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9 July 19th, 2011 Sarah Brown lands brand new role on Days of our Lives!

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Developing story today from Soap Opera Digest’s Twitter page that has three time Daytime Emmy winner, Sarah Brown headed to Salem in a brand new role on Days of our Lives. While details are still surfacing, this would bring another heavy hitter to the restructured DAYS canvas as the show gets ready to reset itself come September.

Brown most known for her role as the original Carly on General Hospital, most recently was seen as Aggie Jones on The Bold and the Beautiful.

So who do you think Sarah could be in Salem? Let us know.

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  1. Amy says:

    I don’t care who she plays but I could see her being a great pairing for EJ and what I really hope is that she plays a bad girl. I love when Sarah gets to play bad…she is so freakin good at being bad!!!


  2. cs says:

    Well whom ever the character she plays there are a host of male characters to pair her up with. My quess they will eventually pair her up with James Scott since he is the best actor on the show.


  3. Sue says:

    I wish I could be happy about this but are we going to lose someone to pay for her? It better not be Ari Zucker!

    I can’t picture her with anyone on Days. I’m GH actress out! Two strange to switch out one ex GH Carly for another to pair up with EJ.

    Not sure about this casting.


  4. kay killgore says:

    A recast Melissa Horton, I have not watched this soap in years! Hope they do not waste her like Brad Bell did!


  5. Karen says:

    Wondering if they’re going to bring her on to play Rafe’s former fiancee Emily. Or perhaps as a love interest for Daniel (now that Carly and Chloe are leaving, and Jack will be back for Jennifer). I think it’s time for Rafe to finally move on from Sami. As long as he’s paired with her he’s going to be back-up to her melodrama. Rafe’s been on the show for a few years now and we still know very little about him. A woman from his past might be just the ticket to get him a storyline of his own, preferably with an actress he has some chemistry with. I’ve loved Galen Gering since Passions and I want to see him with another love interest who isn’t always screaming and acting like a spoiled brat. I honestly think so many people right now hate him because he’s been poisoned by Sami. She’s dragging him down with her.


  6. lumi says:

    I did raed that she would be in the DiMera SL
    so less just say she and EJ get together,
    Brady and Nicole
    Sami and Lucas and their 4 kids,sence this is a soap about the Horton Family.
    Rafe and Sophia….
    yep that would work


  7. aria says:

    I’m a gh fan and a sarah brown fan, we’ll take her back, dool is not know for great acting so dool should feel lucky to have her, she’s a heavy hitter, she’ll make those dool girl look like beginners ..


  8. Msmith says:

    No offense well actually a lot of offense! So they let go of a phenomenal two time emmy winning out of this world talented actress Crystal Chappell ,and turn around and hire Sarah brown? They had so much potential with Bo and Carly, Jenn and Carly or even Daniel and Carly. Im extremely disappointed and DOOL has just taken what little interest I had in watching the show and chucked it out the window! Ill finish watching CC storyline and shut DOOL off permanently! Onward and up ward to Venice and the Grove!


    Fraggle replied

    Sarah Brown is an extremely talented actress but I too am miffed as to why they would fire 2 Emmy winning actresses in Crystal Chappell and Tamara Braun and then bring a new character in. What happened to the “going back to the old Days” theory that Corday has hammered fans with over the past 2 months? Needless to say “the old Days” doesnt interest me in the least. But fingers crossed Days actually writes for Sarah because it certainly didnt for Crystal and Tamara.


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