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4 November 22nd, 2010 Salem stars chat at DAYS 45 book signing L.A. – Photo Gallery!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Some of your favorite residents of Salem turned up over the weekend at The Grove, in West Hollywood, California for the first, Days of our Lives 45 Years: A Celebration in Photos in store book signings at Barnes and Noble. DAYS is bringing stars and book signings around the country over the next month with visits to Barnes and Noble‘s in Detroit, New York, and Miami as the next stops! 

On-Air On-Soaps was in attendance and caught up with James Scott, Shawn Christian, Melissa Reeves, Jay Johnson, Kristian Alfonso, and co-authors of the DAYS 45 book, DAYS exec, Greg Meng, and Eddie Campbell.  Also, former DAYS scribe, Sheri Anderson was on hand to sign copies of her new novel, A Secret in Salem.

The big buzz of the evening was Jay Johnson’s new hair cut! He cut his long locks short and all of his castmates gave him a thumbs up.  But, Johnson said, “Yup, it finally happened.  It’s been kind of getting mixed reviews, but I think once the fans see it, they are going to like it.”  

Melissa Reeves revealed to On-Air On-Soaps that her new story with Dr. Ben, Ty Treadway is about to take a turn! “It’s good stuff.  There is a crazy twist coming.  When I found out, I went “Whoa”.  It’s really dark and it’s the last thing you would ever think!” 

Kristian Alfonso was happy to be part of the Barnes & Noble signing in which she as Hope is featured on the cover, and the final shot in the entire book. “Every time I hear 45 years and that we have picked up for two more years, I get chills.  It’s absolutely phenomenal that this legacy continues and it’s consistently reinventing itself and stepping outside the box.  I, for one, have never, ever repeated a storyline.  I think that has something to say about our writers and our producers.  When I am asked, which is my favorite storyline? I always have to say everyone one of them, because something different and unpredictable happens in every one of them. I thought it was very cool to have the final image in this new collection of moments from the show, and it’s not just a photo album, but a piece of art.  I thought it was so clever and the art direction, and the pictures chosen were beautiful and each one tells a story.”   Alfonso then went on to say how much she is actually enjoying wearing prison orange these days during Hope’s prison time, and previews a bit about the story! “Prison is going to get tougher, tougher, and tougher for Hope.  But, I hear the prison orange brings out the green in my eyes though. (Laughs)  I am getting used to it now. I was fighting it at first, but no make-up or a little make-up, I’m Ok with it.  I just miss my earrings!”

James Scott who of course was besieged by admiring fans, and especially, the ladies, told On-Air On-Soaps about his fan interactions, “Well, there are a lot of hugs and kisses, and little bit of tongue, but not too much.” (Laughs)

A fun shocker of the evening was when Drake Hogestyn surprised the cast and attendees with an appearance accompanied by his wife, Victoria, and their two daughters.   While everyone was thrilled to see the former, John Black, there was one very special moment.  The man, who at one time played a very young and little, Shawn Douglas Brady, Collin O’Donnell, was at the book signing just seeing a few of his former co-stars.  When Drake showed up, Collin and Drake shared a very sentimental reunion.

To view our photo gallery of the Barnes and Noble premiere Days of our Lives: A Celebration in Photos book signing event, check it out below!

Photo credit: JPI Studios

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  1. annie says:

    thanks for bringing us this article and pictures. always look forward to your columns. the book is great, love all the pictures. so great to see Drake there,miss him on the show. Jay’s haircut really cast on tv,


  2. Cory says:

    Mr. Fairman
    I love how you seem so comfortable with the handsome James Scott.
    Thanks for the great tidbits from the stars and thanks, again, for the great pictures!!!!
    I’ve said this before. I think you have the touch when it comes to interviewing soap stars!!! Keep it up!!!!!


  3. Liza says:

    Once again…thanks Michael. :) I just have to say I LOVE Jay’s haircut! OMG he looks AMAZING! And of course…wonderful to see the ever so handsome James Scott!

    Thanks again


  4. Michael Jenkins says:

    Great pictures, thanks for posting :)


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