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7 November 16th, 2016 Rumer Willis Joins The Cast Of EMPIRE!

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Fox’s Empire has added Demi Moore (Ex-Jackie Templeton, GH) and Bruce Willis’ daughter, Rumer Willis, to the cast in a recurring role in season three! Willis, who recently appeaed on Dancing with the Stars is set to play the character of Tory Ash.

According to Deadline, Tory is said to be a brilliant but volatile singer/songwriter whose talent becomes invaluable to Jamal (Jussie Smollett) as he creates his most important musical work yet. Her own attempt to make a crossover comeback and her unwillingness to shy away from controversy will have ripple effects throughout Empire.

Rumer joins the list of guest stars for the current season of the hip hop sudser which include: Mariah Carey, Taye Diggs, Birdman and French Montana.

No word yet as to Willis’ first airdate on Empire, but one would expect her to appear after the midseason finale.

So, what do you think of Rumer joining Empire? Comment below!

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  1. Soapluv2010 says:

    Rumer impressed me with her strong work ethic and talent on DWTS and on Broadway. I look forward to seeing her on Empire.


  2. davlestev1 says:

    I like her as well as mamie marmorstein or whatever Meryl Streeps daughter name is she’s good too


  3. Rebecca1 says:

    So I think the powers that be should knock off the anti Semitic digs. We have the Jewish consultant who says to him, when he disagrees with her opinion…”I thought ‘you people’ we’re good at business.” In episode six we’re introduced to a geeking guy with a Jewish last name who’s supposed to be a computer genius. Lucious: (referring to the character’s last name…”Is that Bissowitz or Piiowitz?” At the board meeting regarding an email scandal…Andre to board member…”how ’bout I tell about the member who paid for sex…” Lucious: “You mean Papa Bernstein?”

    Love the double standard. Cut it out!


    Rebecca1 replied

    Correction: Becky says to the new Jewish consultant…”I thought you people were good at business.”

    Geeky not geeking

    “Bissowitz or Pissowitz?”


    davlestev1 replied

    You gotta consider the voices heard part of Lee Daniels…have you seen old Loony Tune cartoons from back in the day? Hollywood didn’t even bother to mask it’s bigotry. In one cartoon the train or bus stops in lazy town and every character is coal black with big red lips..bones in the nose and saying things like i’ll buss yo haid…it’s more i think a here’s what we feel like when we see and hear what others fail to..jmo

    Rebecca1 replied

    Hi davlestev1…

    Yes, we’re all aware of racism that went on back in the day and how black people were portrayed. As we can see from the Trump campaign thru today, hate is very much alive and well. Hate toward Jews never went away…maybe just got buried a tiny bit. There’s a lot of anti semitism sprouting up. Jewish students are getting beaten up on college campuses around the nation because of opposing views on Israel.

    I particularly resent anti semitism from the black community and I think there needs to be some education about the Jewish culture and how they stood up for black rights. About..3/4 of whites who marched for civil rights were Jewish. It were Jewish boys who were killed while doing so. Jews also were instrumental in founding the NAACP.

    There is a lot of anti Semitic comments that have been spoken by black leaders and celebrities…from Al Shsrpton, Jesse Jackson, Farrakhan to Spike Lee, rappers, Whitney Houston, etc.

    Jewish people make up quite a bit of supporters for BLM. Meantime, BLM’s founders are anti Semites who are against Jews and Israel.

    I’m sick of the double standard and I think in this day and age to make such sickening references is disgusting. The show features black people and gay people, two groups who have had to fight discrimination. To perpetuate and insult Jewish people is the epitome of hypocrisy and bigotry. No excuse…

  4. Linda G says:

    Have stopped watching Empire because of Willis and Demi Moore. Demi as a nurse/therapist etc. PLEASE? Don’t like either one of them. Don’t insult my intelligence. more was never a good actress.


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