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4 May 17th, 2010 Scott Evans and Van Hansis make AfterElton Hot 100 top ten!

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Former One Life to Live star, Scott Evans (Fish) came in at number two at yearly Hot 100.   Evans was the highest charting man on soaps this year followed closely at number nine  by As the World Turns, Van Hansis (Luke).  Also making the top 40;  OLTL’s Brett Claywell (Kyle) in at nineteen, and newcomer, Eric Sheffer Stevens, ATWT’s Reid, was number twenty-five.  Finally, ATWT’s Jake Silbermann (Noah) dropped in this year’s poll, and ended up thirty-fifth in the countdown tally.

Here is what said about the choice for Evans in the runner-up spot. (Neil Patrick Harris was number one) “ Incidentally, there have been successful actors who have come out mid-way through successful careers, But Evans is part of a new breed: actors who are openly gay from the start of their careers, even sometimes playing gay characters. To hear Evans tell it, he never considered anything otherwise – and maybe that’s the hottest thing about him of all.”

So who do you think is the hottest of them all?

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  1. brian says:

    I hope this is another reason to consider in bringing back “Kish”


  2. Jardo says:

    AMEN, Brian. OLTL isn’t the same without them! They were one of the best things to happen to OLTL in many years. So sad that the Executive Producer is too stupid to realize it! I will take a beautiful gay love story over teenage sluts, teen pregnancies, teens shacking up with each other, parents who allow it to happen and even pay their rent and bills for them, 30-year-olds acting like they are 12 again, rapist Todd, Mama-Ho Blair and especially RIGI which is enough to make any person throw-up. (What do they see in this couple anyway ….. especially FF)!

    I’m afraid Mr. Valentini will never bring Kish back (no matter how much it is proven that they should never have been let go in the first place) because he doesn’t have the cahonies to admit he made a HUGE mistake by firing them. Frankly, he doesn’t care what viewers want anyway, which is obvious from the crap that viewers are currently being fed on the show. And, he won’t even acknowledge Kish fans at all. FV and OLTL have basically ignored a whole segment of viewers (those 25-35 year olds) who watch the show on a daily basis, or at least USED to watch the show. They have tried shoving RIGI down viewers’ throats which has just made viewers hate them even more, and now they are trying to shove a boatload of teens onto viewers. Mr. Valentini, the majority of people watching soaps are NOT teenagers. They fire four quality actors (supposedly for budgetary reasons), and then turn around and spend a fortune hiring professional dancers, choreographers, designers and other “professionals” to produce a HS musical that ended up being mostly made up of adults and didn’t go over very well because it wasn’t anything like a real and actual HS musical or prom, but more like a Broadway disaster! They have since also added to the cast, so obviously the four firings had nothing to do with budgetary problems and that was just another one of Mr. Valentini’s lies for the benefit of OLTL viewers and the media too.

    I’m starting to think that maybe Mr. Valentini is suffering from the same thing as Jessica …… maybe he was trying to relive HIS youth and high school days all over again.

    Mr. Valentini also stated that, once they did the Kish coming out story, there was nothing left to tell of the storyline once Oliver came out of the closet. WOW! Did Mr. Valentini’s life come to an abrupt halt when HE came out of the closet? I always thought a gay person’s life basically began when they came out of the closet ……. they were finally free to be who they naturally are and should be.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Valentini would rather “force” the very UNpopular RIGI couple (whose disapproval rating is over 85%) onto viewers instead of giving them what they want most ….. Kish…….. who probably has an even better than 85% APPROVAL rating.

    If OLTL tanks in the near future, there will be only ONE person that viewers should blame for its cancellation. Are you listening Mr. Valentini?????????


  3. El Baradaï says:

    VAN HANSIS is the hottest!


  4. lovestolovesoaps says:



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