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3 May 4th, 2012 Sandra Bernhard Interview: How Will She Taunt The GCB’s on the Season Finale?


So just what would a show like GCB  pull out of their bag of tricks for a funny and riveting season finale?  The answer:  enlist the brilliant Sandra Bernhard to play an eco-terrorist who puts the fear of God in the GCB posse!

The finale which airs this Sunday night, May 6th (10PMEST/PST) is titled “Revelation” and here is the lowdown:  When Carlene takes the GCBs down to unincorporated Juarez for the groundbreaking ceremony for the Condos for Christian Living; the GCBs find themselves in danger. (Enter Ms. Bernard!)  Meanwhile Amanda’s suspicions regarding Luke lead to a surprising discovery about Ripp.  And we also know from our recent interview with Mark Deklin, that a threat looms for Blake and Cricket’s marriage!

On-Air On-Soaps chatted with the hilarious Bernhard for a preview of the finale, and why she decided to take on the role of a terrorist!  Plus, the comedienne reveals what her plans are for the future.  Will we see more of Sandra B. on TV in 2013?  Here’s what she had to say about it all!  And make sure to check out a sneak peek clip from the episode featuring Bernhard below after reading our chitchat!

So you are going to hold hostage a bunch of Good Christian Bitches on the season finale?

SANDRA:  Yeah! Well they come down to Mexico and try to build a Christian condo on native land.  I am a Jewish eco-terrorist, Debbie Horowitz, and I am not going to let it happen.  So I hold the girls hostage in this abandoned tin shed in the middle of the Mexican desert, and I torture them! Well, not really, but in the way one would get tortured on GCB.

What was it like working with the stellar gal cast?


SANDRA:  We had a fabulous time.  I enjoyed everyone on the show and loved working with Kristin Chenoweth (Carlene). We had our weird duel going on that is super funny and I have to tell you, she is hysterical!  She makes me laugh that girl.  She is a hoot and a holler.

When they came to you and said we want you to play “Debbie Horowitz”?  How did they pitch it to you?

SANDRA: They just sent me the script and said, “Would you do this?”  And I said, “Yeah! I am there immediately and I will do it a hundred times over.”  Look, I would love to be on the show every week.  I think its one of the best new shows on TV.

Being a comedienne and satirist, what have you thought of Republican Newt Gingrich’s remarks that GCB is anti-Christian during his attempt to gain the parties nomination for president?

SANDRA:  These politicians don’t realize what great press they give shows, when they do that.  It’s like, “Great. Bring it on, Yeah, that’s the whole point of the show, jackass!  Really?  No kidding?  You are going to take this seriously?  “But you know, that is sort of the cliché of these right wing people who have no sense of humor whatsoever.

I love that Debbie Horowitz eco-conversationist terrorist comes with full regalia, bullet belt and all!

SANDRA:  I have knives and guns, and huaraches and military pants, and a Mexican peasant shirt and big native jewelry.  It’s a hoot!

What does Debbie want the GCB’s to do?


SANDRA:  She wants them to take all their corporate money and crap and go back to Dallas and beat it out of Mexico and leave the people there alone. 

When you were on the set with the cast of GCB trying to film these scenes, and knowing how funny everyone is, you must have broke up into laughter during takes?

SANDRA:  Every time we finished a take we were in hysterics. Bobby Harling, who created the show, is one of the absolutely funniest people I have been around.   He is so dead pan and so tongue and cheek.  Everybody has a ball on this show.

Debbie doesn’t die, does she?

SANDRA:  No, Debbie doesn’t! In fact, I got together with Bobby Harling afterwards and if the show gets picked up for a season two, he wants me to come back to Dallas and do something else to the girls to shake them up. (Laughs)

Yes, I would love the Jew in Dallas!

SANDRA:  Right?  Uh-huh!  Me too!  (Laughs)

I see it as a breakout role!

SANDRA:  I have only just begun honey.  I have got to get my ass back on television on a regular basis.

Many fans of yours miss seeing you.  We have not seen as much of you lately.


SANDRA:  Well, I am working on it.  I have actually have just written a script for myself and another actress that I need to go out and pitch.  It’s about a comedy team that split up five years ago and now they get back together. It also shows that they both have gone off in their own direction.  It’s a very funny premise. And I am going to get out there and say, “Use me. Hire me. Put me at work.”   I would love to do TV, and of course, if there is a great film role, that is always a great sidebar, and I love my live performing.  But in terms of week in, week out, there is nothing better than being on a series.  It’s great money, great exposure, and you sort of settle in to one situation and it sort of eases your mind for awhile.  My friend is one of the writer/producers on 2 Broke Girls and I told her to write me in next season!

When you are out and about in public, with all of your credits, your live theatre background, stand-up, television and films, what do people recognize you the most from?

SANDRA:  It’s a combination, because people know me from live performing and certain shows, obviously Rosanne.  But I think my appearance on Will & Grace when they came to buy my apartment was one of people’s favorites.

Let’s talk about Stand-up comedy.  You have to be fearless!  I remember working as the Manager of Publicity for Catch-A-Rising-Star Comedy Clubs in New York.  This was back in the day when comedy clubs were sprouting up all over the country.  Young female comics were all the rage and I was promoting them. Years later, many would wind up going to Hollywood and landing sitcoms.  And I remember thinking, how on earth can they get up and tell jokes?  To me, it was the hardest job, ever.

SANDRA:  It’s in my DNA.  I have wanted to do it since I was five years old.  I love the attention.  It’s sort of like one of my big highs, getting in front of a live audience and engaging them and entertaining them, and talking about things that I think are important. And at the same time making them laugh, and bringing them to the edge of tears, but never letting them cry.

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  1. Doe says:

    Hey, Michael. I think Sandra is a hoot! I’m glad she is on GCB with all the other bitches. She will help that show a lot. I’ve only seen one show and was not thrilled by it. But now that Sandra has come aboard, I will have another look at it. Have fun, Sandra. Give them hell!…..


  2. barbara t says:

    AS much as I like sandra bernhard, No way will I watch her on this crap. Abc/disney keeps going lower, and lower, And lower. And I’m still boycotting anything on abc except for general hospital. I’m so sick of trashy shows making women look and dress like whores and now we have the bitches (abc’s title) Belonging to a church. Abc/disney has 2 shows now with the b word in it, Who’s making the decisions at the mouse house? Poor mickey, has his kingdom lost any respect for women? All the ads I see that they are promoting their shows its all cheap cheesy garbage and that’s all done in the hour I spent in Port charles.


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