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15 March 18th, 2011 UPDATE! Bob Guza NOT out as head writer at GH!

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This morning Soap Opera Digest broke the news that General Hosptial’s head scribe Bob Guza was on his way out at the number one ABC sudser, but now comes word from SOD that according to a GH spokesperson, Guza is NOT out and leaving the show.  ABC Soaps In Depth also learned through mutliple sources that Guza is not exiting the series. 

Many fans have been unhappy with the writing of General Hospital in recent years. So, could the powers-that-be been considering pulling the plug on Guza and starting fresh with a new leader?  We will keep you posted on this developing story.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Well, after this tragic and senseless story that is playing out right now with Jason and Elizabeth’s son, Jake, I won’t be shedding a tear with this GH decision.


  2. Saher M says:

    Let’s hope it’s true.


  3. LINDA says:

    I hope this is true because it would be one down and two to go!! I believe that Guza was forced to do some things because of Mr. Frons. Instead of stories flowing like they should, he was forced to write for characters that most of the viewers would rather not watch. Look at the ratings for the last couple of years. People left because of what I believe to be agenda dictated stories. Until agenda is forbidden at GH, it won’t matter whom is writing the stories.


  4. April says:

    I don’t for one second believe it was Guza with this Jake storyline. AMC sucks majorly, OLTL’s the only good one. Guza only affects GH. What the network SHOULD do is fire Frons.


  5. Susan says:

    My problem with Guza is he seems to have forgotten the issues of continuity and consistancy between character’s history and storyline. Right now., the characters and storylines are messed up and inconsistant. If the storylines are more consistant and complete, long time viewers may return.


  6. Barbara Cramer says:

    I find it interesting that GH promotes its gotta watch moments, but then the actual script is so awful. Yesterday’s episode was nothing more than lead ins to moments that were not even filmed and we got told about later. And today, while I was involved with what was happening, I felt like the writer’s completely dropped the ball on what are gut wrenching storylines. I am super grateful that GH has such an extraordinary cast. For God’s sake! Use this magnificent cast and let everyone know that daytime serials are not dead.


  7. kay killgore says:

    Ok, now comes word Carly wants Sam to give Jason a son! Who did not see this one coming? So we have criminals having a baby, if you are not in Jason & Sonnys world you do not matter to this writing staff, after the scenes of Jakes death next week I will permantly dropped it from my DVR. Trying to force a pairing like Jason and Sam on us is too much why kill a child to do it. Liz an Jason had not shared a scene in how long?


  8. mike says:

    Guza should have been gone long ago. The “Jake” story is the last straw for me, I can no longer watch this mess.


  9. Laura says:

    Killing off another Quartermaine and the potential for great storytelling for years ahead was very short sighted by the writers and PTB. In a year or so, Jake could have been aged enough to be a handful for Jason/Lucky and Liz and bound the Spencers, Webers and Quartermaines. The appeal of soaps is the families. GH has always had a mob or spy story, that makes it exciting. I’ve been a faithful viewer since day one. Killing off Jake has killed off my desire to continue to watch. Out of the blue Josyln has kidney cancer? Forget about it.


  10. Brooke says:

    I would rather see Frons gone than Guza.


  11. laila says:

    well if guza is not out then plz do somethng about the writing he is killing everyone off little by little and i can ttake it anymore i have been watching since 1982 and in all my years i have never seen GH so bad omg omg some plz do something


  12. Saher M says:

    Please get him out of GH. He has to go!!


  13. kay killgore says:

    I shed tears today 3/21/11 tears of DISGUST! Tracy don’t tell Edward, Carly stalking and as usual demanding a kidney for her suddenly ill kid. Get rid of thiis poor excuse of a writer!


  14. j.j. says:

    So, I started watching GH again 2 years ago, after dropping it when they started putting Jason and Elizabeth together. I could not stand those two! I have been really enjoying it. I can’t wait everyday to go home get my stuff done so I can climb in bed and watch GH!! I like the pace and although some of the storylines seem to be a retool of older plots I’m still really enjoying it! I can’t be the only one!!


  15. JB says:



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