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10 April 25th, 2012 Ruh Roh! Aaron Lustig Returns to The Young and the Restless and that spells trouble for Phyllis!


A blast from the past is returning to daytime and this good be juicy!  Aaron Lustig who played sad-sack psychiatrist Dr. Tim Reid is  taping new episodes at Y&R starting today!

Lustig won a Daytime Emmy nomination for his comedic, yet evil turn back in the 90′s!  So why bring Dr. Tim back to the fold?  As previously reported, Y&R will reopen that cold-case plot where Phyllis tried to run down, Cricket (Lauralee Bell) but now according to TV Guide, Ricky (Peter Porte) will seek out Dr. Reid during his investigation of Phyllis’ twisted history in Genoa City.   This clearly spells t-r-0-u-b-l-e for Phyllis and gives some meaty story to Daytime Emmy winner, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis).

TV Guide also reveals and sets-up, “Lustig will re-emerge on air  on May 30.  So far, his run is for six episodes.  Lustig became quite a fan fave when Dr. Tim served as a court-appointed marriage counselor to nutjob Phyllis Summers and ended up in the sack with her. Phyllis made a secret videotape of their sex session, natch, and blackmailed the doc into testifying on her behalf in court. He did, but then later ‘fessed up to what he’d done and lost his career.”

So are you excited to see Aaron and Michelle lock horns as Dr. Tim and Phyllis?  Let us know!

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  1. Derrick says:

    Looking forward to this!!!!


  2. LisaZee says:

    Yes! Phyllis thinks she is so high above everyone else, but she does the same as some and worse. Like saying Daisy ripped Lucy away from her home. She did the same. It would have been better if she had left Victoria & Billy keep her but no, it was all about Phyllis and what she wanted. I hope Ricky nails her to the wall. That is all he is good for because he is a creep otherwise.


  3. kay killgore says:

    This was when Y&R was good he was brillant with her before they turned the character into a self-rightous pity party gal!


  4. kalamaty says:

    I’m so excited for Phyllis’s past deeds to resurface! The flashbacks alone are going to be worth their weight in daytime gold!! Stafford was bat shit off her rocker crazy back then and it was so entertaining to watchI can’t wait to see it all unfold! Great story idea, MAB and crew!!


  5. Christine says:

    I didn’t watch Y&R when Phyllis debuted so I never saw this storyline.

    However, ANYTHING, and I mean, ANYTHING to knock Phyllis down a peg will do just fine for me. I normally do not complain about storyline, but her scenes on Tuesday with Avery made me sick. She did the same thing to Billy and Victoria, but she seems to forget that. It’s just disgusting. I do not care what her motives are. I do not believe it was because she really wanted Daniel to be a father to Lucy. I think she just wanted to be a mother to Lucy to make up for not being able to raise Daniel. Yuck. So sick of her holier-than-thou.

    And now I hear she may “think” she is pregnant. I hope it is just menopause. All she needs is another child.

    I don’t care for Ricky, but I really hope his book exposes her for who she really is.


  6. Michael says:

    I was so hoping that they’d bring Aaron Lustig back as Dr. Tim Reid. It’s about time! Phyllis needs to pay the piper!


  7. Rob says:

    Id love to see someone wipe that smug smirk off Phyllis’ face, but i gave up on this crapfest a couple of months ago.


  8. Robin says:

    So excited for this!! When I heard they were revisiting this storyline, my first thought was of Aaron Lustig!! Having him back was the only way to do this storyline properly!!


  9. kalamaty says:

    Super excited for this; not for Phyllis to get her “comeuppance” as many others have suggested, but just to see what La Stafford can do with this really meaty material….. she is going to win the Emmy…. .she proves she’s a top performer at Y&R in every scene she’s in. Ever since her first stint on the show, she proved to the powers that be that she was a presence – indeed, a force – to be reckoned with. She never disappoints; pure genius!


  10. Bart says:

    Sorry, not excited in the least – given Maria Arena Bell’s track record of going back into the show’s rich history and using retroactive continuity (retcon) to create new stories, she is batting ZERO!!

    For example, the “Cane/Phillip Chancellor III” story was a complete bust!! What could have been a gripping and emotional story for all involved turned out to be a snoozefest for all involved – what a waste!!

    This will be another go-nowhere story thanks to the current writing regime – *YAWN*!!


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