lead on this show is stupid, read between the lines why play second fiddle to a character that is so shallow I am speaking of Liam, what Brad does not realize is Ridge always waffled between Brooke and Taylor but you always beleived he truly loved them both. We have lost a lot of good characters on this show because of the obsession of the teenybopper triangle. Ronn Moss you deserved better!!


  10. B.J. says:

    Please not Peck! :)

    I’d love to see Vincent on any show, and would definitely start watching B&B again, if they were smart enough to hire him.


  11. Madison says:

    I’m really saddened by the news that Susan Flannery is leaving the show…she is truely a class act — she is a GREAT actress and no one comes close. I love you Susan and enjoy your retirement!!

    Brad Bell is loading up his cast with too many young actors, and although their salaries are no where like the veterans (Susan, John Mc., KKL, etc.) but with so many more actors, money is tighter. So given what’s happened with other soaps — the cost of making these soaps, etc. they have to ask their vets to take salary cuts. And Ronn Moss looks at it very different — he sees his popularity as Ridge’s portrayer, his good looks and time he’s been on the show as his contributions so why should he take a pay cut. (no comment on his acting — except that he’s horrible and I’ve seen very little improvement over the last 25 years and less face it — he has aged — so he can’t bank on his looks anymore like when the soap first started). But truth be told — he is no where the caliber actor as Susan — Brad B. called his bluff.

    Also the comment about Susan “blurting” out the news of his leaving, he sounds pissed off at Susan?! I’m not sure what went down, but once again he’s making it all about him. It makes it sound as if he was forced to come out publically because Susan spoiled it for him. Now come on — no one really believes that, right — stars like Ronn Moss are on their twitter accounts all day long sharing everything — I poop 3 times in one hour, I just had sex on the couch with my significant other, etc. etc.

    I have also read on other sites about how he is so concerned about his fans — the only concern he has is that he wants to make sure they continue to follow him and not B&B. Because than he can take that viewership from B & B and move on to whatever he wants to do next. If B & B really mattered to him, he too would have done a short-term contract like Susan (once again a class act) to allow Brad to figure out what to do with Ridge!!


  12. valesca says:

    i was SO HAPPY that at last Susan Flannery was leaving the show. I think she is THE WORST actress EVER, hated watching her. Now I just read she is back for an undetermined time. I won’t watch the show again until she leaves. Horrible actress!


    Deborah replied

    How nice of you!!. Don’t watch BB anymore.


  13. Betty aldridge says:

    I cant see brooke without ridge I love them oth so much they make the show how sadden I am to see him go I have laughed I have cried while watching the show hope ron moss the best but cant see brooke without you you to are remarkable together and as for steffanie ive called her a few names when she done things I didnt like but when she left brooke alone I started liking the busy body good luck to both of you


  14. BarbHall boo says:

    Ron had no back bone, he should have told Brooke to stop pushing liamand mope hope, no chemistry hope is like a teenager, send her to school Ron hasn’t had a lead story in years unless you count that stupid back and forth with Taylor. I don’t think he will get many job offers at 60 …that wig yuck. Anyway he can stay in his garage and sing like a teeny blooper maybe he can get on one of those 60′s band reunion’s really the writers fault not poor Ron. Time to retire Ron and the
    Hope show…


  15. Pat Rushford says:

    I love every one on B old and Beautiful, I’ve grown older with them just like every one that watches the show. they are part of my family,I want to say I love you 9Stephanie)Susan Flanney and (Ridge)Ronn Moss, I wish you both the best, and you’ll both be missed, but I will always have the memories of you both in my heart take care.
    Love you both (pat


  16. Deborah says:

    I will miss Susan Flannery(Stephanie Forester).She was a very good actress.I have watched BB,about the time,she was on. I will cherish the memories.Good Luck Susan on your retirment.


  17. Sandi says:

    I am extremely disappointed in Susan Flannery leaving the show. As far as I am concerned it is no longer of interest. I will never watch the show after her departure. It is unfortunate, as she so reminded of my late Mom. I could not believe how her movements, and her actions were so much like my Mom. Watching her made it seem as tho my Mom was still around. We lost her in 1991. She was a wonderful mainstay, and I will miss her tremendously. As for Moss exit, it didn’t make much difference to me, as I was growing tired of his character. Thanks for letting me vent!


  18. andrea says:

    Ronn should have been asked to stay through the filming of Stephanie’s funeral. Not believable without him after 25 years of a mother and son’s close relationship. Big mistake, Brad Bell.


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