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10 May 25th, 2010 UPDATE: Scott Clifton coming to B&B as Liam Cooper!

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UPDATE:  News today from a tweet from CBS Soaps In Depth is that Scott Clifton’s new role on The Bold and the Beautiful will be named Liam Cooper.   Scott’s first airdate is July 19th.

A Daytime Emmy Nominee for this year’s Outstanding Younger Actor for his role as Schuyler Joplin on One Life to Live, Clifton was recently was written-off the east coast soap and headed back to Los Angeles where he landed the new gig on B&B.

Stay tuned.  Do all roads Liam lead to Amber?

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  1. bottomchef says:

    Could he be a Rick recast? He does look like Justin Torkildsen, the actor that portrayed Rick and the actor paired the most w/ Frantz. Kyle Lowder needs to be fired from B&B and take acting lessons from his wife Ari Zucker, who’s actually a decent actress compared to Lowder. Or maybe he’s a Thomas recast? Online rumors say 1 of Ridge and Tay’s children gets killed off yet again. They shouldn’t kill off any more of Tay’s children. They should kill off 1 of Brooke’s children, and that should be Rick since Kyle Lowder has destroyed the character. Also, Brooke has so many spare children lying around: Bridget the slutty mess, good virgin Hope, sure to have issues as a teenager Jack and sure to be Brooke’s favorite Ridge Junior. They don’t need Lowder and they can kill off Rick. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Clifton was Little Eric/Deacon?! LOL! The character should after all be in his mid 20s since he’s older than teenybopper Hope and early 20s Steffy. But Frantz would most likely have a meltdown if she portrayed the mother of someone in his mid 20s and Brad bell wouldn’t want her to seem older. LOL!


  2. Merima says:

    He’s suppose to play a guy naed Liam Cooper so he’s obviusly not playing Rick, Thomas, Eric Sharpe or any other actor already on the show or ex character.
    I think it would be cruel to kill of Taylor’s or Brooke’s children, Taylor has already lost 1 child and Brooke lost her brother 2 years ago and recently her mother and she has already lost children thru miscarriages. I think Kyle Lowder is a great actor and he has great chemistry with KKL, Brooke is really close to Rick and always has been, I think it’d destroy her to lose him. I am very excited to see Scott Clifton in this new role though.


    bottomchef replied

    When I wrote that, Michael fairman did not update his article yet. When Fairman originally wrote this article, no details of the character’s name were released yet. Clifton will last on B&B if his character is paired w/ Amber since Brad bell can only write for Amber.


  3. Tallulah says:


    You are an idiot! Kyle Lowder is great and as for the character of Scott Clifton…..he is playing a brand new character that was created for him……Open your eyes and read! Liam Cooper!!!!


    bottomchef replied

    Tallulah, you’re the idiot! Open your eyes and read. Michael fairman did not update this entry when I first wrote. The first article did not specify Clifton’s character’s name. Why don’t you read my reply to Merima. And Kyle Lowder is and always will be a crappy actor and his “acting” will forever live in infamy in Talk Soup. LOL!


  4. bottomchef says:

    The internet is obviously a place for speaking your mind frankly. However, it’s disappointing that MF on air on soaps allows people to write insults and does not publish rebuttals to those insults. It was the same thing during the kish mess. My opinions abt the kish actors whining and bitterness was very unpopular on this board. Yet no one could refute the logic of my arguments regarding their firings. People were personally attacking me and calling me names, w/c is fine. I don’t care abt someone calling me names when I don’t even know these people personally. However, if you can dish it then you should be able to take it. Yet MF on air on soaps has yet again not published my rebuttal to Tallulah. I wrote that Tallulah is an idiot (her choice of words). I wrote that Tallulah should open her eyes (her choice of words). And I explained to idiotic Tallulah that I wrote abt Clifton before any info on his character was released and before this article was updated. Yet it was not published. So does this mean on air on soaps is biased w/ Frantz/Amber like they were biased w/ kish actors? Anyways, more reasons to quit soaps. And people are perplexed as to why ratings are dwindling. The storylines are bad and the soap press are not objective.


    Michael Fairman replied

    Hi bottomchef:

    Just to clarify:

    There are insults on many comment posts that are far more personal than they should be when speaking about people whether in the business or people on MF soaps. I am not only speaking about you, but in general on this site.

    And when our moderator feels they cross the line, we cannot allow them to go live. If perhaps, regarding the “Tallulah” post your words were deemed inappropriate, than they did not allow it to go live. This comment area is not supposed to be some place where people insult each other to a point where it’s unacceptable for others to read. All efforts are made to give no one preferable “trash talk” treatment. However, I am not sure when you last were on this site, but your comment is there. So, I am not sure what occurred.

    Regarding this post, hurling insults have to stop between posters on this board. Also, in regards to Scott Clfiton, when he was announced coming to B&B, in fact, I was one of the first sites to post it. Before DC and WLS) Truly. Secondly, once Scott had a character name and an official airdate we updated the original post immediately.

    So we appreciate your posts and your comments and viewpoints. We encourage everyone to have their viewpoints and positions on things, and we love to hear what fans have to say about controversial decisions, and fans reactions, and want their input as well. I think its great and fantastic that people feel strongly about their storylines, actors and other comments people make on here, but let’s all just try to stop denigrating each other to a point where then we can’t post all the other great comments in a particular post.

    We are not trying to be one of those hard cracking messages boards who do not allow freedom of speech or they are banned. I, for one believe in freedom of speech, so that is why we try never to delete a post from going live. But in the future, any more inappropriate posts from users at all will not go live on this site.

    Hope that make sense.



  5. bottomchef says:

    That’s ok. It’s your board so what you say, goes. I’m glad (for lack of a more precise word) that what you wrote is directed at the entire board, even if it’s in reply to my comment. Things were much worse during the kish brouhaha. Being in entertainment, it makes people fair game, and if people think the critiques of soap actors, writers, exec producers, directors, shows, TPTB, etc are harsh here, they should read the other boards, w/c are a lot more intense.


  6. Chanda says:

    I really hope he isn’t paired with Amber, I don’t even want to see her on B&B. I wish they’d just kill that idiot off.


    bottomchef replied

    Chanda: majority of the Forresters hated Amber when she left town. Ridge, Brooke, Stephanie, Bridget, Thomas and Rick hated her for trapping Ridge and Bridget in a pit at Big Bear and taping their icky kiss. Yes that storyline actually happened and they even went on a remote for that crap. So, it would actually be realistic if a murder mystery happened around Amber’s onscreen, there’s no way she can be revived, hallelujah death. They could even make Taylor the killer. Tay could have hit the booze again and blamed Amber for Tay’s second “death” and separation from Ridge and her children since Amber was the reason Sheila (who “killed” tay) meddled w/ the Forresters again. Or maybe it would be great if they referenced history on B&B. This actress who I think got preggers w/ Sean Kanan’s baby portaryed this scheming, bad girl character named Carmen. Amber killed Carmen in self-defense when she tried to drop Lil’ Eric from this roof. Anyway, it would be great if Liam was actually Carmen’s ex bf who goes to L.A. to avenge Carmen by killing Amber. However this is B&B. They rewrite history and can’t even keep track of what characters say or do in an episode, so longterm continuity is not to be expected from the dimwitted writers.


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