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16 August 8th, 2013 ROOM 8 The Series Bows With First Two Episodes Starring B&B’s Lawrence Saint-Victor & Karla Mosley!


What happens when two attractive young people – an unemployed business analyst and a budding comic-book artist – unknowingly rent the same apartment, the only one that each can afford? They reluctantly decide to move in together, and that’s when the sparks fly as opposite worlds collide, in Room 8, the new online series debuting today at

Now, The Bold and the Beautiful fans can watch the fictional characters’ work come to life in this first-of-its kind extension for a daytime television soap opera.  As fans know, Lawrence Saint-Victor plays Carter on B&B playing “Lance” on the web series set in on the CBS storyline and Karla Mosley plays Maya on B&B who is playing the role of “Scarlett” in Room 8!

Now, Room 8 follows the comical journey of “Lance Moore” (Lawrence Saint Victor) and “Scarlett Howard” (Karla Mosley) who decide to swallow their pride and make a go of it together in the one and only unit each can afford in the big city.  In Room 8,  “Scarlett,” is a suburban Seattle high-school valedictorian who graduated from Purdue University. “Lance,” is a Brooklyn native who had his pick of playing football for any number of colleges but decided to move to L.A. to pursue his dream of becoming a comic-book artist. Mosley and Saint-Victor, the actors behind Maya/Scarlett and Carter/Lance, wrote and produced all eight episodes.   Rounding out the cast of Room 8 are Sean Whalen as “Randy the Landlord,” Deborah S. Craig as “Missy,” and Ross Kiddor as “Dex.”

Watch the first two episodes of Room 8 after the jump, and let us know what you thought of it?

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  1. Mark Y says:

    So far, Ep1 is way better than The Stafford Project! Really looking forward to Tainted Dreams, though.


    Sandy replied

    I agree with all of what you said.


    celena replied

    I love it to cant wait to see more


  2. John Stevens says:

    I love it! Can’t wait for more episodes….


    Sandy replied



  3. Sandy says:

    Lawrence Saint-Victor was so funny trying to be so macho and funny is what I need right now. Wish the episodes were a little longer though. Hope this mini series get many hits. Good luck Lawrence and Karla.


  4. David says:

    Not bad. It’s nice to see these actors do a little more than they get to do on their regular show. And it’s nice to see them doing comedy. They could lose the laugh track though. It makes it seem like a cheesy 60s sitcom.


  5. ethel says:

    it’s a breath of fresh air & i really like it! can’t wait to see the eppy #3………….


  6. Sandy says:

    I didn’t like the laugh track either.


  7. denise says:

    This is cheesy awful. Brad Bell is not a comedic writer. He would do better to invest in writing compelling drama on the Bold and Beautiful in lieu of this ego trip…


  8. janet says:

    The second one was better than the first. The first one I realize they were trying to set it all up. but. It seemed rushed. All in all I liked it. I liked these two on Guiding light so I did like it. Its a reasonable assumption two people one apartment. It can work. She over acts he is more natural. The laugh track didn’t bother me Maybe because it wasn’t blaring.


  9. bc says:

    Actor that portrays carter is very handsome! All day soaps and night dramas need more leading men of color who are dark skinned and not light skinned.


  10. Ann says:

    I enjoyed the first two episodes and will continue watching.


  11. Granny Giggles says:

    I enjoyed these two episodes and look forward to the 3rd one.

    The first one, although it was setting up the show was a bit rushed… they could have missed each a bit more and got more of their respective stuff in the room before and literally running into each other with the orange juice incident, which was cute.

    The laugh track can be dropped, the show was comedic enough without it, the music is peppy and just right for the show.

    Keep them coming and it will be interesting to see where this lands… will it be getting as ‘sexy’ oriented as the one portrayed on B & B? That could be a bit interesting as well!


  12. Roberta Apple says:

    I loved watching this because I am a die haed Bold and Beautiful fan I love this show cant wait to see more butting room 8 in my favorites so I can watch everytime a new show comes out


  13. Flora says:

    I enjoyed Room 8. I hope there will be more episodes.


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