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25 March 24th, 2018 Ryan Paevey Releases Video “Thank You” To GH Fans And Reveals His Next Project!


This week, General Hospital fans who have missed Ryan Paevey, since Nathan West’s heartbreaking death on the ABC daytime drama series, received a video message from Ryan himself.

Posted on his website,, the actor said, “I wanted to say thank you for your kind words, for your support, for everything. From my first day on the show to my last day on the show.  I really needed some support, and it meant a lot to me at a time where I was really just trying to figure out what I was doing in front of my feet.”

Pevey goes to relay that he will send a more “tangible” ‘thank you’ soon, and that GH was his start and a great place to call home for four years.

Paevey then announced he is now in Canada shooting the Hallmark movie, Marrying Mr. Darcy.

Watch Ryan’s video message after the jump.  Then let us know if you will be following the progression of Ryan’s career from his start on the soaps via the comment section below.

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  1. Karen Clark says:

    I really liked Meeting Mr Darcy last month and can’t wait for the wedding. Hope we get to see those cute little puppies all grown up. You really are missed in Port Charles. Wishing you much success.


  2. su0000 says:

    Ryan/Nathan was an OK guy..
    I liked him, still do..


  3. Janice says:

    Hi Ryan, I wish you much success you are a rare bread these day, your are talented, hamdsome and most of all a true gentlemen. Thank you for your smile and real personality.


    Patrick replied

    ^^^ what a NICE post. wholeheartedly agree. outside of his physicality. in 4 years WORTH. we go to see him become even more.

    I oft feel he should trust in himself more. he’s got it. He is more fun to watch @GH than a good majority.

    I like your post about “thank you for your smile…” it’s almost like he genuinely smiles and you see a breakthrough ” do not hesitate just go for it.

    @GH will regret killing him off. ugh! if you think Peter August , his brother, is going to make it any different … think again



    su0000 replied

    This time the killoff of Nathan was the real deal..
    A body, a funeral, and it would be very hard to bring back Nathan, unlike the no body kill-offs..

    No rerun with Nathan ..

    Patrick replied

    I say as much ^^^ because from day 1 I pulled for him to succeed. no matter how oft it was said his start out of the gate was wooden.

    the progression… happened. no matter how much we wanted to see the rest of the cast. when the writers did feature , outside of Sonny and Carly

    it kinda makes you pull for and enjoy the cast that much more.

  4. Rachel says:

    Just an FYI that’s not Ryan’s personal website.. it’s run by a fan…@yasmin86. Ryan was just awesome enough to send it to her because all she has done promoting all his projects. Just shows how much he cares about his fans


  5. Kevin C says:

    Hey Ryan, THANK YOU for the message and I miss you on GH but wishing you nothing but the best in your future…BTW, looking forward to seeing you in other material…GOD BLESS you Ryan and stay safe and well…


  6. sharon says:

    LOVE, LOVE Mr. Paevey. gh , great miss him there, 1st Mr. Darcy. can’t wait for 2nd Mr. Darcy. Locked in showed a different side of Ryan. LOVE harvest love. now for a Christmas hallmark movie, or a SERIES would be great. Hope to see him on arrow, ncis. law and order, Chicago one (fire/pd or med), Lethal weapon, timeless, just to name a few. Since in Canada, and some shows tape in Vancouver, he could be there awhile. And let’s not forget he makes jewelry in his spare time!! THIS MAN ROCKS!!


  7. rose says:

    I will probably be following Ryan because I also enjoyed “Meeting Mr Darcy.” And others on the Hallmark Channel when I want a lighter/feelgood story. I especially like “Good Witch” on Hallmark. But start from the beginning.


  8. Donna Dykema says:

    Luv ya! Best of luck!! We

    Luv ya! Will be following your career! BEST OF LUCK RYAN!


  9. Lisa says:

    Sigh…..such a lovely,lovely man !
    Wishing you much success Mr. Paevey !


  10. Joaquina says:

    I wish you nothing but success in all you do. I’ve seen you in movies already and you are amazing. I will continue to follow you and your career..

    Best of Luck Ryan…



  11. Becky Franklin says:

    Love this guy and will follow him throughout. We thank you!


  12. rebecca1 says:

    No longer a fan. Saw the way he behaved on Twitter to one user and it turned me off. I don’t post on Twitter but I sporadically click on an actor’s page…Billy Flynn from DOOL has quite the “active” profile. Very politically charged but makes for interesting reading!

    Anyway, I think it was the day of “Nathan’s” funeral (which really got to me; so well done and so sad) and I checked out his page to “commune” LOL, with fellow “grief-stricken” fans but Ryan was selling his jewelry line. Some “tweeter” suggested very nicely that he/she/fans really admired his work, so much so, that many fans might find it difficult to go from losing the character to seeing him talking about his jewelry line (It IS nice; must admit) to them the same day and maybe they’d rather talk about that since “it” just happened.

    Bam! No response; he just blocked the person. (I learned after reading other tweets that he’d discussed his character’s death a few days before but still, I thought is reaction extreme and rude.) Turned me off so…great looking guy but not impressed with his inability to express himself when he’s obviously pissed. Billy Flynn on the other hand…too funny! He does nothing BUT express himself and let’s people go at it..even if it’s at him.


    Soaphound replied

    Well, rebecca1, I never really liked or disliked him. I tend to wish (most) daytime actors well mainly because they’re so underrated. And…this Chase guy is more my type. He has a kind of sweetness in between those astonishing good looks, and he’s already learning some acting tricks that I like. So, I’m more than thankful in that way that Ryan left. We owe him one!


    rebecca1 replied

    Hey, Soaphound…

    I’m lovin” “Chase!” First, I think he’s spectacular looking; he’s a combination of cute/good-looking/sexy. All three. And he can ACT! Just very natural and I think he’s the most realistic cop GH has ever had. Don’t get me wrong; I loved/love Mac, Anna, Dante. But there’s something about this actor playing a cop that’s very real. His expression, demeanor…something. Anyway, major crush. (LOL; thankfully crushes don’t dwindle with age. Nutthin’ like a good crush to defy the passage of time! ;)

    As for Ryan, showed his true colors. I’m not a fan of any actor peddling his/her wares or asking for money to fund one of their projects. I think it’s the ultimate in taking advantage of fan loyalty. I’m quite sure many of these actors make a heck of a lot more money than their “devotees.” But this guy just shut down someone who wasn’t even rude! He/she actually complimented him by saying fans were devastated and “grieving” Nathan’s death (something like that) so maybe the timing to sell his stuff was “off”…again…not verbatim but that he/she’s hoped he’d be addressing the death (day of “funeral” I believe.) I agreed with the tweeter but didn’t step into the fray. Just got turned off/tuned out. Really, he could have just thanked the fan for being so affected by his character’s death; by his portrayal. Anyway, he just shut the person down. And of course his devoted fans defended him. So silly. And egotistical.

    That’s why many times I’d rather not know a character’s portrayer. Same thing with Hollywood; doncha think? We LOVE an actor and then don’t like his/her political views or they come off as ridiculous in other ways and it just breaks that fourth wall when we go back and watch them on screen. I guess that’s where the power of imagination and the ability to suspend disbelief kicks in and we block out the “real” person behind the character we love.

    Ahhhh…the psychologoy of it all! ;) Now let’s get back to Chase! ;)

    Soaphound replied

    Oh rebecca1, I should have known you’d be my fan ally over Josh Swickard (Chase). What is it about this guy…the smile, the soulful eyes, that spectacular wave in his hair… He’s the whole package for me. I hope he gets good scene partners (God please, not Lulu) and a decent first story. I never warmed to Nathan or Dante (or Sonny, Patrick, Peter/Heinrich, Michael, Jason) but I really like this guy. I don’t see why they’re already hiding that beautiful face with a beard (just like Drew). They’re ACTORS for goodness sake…Let’s See their faces! Thanks, rebecca1. Hey, are you watching Connie Britton on “9-1-1″? It’s on leave right now, but she’s really good in it. Still miss Rayna, though.


    rebecca1 replied

    Hey Soaphound…

    I hope Monsieur Chase is on for the long run. First, we have to get to the story behind him and Finn. They must have made them brothers for a reason; wonder what the deal with that is.

    Have to admit Sonny was gorgeous back in the day (have you seen him from decades ago? I loved Patrick, I DO think Jason is quite the looker and I really like Peter! I probably mentioned this and you probably know it but he’s Laura Wright’s guy in real life. His pics..with longer, sort of wavy harir and casual clothes…I think he’s great looking. Michael? Objectively I think Chad Duell is a great looking guy, too. I look at it this way…if I passed him on the street would I do a double take? LOL…answer is yes. I just think he was saddled with such a non-sexual role that he doesn’t come across as a hot dude. It’s like he’s always “good” Michael; Sonny and Carly’s little boy. They seem to be giving him more backbone these days but they’ve really have to cut him loose from Carly; she detracts from my seeing him as a man. (In reality, he’s dating the very cool, beautiful Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra from B&B) and when I visualize them together just out and about I see “Chad”; not Michael. Whew! Some explanation, huh?

    YES!!!! I LOVE 9-1-1! I hate to break this to you but…Connie’s leaving THAT show, too!!!! Apparently she doesn’t want to be a regular (which is why I guess they had her go off to Ireland) so in an attempt to keep her own I think she’ll either come back eventually or make “visits.” So, expect a new 9-1-1 operator. Also, I wasn’t surprised by the date at the end; were you? As soon as Bobby (Peter Krause) said he had a date I knew it’d be Angela Bassett. I guess “Stella’s” getting her groove back again! ;)

  13. Patrick says:

    that pic ^^^ the resemblance with him and Britta. STRIKING.

    shucks gosh darned it all. when you have that familial intrigue w/

    Dr. Leisl / Nina / Ryan / Brita THIS IS WHAT WE YEARN FOR. plus Maxie and his child on the way.


    at least a real family on which to draw from. so much potential. it was all their

    just had to let you know , how much , you added to


  14. Blanche Ester Klein says:

    Hello Ryan! This is blanche from Toronto Ontario Canada. I really enjoyed seeing you on GH and do miss you very much as one of your many fans. Where is Canada are you shooting. Good luck on all your future projects in this new journey you have embarked on. Will it be part of the hallmark channel


  15. Jeannie says:

    Hi Ryan

    I’ve been a Nathan and Naxie fan since you showed up at Maxie’s door, four years ago. Loved watching you grow as an actor – and your storylines with that incredibly talented cast. Your funeral was beautifully done and had me crying for days – lol. But am looking forward to seeing you more on the small screen – and maybe the big screen someday as well.

    I bought a necklace and picture from your website – and they are both wonderfully beautiful and unique. Can’t wait to see you in the next Mr. Darcy movie – and as a proud Canadian – very excited that you will be here – and very curious where you are shooting.

    Hugs and Love from Canada



  16. Trish says:

    Ryan, wishing you only the best! Glad we get to see you as Mr Darcy again, but we miss you so much on GH that we could just cry. You will not be forgotten, and success is our dream for you, but we love Nathan and if we could have our way, he’d be back on GH everyday. With much Love, Trish


  17. Elaine Harrison says:

    Thank you, I loved your character on GH, I saw the Mr. Darcy movie twice and waiting patiently for the next. Can’t wait and Hope you make many more movies….of course it would be great if you could be seen everyday but you have to do what makes you happy.


  18. Mary Ann C. Burch says:

    I can’t wait for the movie “Marrying Mr Darcy”. I know you will succeed in whatever you do. As I said before; we have a new Clark Gable.


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