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10 February 22nd, 2010 Rowell speaks out on latest escapades of Winters clan on Y&R!

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Victoria Rowell (Ex-Dru, Y&R) had some choice words when speaking with TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco in his new Soapgeist column out today.  The former Y&R star addressed the latest developments happening to the Winters clan on the top CBS soap. (See comments below!) In the meantime, Drucilla and Victoria fans are awaiting with anticipation for her first novel, Secrets of a Daytime Diva due out in May!

Rowell on Y&R’s Neil and Ashley’s out-of-the-blue interracial romance: “What is Y&R thinking? A desperate attempt to make music without an orchestra? The thought of Neil and Ashley hooking up brings to mind the unlikely combo of a harpsichord and didgeridoo. [Chemistry] is more than swapping spit, folks. It’s called timing, organic, character-driven storytelling, and tenure. Minimize it all you want, but Genoa City’s black history can’t be erased.”

Rowell on Malcolm recast Darius McCrary: “Why does Y&R continue to undervalue its fan base by recasting Malcolm with the highly questionable Darius McCrary? Although McCrary is a solid actor in his own right, it remains to be seen if the true blue fans will accept him as Malcolm. Talk about poetic licence! I can just hear the notes being tossed about in a writers’ meeting now: ‘We’ll blame the remarkable non-father/daughter resemblance on a recessive gene in the Barber/Winters tribal gene pool.’ Or is it because Y&R couldn’t afford Moore?”

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  1. Elaine says:

    VR seems like she’s full of sour grapes. She left Y&R, she didn’t get fired, she needs to get over it and move on


  2. Judy says:

    Sour Grapes

    Onca again, VR has taken to badmouthing Y&R; my question to her would be, if you think the show is so dang bad, with its writing, pairing, casting & actors with less than top notch abilities, why would you ever want to return to work for such a show?

    I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, as VR has proved my point, yet again: Whatever happened between VR & TPTB, CBS, Sony & the Y&R cast, it’s between them, the viewers don’t care & she’s using her fans to get back on the show, hoping that what she says will get the fans irate enough to overwhelm the show with letters requesting her return or boycott the show on her behalf, how sad is that?

    What is wrong with pairing Neil & Ashley? They’ve been great friends for years, they’ve recently started exploring the possibility of something deeper, which so far has amounted to a couple visits, a date or two, a few kisses & him supporting her, as any good friend would. So far, nothing has happened between the two to warrant such a negative opinion of the pairing. She’d rather us be of the opinion that the only one for Neil is Dru & the only Dru must be played by herself, anything else results in negative response from the fans.

    Can’t afford Shemar Moore? Who says money is even a consideration? SM playing Derrek Morgan on Criminal Minds is a great character on an even greater show, who’s to say he’d even consider leaving that show to return to Y&R & daytime? Maybe, just maybe, he’s happy where he is & wouldn’t consider leaving for any amount of money; maybe he has no desire to return to daytime; maybe in primetime he’s found his niche in life, no one knows for sure except SM & to speculate the money is the reason he’s not returning to Y&R is foolish at best.

    Her comments of DM are horrible, IMO. Who & what gives her the right to be judge & jury about his acting abilities or him being cast as Malcolm? They guy has been on the show for what, a month maybe & in that time we’ve see him in only a few scenes, giving the fans little to base such a decision regarding the actor, yet, she’s somehow seen enough to publicly state that he can’t be the next Malcolm, even tho he’s “a solid actor in his own right”

    This is nothing more than bitterness & sour grapes. Playing on the sympathies of the fans to get their help in getting her back on Y&R; a show she most obviously has very little regard for, let alone its cast. I personally never cared for “Dru” & don’t want her back, just my opinion; but, I sure wouldn’t want her back with VR knowing that during the past year or more, she’s done nothing but badmouth every aspect of the show including the actors, blaming everyone involved for her not being recast. Maybe it’s time she was honest with herself & her fans, looked in the mirror & found the real reason she hasn’t been recast, could it be that her many comments have only proved that she’s not a team player? Would they really want her as part of the show when she has such little respect for every aspect of it?


  3. buckmom says:

    let’s face it–it’s book promo time!!


  4. Doe says:

    While Victoria has some valid observations, it sounds like a lot of sour grapes. Couldn’t she have given one positive comment?……


  5. Jackie says:

    Although a kind word is always a good thing; much of what she says has been said by fans and the common viewer. She speaks her mind ‘nd her heart. She’s just, “keeping it real!”
    I’ll buy the book! ;-) no doubt it is a good read-like her or not!


  6. Patty says:

    I loved “Dru” and VR. I miss her on the show but all the negativity that VR puts out
    I don’t understand why she just doesn’t move on and let that part of her life be over. She has so much talent as an actress and an author but she lets her “Y&R” emotions over shadow her.

    Shemar Moore was willing to come back for a short contract while still doing Criminal minds, but Y&R wanted long term and he wasn’t able. Y&R choose to recast. That’s life on a soap. So many changes going on in the soap world makes one wonder how much longer any of the shows will be on the air in the next five years. It’s been very sad with the loss of many shows the last few years.


  7. Gene says:

    Victoria Rowell is keeping it real and she does not have to be polite about the lack of AA s/ls for the AA actors on the show. Neil and Ashley don’t make sense and Darius is not Malcolm to me. So she has a point and the s/ls is terrible on Y&R.


  8. Dee says:

    Victoria is coming across as a bitter bitch with each new interview she does. Y and R producers will never have her back on the show because of her bitter attitude. I’m really starting to believe the negative rumors about her were true. Victoria has a beautiful daughter, i hope she doesn’t read and notice how bitter and bitchy mommy can come across in interviews. Victoria needs to be a better kinder role model for her daughter. Victoria is a beautiful woman, but her soul seems bitter and needs to release some hostility.


  9. Dee says:

    All soaps seem to force interracial relationships at some point and a large part of the trend is to prove that the soap industry has evolved in regards to race relations. But the truth is diversity on television as a whole needs to be improved. More asian, hispanic, indian, and native indian actors/actresses need to be represented more on all soap operas, night time dramas, comedies and reality shows. Most likely the neil/ashley relationship won’t last long because when ashley finds out the truth about faith she will literally go insane.


  10. angela says:

    Seems like sour garpes to me . Why would you want to be a part of show that you constantly criticize? Certainly not a team player. Maybe she should start her own Soap Opera and cast the type of actors she likes.


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