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18 March 20th, 2015 Ryan Caltagirone To Debut As Winston Mobley On The Young and the Restless!


Watch out Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John)!  Look for prosecutor Winston Mobley to make life difficult for him, now that Christine (Lauralee Bell) wants justice after losing her baby! Thanks to a horrific turn of events that saw Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) behind the wheel of a car and Neil grabbing the steering wheel from her, Christine was in the way and got hit!

Th character of Winston debuts next on The Young and the Restless on the Tuesday March 24th  episode, and the character will be played by actor Ryan Caltagirone, and Mr. Mobley  is said to be quite the ambitious one!

According to Soap Opera Digest latest issue on newsstands now, Y&R EP and head writer Chuck Pratt said of Winston and the case against Neil: “Winning this, putting Neil away, will add another feather in his cap.  He is confident and focused, and as a result is Neil’s worst enemy.”

Enter Hilary (Mishael Morgan)! After all the damage she has done to Neil and destroyed his life, she is about to use her feminine wiles to entice Winston to have her,  instead of damaging Neil’s life for good!  Mishael Morgan related to SOD: “She will go to any lengths to get what she wants – and that includes Neil’s freedom”

So, looking forward to seeing Ryan Caltagirone’s Y&R debut? What do you think of the story set-up? Will Winston be able to put Neil behind bars for good?  Will Hilaryhave sex with the guy?

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    From the picture he looks like he couldve played a relative to Days Chad Dimera!!!


    Lew S replied

    Funny, I thought the same thing!


    Ricky replied

    That’s exactly what I thought as well!

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Well, great minds do think alike!!!

    Chrystie Delancey replied

    I actually thought that was Billy Flynn until I read the headline.


    Tommy replied

    I dont like anything right now . The story about Austins killing is so boring. I hate Adam doesnt have Sharon on his mind because he loved her so much. Adam is acting so dumb. Adam used to care about getting Victor back . I thought Adam was a man I guess not anymore. This stuff about Sharon now being Austins killer is absolutely ludicrous. I think Sharon had more important things on her mind then Austin and she was with her daughter all night when he was killed. Time this show STOPS blaming Sharon for everything please!


    Chris F, replied

    he can setuce me any time……i ran over Christine……..i ran over delia……i killed Diane……i killed Skye…….I killed Terrible Tom,,,,,,,I killed Joln Abbott……PLESE SIR………PUNISH ME


    Ella Brown replied

    I just want Sharon back together with Adam. I dont like her with Dylan and Nick is a cheating pig. He doesn’t deserve custody of Faith or Sharons love


    k/kay replied

    I quit watching three weeks ago after hanging in there for years I said “Enough” watching characters not even act like themselves and recasts of Billy and Adam that are just not cutting it and knowing Nick is chasing after another skirt I said what the heck. Bottom line nobody is going to lose their job if I quit watching so I feel no guilt!

  2. Marie says:

    Well Hilary did come on the show and use Mason to help her ,she did use sex to catch Mason, Neil and Devon,so being on her back is nothing new for her :)


  3. Janet says:

    I truly hope Hillary will not try to seduce him, but who knows, sometime I think all the writers think about is sex! I am glad to hear two lawyers are coming to Genoa City!


  4. Chrystie Delancey says:

    “Winston Mobley.” Boy that is a weird character name if I ever heard one.


  5. Timmm says:

    Never heard of him. Good luck. I dont know why Y&R cannot cast someone with soap experience. There are a lot of actors available from cancelled soaps.


    su0000 replied

    Soap actors probably don’t want to be with Y&R with all the behind scene backstabbing and stuff.. lol

    I like this Winston guy..
    Finally I will have someone different, a total new guy to look at!!
    so sick of having the Newmans and Abbotts, their horde of kids on my screen every day for years and years and years the same characters blahh..
    I knew Pratt would bring big changes and its just begun! ;)

    If all goes well he will kill off Sharon!!!


    Timmm replied

    Leave my Sharon out of this!

  6. Monie says:

    I he is as smart as this reports he won’t fall for a slut like Hilary!! Neil needs to take a long hiatus from the show he has just become boring to me in the last year.


    Debra replied

    Me to


    lynn replied

    25 yea rs I have been watching young & the restless and it’s getting more and more not exciting please get on with the Austin thing and stop trying to make everybody I suspect.the so-called killer going to be somebody that is not important to the show. Victor mystery person is going to be not important also.

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