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0 May 22nd, 2009 “Save the Light” Rally, what went down!

GL-Logo.jpgWhat the heck went down at the “Save the Light” rally this morning? Roger Newcomb from We Love Soaps was there and reports:

“I arrived around 7am this morning outside CBS in Manhattan where they were setting up several things outside for the EARLY SHOW. I saw some other folks with Guiding Light shirts on so we chatted, and talked to a nice lady who told us where to stand for maximum TV exposure. As others started showing up, some with signs, security didn’t seem very happy we were there. Eventually they forced us to move to a “special” area by the street and out of regular TV camera range – it was a literal kicking to the curb.

But that couldn’t dampen our spirits. Lots of people wore GL shirts and buttons, many had very creative signs, and everyone was unified that this 72 year legendary television series would live on.”

Make sure to go to We Love Soaps for more from the rally today!

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