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2 June 2nd, 2010 UPDATE: Evans Out! Jon Prescott to star in Indie Film!

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UPDATE: Earlier this morning we reported the news that Scott Evans and Jon Prescott were cast in a new indie film playing gay roles.  Now comes word, that Evans had to drop out , and had been replaced by actor, Ian Novick, who at one time also appeared on As the World Turns, same former soap as Prescott.

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Great news for  Oliver Fish fans who have missed their guy since being axed from One Life to Live.  The terrific Scott Evans has landed a new gig in a film entitled The One, which also stars another soaper,  Jon Prescott, formerly one of the many Mike Kasnoff ‘s on As the World Turns,  The film starts its prinicipal shooting this month.

According to Anthony D. Langford at the film is, “a quick-witted, tender romantic dramedy about a young, successful Manhattan investment banker who lives the charmed Upper East Side Manhattan life about to marry the woman of his dreams who, a month before his wedding, meets and unexpectedly falls in love with a charismatic man from his past.”   

Langford goes on to say, “No word on which role Evans will play, but we can tell you that Evans and Prescott will reportedly have three love scenes.”

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  1. C.L.B says:

    Unfortuantly, I read in the comments section in that same article that one of the website’s columnist wrote that Scott Evans had to drop out of the movie and was replaced by another actor!!!!


  2. bottomchef says:

    He had to “drop out”? Mmmmmmmkay.


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