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10 August 1st, 2011 Sarah Brown reveals more about Madison James & what brought her to DAYS!

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In an interesting interview with TV Line’s, Matt Webb Mitovich, three-time Daytime Emmy winner, Sarah Brown talks about her decision for coming on to Days of our Lives in the new role of Madison James in a very difficult soap climate.  The acting dynamo also fills the Salem viewers in on who she will be romantically linked with and who she may have known in the past, and teases Madison has deep skeletons in her closet!  Here are a few excerpts below:

Sarah on who Madison will be pointed towards romantically and when will viewers notice that: “You’re going to get it real fast, like within my first 24 hours on the show. [Laughs] One thing I think is really important is chemistry, and if actors have chemistry audiences will pick up on that. Audiences will root for characters that don’t even exist as a couple because the actors’ chemistry is so strong. So, thankfully, Eric (Martsolf) and I have a fabulous chemistry.”

Sarah on how Greg Meng, DAYS  co-executive producer has a vested interest in making DAYS work in this challenging time in the genre :  “Greg has all the hopes for daytime that I have, that it can be completely turned around. I feel I have a good sense of what it’s lacking, and Greg and I agree on what that is. It’s got to be out with the old way of doing things, where you take for granted that the audience isn’t paying attention. Daytime is infamous for being the type of show you can watch once a week, so the idea that you need to say every bit of information from the last three days in every scene is just outdated. People are a lot smarter now, so the average person will call bulls–t on that. Saying the name of the character in every line, people hiding behind bushes and pretending the other characters can’t see them…. That’s got to change. You need to find new, inventive ways.”

So soapers,  are you looking forward to seeing Sarah as very strong businesswoman, Madison James? Let us know!

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  1. aria says:

    i look foward to seeing sarah, but i wish it was gh, but it will be interesting, i’ll see her and hopefully like days, i did try to watch her on the BB, but that show is just so awful i couldn’t take it and quite, i think dool is more like gh, so maybe i’ll like it.


    Dasie replied

    I can’t believe Madison is married. Ugh, my mom and I are so frustrated with Madison’s character because she doesn’t like Madison James. I’m an avid DOOL watcher and I’ve been watching since I was 6 years old and I think that Sarah Brown who plays Madison is beautiful. My sister and I read a spoiler on the Days of Our Lives website that Ian kidnaps Madison to keep her from telling anybody that she’s married.


    barbara t replied

    Im new to dool,and I thought madison being married was a interesting twist,and married to ian ,makes me want to tune in for more .

  2. LUMI says:

    Days has been on the air 1965,I love it and hope you will too.


  3. RJ says:

    Glad Days is bringing on a business woman. Images of women have to be brought into the 21st century on soaps!


    Christie replied

    I certainly agree with that. I just wish she didn’t look so much like Tamara Braun. Ew.


    Dasie replied

    Christie, she doesn’t look like Tamara Braun, she’s more beautiful than her. Tamara Braun is her sister and she’s too skinny.

  4. Susan says:

    The character Madison James is annoying. The scenes Thursday, Oct. 27, with Brady were awkward and way too long. It was almost soft porn that just kept going and going…and seemed completely inappropriate in a business office. Much more of her rubbing oil on Brady may cause me to stop watching.


    Dasie replied

    I know, right? I hate Madison James! But not Sarah Brown (Madison).


  5. Kaye says:

    I would love to see her stay! i think she can work a good story line!!
    just hate watching stoy lines be drawn out so much anymore. the one with Mel N chad and out..that was super great!!


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