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20 September 3rd, 2015 Sal Stowers To Make Her Days of our Lives Debut On September 25th!


Lani is coming to Salem!  But who is she? What will she be all about?

That’s what viewers will begin to find out when former All My Children actress and top model Sal Stowers (Ex-Cassandra) makes her debut in the new role.

The actress tweeted a photo of herself at the Days of our Lives offices blowing a kiss and saying: “Countdown to #Lani !!!! September 25 is the day!!!!  #Days50 @nbcdays” 

When fans on Twitter inquired if the story she is featured in will be exciting Stowers  responded:  “Oh yes, so good!”

So any thoughts on if Lani will be good or bad when she arrives in Salem? Watching the DAYS 50 storylines begin to play out, how do you think she will fit in? Comment below!


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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    It is rumored that she will be trouble as the daughter of Tony Dimera…ok, im starting that rumor just now myself…lol


    su0000 replied

    hi Jimh..
    How many new actors have been added to the DOOL cast during past year???


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Im not sure…but they just killed off one of them…Serena!!!

    4ever DAYS replied

    I’m hoping she comes to Salem and is a police officer. She befriends Abe. She has a hidden agenda. She thinks she’s Abe’s daughter because her mother (Valerie Grant) dated Abe. In the end she realizes Abe and Valerie ended their dating way before she was conceived, so Valerie confesses that David Banning (Julie’s son) is the new beauty’s father!


    Gmbenet replied

    I like your idea of who Lani is. The idea of Julie having a granddaughter is a hoot! I would enjoy that very much because Julie is a card! Kudos to Susan Seaforth Hayes!

    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Hey, sounds like something i wouldve written…lol…and i hope you are right…another Horton in Salem???

  2. Llanviewer717 says:

    I enjoyed her work on AMC. Welcome aboard Sal.


  3. Ray says:

    Could she be Maxine’s daughter?


    Patrick replied


    I forgot all about her.. amidst all the hoopla

    not any less… as I thought: she was hot… on AMC


  4. richard says:

    Jimh, I see you often on here, and I hope you are right!!!! The DiMera’s need some replenishing. Where the hell is Peter Blake??? I was thinking she could be Lexi’s half sister, or a lost daughter of Abe’s!!! With all the returning and new talent, I hope DAYS writes for everyone!!! She was a awesome actress on the AMC reboot!!!!


    Patrick replied

    wow! great idea… as in Lexie’ 1/2 sister… especially if her mother is Celeste!

    bring that tarot hot tamale sexy vixen HOME


  5. Jimmy says:

    Newbies on DAYS generally tend not to do so well, but hopefully Lani’s storyline is interesting and they keep Sal Stowers around, because she was great on AMC and DAYS needs more diversity in its cast.

    My hope is that she is a relative of Abe’s because they really need to give him more story, and beef up his family. Since Lexie died, he hasn’t had much going on. Now with Theo being SORAS’d, and hopefully with the addition of Lani, he will have more story.


  6. Chaz says:

    Another Stefano offspring? (Lani/Lexi)


  7. SZima says:

    Remind me…who was Casandra again?
    And why do we care that she’s coming to Days?
    With all the former stars coming back, why is this news important?

    Just wondering…


    davidevansmith replied

    Cassandra Foster was the adopted daughter of Angie Hubbard Foster (Debbi Morgan) and Jacob Foster (Darnell Williams playing a Jesse Hubbard lookalike) from the final episode of THE CITY (March 28, 1997), when they found a baby abandoned in a dumpster under a sign that read “Cassandra Deliveries” (from what I recall).

    Cassandra débuted as a teen on ALL MY CHILDREN (played by Yaya DaCosta) who was still getting used to Jesse’s return from the dead (Jacob was explained as living in Europe after his marriage to Angie fell apart off-screen after THE CITY ended). Cassandra mixed it up with Colby Chandler, Pete Cortlandt, and Dre Woods during summer 2008, I believe dealing with Richie Novak’s murder (killed by his sister Annie, but I think his abandoned body on the road was run over by the teens in their car, leading them to think they had killed him), before Cassandra left town.

    When AMC rebooted on HULU in 2013, Cassandra was brought back (this time played by Sal Stowers) and was central to Angie/Jesse’s storyline when Cassandra was kidnapped by human sex traffickers and tortured. Stowers received rave reviews from critics and fans. While I felt she delivered emotional performances, I felt the hype was a little overblown, as she basically cried for months, but I didn’t quite connect with the character’s pain. Cassandra was eventually rescued, near the end of the season/series, and was starting the road to recovery while slowly reconnecting with Colby and Pete (played by Robert Scott Wilson, now portraying Ben on DAYS).


    Tom Jenkins replied

    Boy I have to give you credit for remembering all of that – I watched AMC for years and even watched the ill-fated Re-boot online version and enjoyed Sal Stowers as Cassandra. But even I, a long-time fan of the show, can’t recall all these details – yes many of these actors from AMC and OLTL are showing up on Days of our Lives.

    SZima replied

    Thanks davidevansmith! I admit I pretty much FF’d most of that girl’s scenes! Didn’t care for the character OR the storyline.
    Meh to her coming to DOOL, but maybe with a different character, she’ll do OK.

  8. elm51 says:

    i know she was awesome on the online version of amc – so i am expecting the same on dool


  9. penny says:

    Gpod or bad, she’s alright alright.


  10. Paul says:

    With all these new characters coming and all the old vets returning, it makes you wonder where the money is coming from? Will every scene soon take place in the Horton Square or the lone booth at the Brady Pub so they can save money on set design?

    I can easily see Days making the same mistake that GH did. They brought back a ton of vets and added a slew of new characters and then didn’t have enough time to air them.


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