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21 June 28th, 2013 Sarah Brown Cast In Leading Role in Crystal Chappell’s Beacon Hill Series!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Three -time Daytime Emmy winner Sarah Brown (GH, DAYS, B&B) is the big name just revealed by Crystal Chappell who will be playing one of the leading roles of Katherine in the upcoming political soap series with a spin, Beacon Hill!

Brown’s character in Beacon Hill is described as:  “State Representative Katherine Wesley is a rising star in the Democratic Party, despite her family’s long history as staunch Republicans. Senator Preston’s stroke may give her a chance at a larger prize, but Sara’s return could make her doubt her next step.”

Sarah Brown joins already announced Louise Sorel (Ex-Vivian DAYS) as Emily Tanner and Chappell as Claire Preston! For more on Beacon Hill, go to the show website here! 

Now let us know what you think of the casting of Sarah Brown? Excited to see her in the role? Who else do you think Chappell and company are planning to play the other key roles in this upcoming series? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Adam says:

    Nice! I will definitely be watching if Sarah Brown is in it. She’s one of the best actresses ever!


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    There already was a show called Beacon Hill in the 1970s with some former soap stars…one was Maeve Mcguire…ex Nicole of E.O.N. but it was a short lived ripoff of Britains Upstairs Downstairs.


  3. Erica says:

    I’ll be watching! great cast so far!


  4. Aria says:

    Sarah brown should return to GH period.


    tony replied

    I agree with you aria. sarah brown was the best carly period. she is the original carly. laura wright is ok. but they should fire her. Bring back sarah brown again in the role of carly. i would be so happy. she is a wonderful actress.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    No…i like L.W. she’ll stick with the role until the show ends…Sarah probably wouldnt.

    Joshua replied

    What I loved about Sarah Brown (and Tamara Braun to a degree) was how she brought that redneck, trailer trash aspect of Carly to fruition while still maintaining the fact that she was a millionairess (hello, married to a Quartermaine and a Corinthos).

    Laura Wright hasn’t done that at all.

  5. lenafreed says:

    This is very good news. Love Sarah Brown!


  6. heidi says:

    So very happy for Sarah Joy Brown!!! She is so talented and deserves to be busy acting in any medium she can get!!! I would love to see her on Y&R!!! If she could be back on GH as a different character that would also be fabulous!!! I would watch anything she is on and hope she gets on one of the other soaps soon!

    Can’t agree with the above about having her back as Carly. She was great as Carly at that time… but where Carly has grown and gone… I want no one other than Laura Wright playing Carly… Laura has made Carly her own!!!


  7. Joshua says:

    This web site would load so much faster if there weren’t so many videos playing simultaneously. Soap stars saying, “hi” at the top of the screen and trailers for TV shows I don’t want to watch at the bottom. It’s as bad as SOAPNet’s old web site. Ugh! And it’s such a pity, too, because I for the most part enjoy Michael Fairman’s news.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I have the same problem with loading too but i love this site …Micheal Fairmen is the best there is…


  8. GHLover says:

    I am sooo happy i love Sarah Brown!!! But as far as Carly goes the best is LW


  9. Beacon says:

    If Sarah came back to GH as Carly, I would be a devoted viewer again.


  10. Jovin says:

    If it‘s a Chappell show it will be top-heavy with lesbians. Won‘t be watching. But Sarah is a good actress. Too bad she has to join the ranks of other unemployed actresses who pick up these types of roles.


    Patrick replied

    Carly is well written for.

    all actors’ who played her… WON.

    talented…won after..

    Top heavy with Lesbians… cause of Crystal Chappelles big tits and big lips? or cause she’s sensual?

    cause this is good press?

    Happy Lesbian Act…. i’ll take prop 8 and doma for what it is. lesbian-gay become equal. i’ll Will it and bcome in your face. Prop 8 helped repeal it’s law…


  11. Tammy Kreiss says:

    Sarah knows I will watch her in anything! Love that lady, & so happy she is cast!


  12. Tammy Kreiss says:

    As for lesbian scenes, you can always forward them, its not the whole show.


    eleanor rigby replied

    Oh, please. I dare you to fast forward 2 beautiful women making out. lol.


    Tammy Khaos Kreiss replied

    That was cute, but yes, it can be done if you’re a straight woman UNLESS they are personal friends of yours that you will watch anything they do! ;)

  13. Drew says:

    love her!!! She is going to be amazing. I would be awesome if OWN picked up this series for broadcast.


  14. eleanor rigby says:

    Well, guess what? I am a lesbian, but I don’t feel the need to fast forward straight love scenes. I guess I am a lot more open minded than you are.


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