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24 March 25th, 2010 Scott Evans breaks silence,”It doesn’t make me mad, it makes me sad”

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One Life to Live’s Scott Evans (Fish) has broken his silence with an item to the Boston Herald his hometown paper.  In the piece the reporter begins by saying Scott was, “blindsided by tweets that he was being dropped from ABC’s “One Life to Live”  Evans replied: “With the amount of time and dedication and the effort I put forward with this story line, have the decency to call me.”

As many are aware, GLAAD handed their media award to One Life to Live for Outstanding Daily Drama Series earlier this month, and both Evans and on-screen acting partner, Brett Claywell (Kyle) have earned pre-Emmy nominations for their work.  “We spent the whole red carpet talking about the cancellation of the story line instead of celebrating. We won, but ultimately, we lost,” Evans said.

The piece goes on to say, ‘ABC has flip-flopped on the rationale for the sudden firings. Evans said the actors were told the story did not play well with focus groups. Internet rumors hinted the duo were let go for behaving unprofessionally on-set, an accusation Evans denies’.

“It doesn’t make me mad, it makes me sad. ABC’s decision to drop the characters is a step back for daytime. We did have the first gay love scene on daytime, ever. I think we did break ground. It was a really well-built story,” he said.

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  1. bottomchef says:

    Scott Evans does not know when to shut up! Enough already with all this whining abt getting axed. Soaps can axe anyone at the end of a cycle in their contracts, and actors can leave if they choose not to renew w/ a soap. It’s part of the business. Clifton, Duplaix and Hunt are not going on a freaking publicity tour abt their axing.

    How many vets has GH axed? None of them went to whine to every media outlet. How abt freaking Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall? They were the LEADS of Days. The entire soap business was shaken to its core when Days wrote out John and Marlena. Did they go on a publicity tour whining abt their axing? No.

    B&B axed Dan McVicar for the first time when he was on vacation. Did he blab to every media outlet out there? No, w/c is probably why B&B kept bringing him back as Clarke. B&B didn’t ask Bobbie Eakes to be a part of the cast photos after she had already returned as Macy, so she auditioned for AMC and left B&B to portray AMC’s Krystal. B&B had Sheila “kill off” Taylor when Kimberlin Brown, who portrays Sheila, was feuding with hunter Tylo, who portrays Taylor, w/c made Tylo’s axing sting even more accrdg to TVG’s Michael Logan’s column. But Tay’s back on B&B obviously since Tylo’s a fantastic actress and Tay is impt to B&B’s storylines.

    Martha Byrne wanted certain specifications w/c ATWT and Goutman did not allow, so she left. She’s a freaking vet on ATWT and Lily was the center of ATWT. GH freaking wrote out Genie Francis!

    What do Evans and Claywell think? That they need to be treated highly and w/ deference bec they portray gay characters? Evans didn’t even sign on w/ OLTL. They are freaking newbies whining abt get axed left and right abt how they were “treated” by OLTL and blaming it on homophobia. While classy soap vets are not going on publicity tours abt their axing.

    Chuck Pratt blamed Eden Reigel for Rianca bombing on AMC. Did Reigel go on a publicity tour proclaiming that AMC blaming is a “step back in daytime” since she is the TRUE groundbreaking star bec Bianca is the first lesbian and Rianca had the first same sex wedding on soaps? NO, Reigel only had kind words to say to AMC bec Reigel has class.

    Evans and Claywell have no class. If they don’t like the instability of acting and of Daytime, then don’t go into acting. Evans is encouraging ppl to think it’s a homophobia issue by making these statements that their axing is a step back for daytime. Evans and Claywell are making this a misdirected claim that it’s abt homophobia when it’s not.

    The sad part is that this is being made into a homophobia issue when it isn’t, and 2 publicity hungry actors are milking this til the rally.


    Erikah replied

    Why should he shut up? He’s made very few statements about this, AFAIK. They treated him poorly, and he’s got a right to state his view.

    Firing people without having the decency to tell them to their faces may be common in the soap industry (IDK – just taking you at your word), but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. If it is common, then maybe more soap actors should speak up about it. Maybe then, such a poor practice would stop. I see no point in saying that people should just shut up and accept something unacceptable without complaint – nothing would ever change for the better if people don’t point out the wrongs.

    And for the record, everything I’ve seen so far indicates that Brett Claywell and Scott Evans have been classy and reasonable about this mess. If you want to insult someone, insult the higher-ups at OLTL and ABC-D who, as you say they commonly do, can’t be bothered to treat their actors with respect in these circumstances.


    Mike replied

    Cheers to Erikah for defending Scott. Bottomchef, you are totally out of line. All the public evidence is that Scott and Brett were treated badly by ABC, Scott in particular, as the network made press releases before contacting him. Common decency and basic values, let alone professional courtesy and ethics, dictate that one personally notifies an employee of his discharge in advance of any public announcements. ABC and the executive producer of OLTL were totally out of bounds here, and so are you Bototmchef. Scott and Brett got raw deals here and Erikah and I are clearly two of many many fans who are outraged at this.

    Laura replied

    BottomChef is probably Valentini or Frons, so , don’t listen to a word, and don’t even dignify that crap rationale with a response.


    bottomchef replied

    Laura, I am not Brian Frons, related to Frons, Valentini or related to Valentini.

    I’d like to meet Valentini since wow he’s sexy!

    Despite his sexiness, I do think the soap media has been too easy on him regarding the kish axing. I think if Goutman axed Nuke or Wheeler axed Otalia, there’d be more criticism than what Valentini’s getting from the soap press.

  2. Toscanti says:

    This just goes to show how the powers that be care only about themselves and the bottom line. These actors put so much wonderful effort into this story and told it better than any I’ve seen in daytime . Kudos to Scott and Brett. Shame on OLTL. Whom ever made this decision has a lack of class for the manner in which it was handled. I personally will be tuning out the day they last air and will await word of the shows cancellation. That must be the plan, too bad the executives aren’t honest enough to just say it. If they can’t be forth coming with information regarding their actors how can we expect honesty from them for the fans.


    PAmusicSwede replied

    I agree and I will also no longer be watching after ‘Kish’ is gone. From a respect level (re: how the actors found out, would they have told Brett in person if he had not stopped in to drop off his Emmy reel?) and for not having the courtesy to talk to Scott (pick up the phone at least)
    and the Wimp level. They were doing so much with thier writing for the couple. But they wimped out.

    Bubye OLTL.


  3. Jardo says:

    Toscanti, I agree with everything you said. ABC Disney and OLTL have shown us they have absolutely no class at all. I am so happy that Scott and Brett have risen above this whole mess and have acted like the true gentlemen they obviously are. It speaks volumes about their professionalism in contrast to that of OLTL and ABC Daytime. All other characters leaving the show were given 2 months notice. These two young men were totally blindsided and kicked in the gut. One has to wonder why? And we have her one excuse after another as to why they were let go and the storyline discontinued, none of which make any sense. I really love the one about having to eliminate 8 characters from the show, yet they have just renewed several multi-year contracts for other actors and are hiring new people in for other storylines. Even Ross is being brought back.

    This was a storyline that OLTL and ABC Daytime should have been proud of. At the peak of their popularity in early January, the show should have been backing Kish and doing a media blitz for them. Instead, they swept them under a rug and gave Gigi (the worst and most hated character on the show played by the absolute worst actress on the show), the Kish baby storyline which was supposed to be for Kish. Since January, we have only seen Kish a handful of times, and usually it has been separately. So I would have to think that they were trying to get viewers to “lose interest” in Kish because they were planning to “boot” them and wanted as little fuss as possible over it.

    It has also been rumored that a certain female actress was complaining because she wanted more airtime and didn’t feel she was getting enough. (She is also known to be a bit of a diva). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the actress mentioned above also ended up being the total focus of what was to be Kish’s baby storyline, with Oliver (the baby’s father) hardly ever being seen in addition to going through a total character assasination with the writers making him look like a total scumbag and horribly uncaring father.

    Well, I believe OLTL is going to very much regret their decision. To fire two of the best actors on the show, not to mention the most popular couple, and replace them with the most hated actress on the show and the worst character OLTL currently has, will definitely prove to be a huge mistake. Once Brett’s final scene aires April 16th, I will no longer be a viewer of OTLT, nor will I watch the ABC Disney network ever again, whether it be daytime or prime time. I refused to support a network that treats their quality actors so horribly for no reason whatsoever. They might as well have been yesterday’s garbage for the way they were treated. Yet, in all of this, they have both been total “class acts” and I commend them for it. They should be proud of what they accomplished with the storyline and I can guarantee the viewers are. Too bad OLTL. YOU LOSE!!!!


  4. Mairead says:

    this longtime viewer of OLTLl will be leaving when Kish does….they were the best couple that the show had and their beautiful love story was a refreshing change from all the infidelity sex and mayhem happening in Llanview that is much more offensive than the true and genuine love between Kyle and Oliver….Brett and Scott did a phenomonal job and brought more positive attention to the show than any other couple did. and were the best reason to watch the show….I hope this heinous decision comes back to bite ABC/OLTL in such a major way that they will have cause to regret it for a very long time to come…….


  5. C.L.B says:

    I’m glad and relieved that Scott Evans finally spoke up about his unexpectedly rude and harsh firing from OLTL! I’m just flabbergasted that TPTB never broke the news to him face to face and just let him find out through his friends tweeting him about it through his twitter account!!!!!!! I also wonder about the recent rumor that he refused to sign a contract with the show. This piece of gossip came from TV Guide Canada’s website, the same website that falsely accused Brett and Scott of excessive partying, and having scheduling conflicts with the show. I hope that if Scott heard about this rumor, that he will clarify if this rumor is true or not, just like Brett clarified about the previous rumors in his recent interviews with the press. VIVA LA KISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    bottomchef replied

    This kind of axing is nothing new in soaps. Sarah buxton found out she was axed from B&B after she filmed her scenes as a psychotic clown wearing KISS makeup trying to drown Stephanie in her bathtub. Yeah you read that right since soaps can be that ridiculous. Many soap actors find out they’re axed when they read scripts that their characters are leaving the show. ATWT sent out recasting calls for Lily while still negotiating w/ Martha Byrne, and she is a vet who plays the center of Oakdale. The GL cast, w/c includes soap vets like Robert Newman and Kim Zimmer, was informed GL was getting axed on April 1st, April FOOL’s Day, and the news broke online also! CBS President Les Moonves didn’t even bat an eyelash abt it in an interview. Byrne, and many from the GL cast are daytime vets, and that’s how they were informed of their axing. I’m not saying it’s wrong or right, but that’s the nature of soaps. Did these vets go on publicity tours whining about how they were treated and blaming it on ageism in entertainment? NO. Do the kish actors expect deferential treatment because they play gay characters? Are they special? NO. Regardless of if TVGC’s report is true that Evans refused a contract w/ OLTL, the point is Evans was not even signed onto OLTL. If Evans and Claywell don’t like that the instability of Daytime, then they shouldn’t be actors.


    Mike replied

    Bottomchef, how many of the actors you cite in your comments had their characters and personal behavior questioned in the media as part of their discharge. If you look at what Scott and Brett have said, their concerns focus on how they were treated publicly and not on the termination of their storylines. Both actors clearly understand the politics and economics of their professions. I might add that I am not a soaps fan, but I have become a fan of Scott Evans and Brett Claywell.

    bottomchef replied

    Mike: To reply to your lower comment, no I do not think this is a kish bashing board. I’m the only one on this board being critical of kish. No one agrees w/ me on this board, but that’s fine since I’m open to others’s opinions. And I don’t feel the need to personally attack people who disagree with me, unlike some people on this board.

    As for actors who’s personal behaviors have been questioned in the media as part of their discharge: there are many. The Kish actors are not the first ones.

    TVGC reported something about the alleged extramarital behavior of Austin Peck, w/c led to his being discharged from ATWT. Columbino discusses it in an interview on this website w/ Michael Fairman. Peck’s personal behavior was questioned in the media as part of his discharge.

    The media reported something similar for Days’s Jason Brooks. Days even sued long time vet and fan fave Melissa Reeves for leaving Days abruptly because of a similar extra marital issue. Their personal behavior was questioned in the media as part of their discharge.

    OLTL allegedly axed Patricia Mauceri bec she refused to act a scene where Carlotta thinks Christian’s gay and is supportive of him. Mauceri claims that she thinks her character would not be supportive of a gay Christian when Carlotta is devoutly religious and does not even approve of straight pre marital sex. It was reported that Valentini axed Mauceri, w/c is ironic since he axed the Kish actors. Mauceri was labeled a homophobe and her personal behavior was questioned in the media as part of her discharge.

    Y&R’s Chris Engen reportedly left Y&R bec he refused to act out a scene where Adam sleeps w/ Rafe to buy his silence. Engen’s statement on his website explaining his reasons for quitting and denying that he’s a homophobe were so ambiguous so it didn’t help him at all. Engen was repeatedly labeled a homophobe in many soap websites, yet ironically Y&R has still not been called on for axing it’s gay chars Philip and Rafe, and not addressing Adam’s bisexuality. Engen was labeled a homophobe and his personal behavior was questioned in the media as part of his discharge.

    Y&R’s Peter Bergman spoke in an interview that Victoria Rowell “is not playing w/ a full deck” and Christle Khalil mentioned in a podcast that Rowell was “difficult”, and these are why Rowell’s Dru is not being invited back to Y&R.

    TVG’s Michael Logan reported that when B&B axed Hunter Tylo by having Taylor “killed off” by Sheila, it was allegedly because Tylo previously held up production during her previous contract negotiations. Logan even had to print a follow up article standing by his scoop.

    These are some firings and an instance of not welcoming a cast member back that are off the top of my head. it’s the same deal w/ these actors as w/ the kish actors. This is nothing new in soaps, or in entertainment in general.

    How many times has Catherine Heigel of Grey’s Anatomy been in a scandal (for lack of a better word) bec of her difficult behavior w/c has been reported in the media?

  6. Killington Princess says:

    I agree. Finding out that you have been terminated over Twitter should never happen. NEVER. I don’t care how often in the industry it happens, it is inexcusable and SE has every right to speak out in objection to his being treated this way.


  7. C.L.B says:

    STFU, bottomchef!!!!!!!! Don’t act like a cynical d-bag and accuse Scott and Brett of being whiney jerks! They have every right to speak up and tell their POV for being fired from the show!!! If you don’t have anything nice to type, don’t even bother typing at all!!!!!!!! VIVA LA KISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    bottomchef replied

    The kish actors have every right to speak their minds and say things not “nice” re OLTL. So it’s ironic that you’re proclaiming that the Kish actors have those rights, but anyone including myself who disagrees w/ the Kish actors should (in your words) “STFU”. That’s a double standard. Are the kish fans fighting what they perceive to be an alleged double standard against kish? Yes, so practice what you preach. The Kish actors can speak their minds, and people who do not agree w/ them can speak their minds as well. They are actors and public figures, so they should expect to be scrutinized.

    This isn’t a Kish fanboard. This board is abt all kinds of Daytime topics therefore it should be open to many kinds of opinions. The kish actors and their fans do have a right to share their opinions, but I completely disagree w/ their opinions. There are a few instances where I actually agree w/ actors who speak out abt what went down in their soaps, and these actors are usually vets. Some Daytime vets are like founding members of their soaps. They contributed so much to their respective shows and to the medium that when they’re treated shabbily, they do have more of a right to speak abt it.

    Take Daytime super icon Eric Braeden’s (thankfully) temporary departure from Y&R. Did he make the media rounds? Yes. He went to far less media outlets than the kish actors. But Braeden still made the rounds, vehemently complaining abt the way Sony executives allegedly treated him in the negotiations. Although Braeden is very intelligent and speaks eloquently, was his complaining a turn off? At times. But what made it palatable, acceptable and understandable is he’s freaking Eric Braeden! He is a LARGE component of why Y&R is successful. He’s been on Y&R since the early 80s. He’s extremely important to Y&R. In an interview Braeden even mentions how Bill Bell created Victor as a stand in for Bill Bell. Victor has that godlike power, w/c Bill Bell had in Daytime. Y&R is number 1 in the ratings in many respects bec of Braeden and Victor. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

    Lucci’s Daytime’s number 1 diva, Braeden’s Daytime’s King. He’s contributed so much to the success of Daytime. He’s worth his million dollar payday w/c is unheard of in soaps. He’s even been in 1 of the most successful films of all time, Titanic. I can’t tell you how many str8 men I know watch Y&R bec of Victor. Straight men want to be him, Straight women want to be w/ him. When Morrow and Rowell were asked w/c char they’d want to play, they automatically say Victor. The point is Braeden and Victor are essential to Y&R and to Daytime. The moment Victor left Y&R, it went off its axis. Y&R would struggle w/o Victor and Braeden. Y&R would need a revamp w/o him, since everything ties into Victor.

    But OLTL can survive w/o Kish. They’re not tied to a core family like ATWT’s Luke. They’re not the children of the show’s main diva like AMC’s Bianca. That makes them all the more expendable. Claywell’s a good actor. An Emmy does not mean an actor’s good, but I do think Claywell will get a nom bec of the publicity of the kish brouhaha and bec of his acting. He carried kish. Kish was axed bec of the political overtones, Carlivati’s bad writing and Evans’s acting. The kish actors, Duplaix, Hunt and Clifton didn’t help w/ the ratings so they’re out.

    There’s no comparison between Braeden and the kish actors. They shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. The kish actors are only hurting their chances of being employed in other mediums or in other soaps when they say unflattering things abt OLTL bec they’re newbies. Darnell Williams and Angie Hubbard are groundbreaking since they’re Daytime’s first black supercouple. Does that mean AMC can never write them off the show bec they’re the first black supercouple? Does that give them job security? Of course not. Yes Kish broke ground by having sex onscreen despite Evans’s distracting facial expressions during the sex scene. That’s a lot more than Y&R’s cop out of Adam and Rafe. the axing of Rafe and Bierdz’s Philip, and the nonexistence of Adam’s bisexuality. Kish broke ground, but does that mean they’re special now and should never be written off if OLTL needs to trim its cast? NO.

    The problem w/ the kish actors is they’re acting like they’re entitled to their jobs bec they “acted their hearts out” and they played the first gay guys to have sex onscreen. They don’t get gold stars for doing what they’re paid to do. And the fact that they’re intimating that this is a homophobia issue is worse. ABC’s not homophobic. They let Rianca marry onscreen, they let Kish have sex onscreen. That’s a whole lot better than no lgbtq chars ever for Days and B&B. MAB mentioned thru TVGC that she’s invested in telling lgbtq arcs. Bierdz’s Philip has been axed, Rafe disappeared and no one ever mentions Adam’s bisexuality. ABC has a far better track record than other soaps.


    Mike replied

    Bottomchef, it is clear that you think this should be a Kish bashing board and the venue for your own right to over speak others. – Caio

    Erikah replied

    You say there’s no comparison between Braeden or others and the Kish actors, but you’re the main one making comparisons, and finding Kish to be lacking. You accuse Brett and Scott of going to, oh, so many media outlets, but I haven’t seen them making the rounds that much – certainly not more than any other soap actors.

    Most of the other posts are from fans expressing their reaction to the Kish firing specifically, and to the unclassy way it was handled by the OLTL powers, Only you seem to be providing a behind-the-scenes history of soaps over the past decade in order to make some kind of point that Kish didn’t deserve decent treatment as actors and human beings. You’re entitled to your opinion, and you’ve made it clear that you don’t like Kish, so be it. You don’t think they belong “in the same sentence” as Braeden, fine. Don’t put them there.

    SE’s and BC’s reactions to the handling of the firing is understandable, and in fact they’ve been much more classy than a lot of other people would be. I doubt it will hurt their chances for future work, but if you’re determined to believe the worst about the actors featured in this storyline, I don’t expect anyone will change your mind.

  8. b32guy says:

    I am stunned that anyone would think the axing of the characters Oliver Fish and Kyle Lewis is just business as usual. Yes, actors (and the characters they play) get fired all the time, but in this case, it was totally out of the blue, done calously, a slap in the face to fans, and completely illogical.

    The couple,KISH (Oliver and Kyle) had featured very prominently for months. The arrival of what viewers knew was Oliver’s baby was also expected for months. Then it finally happens and boom – the actors are fired immediately and all we viewers see for weeks are the straight characters lamenting over a baby that we viewers know is not theirs. And to make it worse the gay father is written as being heartless and spineless – IMO just to advance the storylines for the straight characters.

    All this happens, of course, while Brett Claywell and Scott Evans have been prenominated for Emmys not by their own show coworkers because their names were suspiciously left off the ballot, but by the actors of other daytime serials. Plus, critics have praised the show, charities have awarded prizes that BC and SE are supposed to delivery at the studio, and the show has been given an award by GLAAD. And, probably most important, the characters had fans, both pro-gay and mainstream, and they were finally catching on. Fans wanted to see Oliver and Kyle deal with being new parents, they wanted to see Kyle at work and with Roxy, they wanted to know how Oliver’s parents would deal with the news they were grandparents, and this fan wanted to see Cris and Oliver’s friendship grow as well as one with Rex and Gigi.

    BUT NO. TPTB decided there was no story possibilities for this couple. Why? We are told BC and SE “partied too much.” I don’t believe that but if so why did the actor’s that played Dimitri Merek on AMC and the one that played Michael McBain (Al Holden) get so many second chances? Are you telling me no one in the chain of command could take BC and SE aside and have a chat with them. Nope – let’s just fire them and get rid of all those unnecessary and passionalte pro-gay character fans. They are disposable.

    That is what happened in my opinion and it sucks any way you look at it. Now, OLTL is going to be the like all the other soaps. The looney, over-sexed, loosely-moraled, crazed manipulations of mostly white middle-aged women and the drooling, mindless, male dolts who chase and marry them over and over again. That formula may work for the mainstream, but not me.

    Disney and ABC have lost a viewer for good unless they rectify this. But I’m not dumb enought to think they will care.

    That’s the way I see – so Brett and Scott – keep talking, this viewer wants to know, but be careful not to burn bridges. As you know, you are in one tought business.


  9. Kim says:

    the way this all went down is complete BS! Scott said it best,”have the decency to call them.” finding out through his twitter? come on! and to say that there was no where else to go with this storyline is heinous! their story wasnt even halfway done! i agree with b32guy about Roxy and Kyle, and Oliver and his parents. these firings were completely out of line and i am glad both SE and BC spoke on these accusations! in the words of C.L.B. VIVA LA KISH!!!!!!!!!


  10. Susan says:

    Shame on ABC/OLTL for its treatment of the talented Scott Evans and Brett Claywell. Kish was a beautiful and inspiring love story and was only just beginning. Letting focus groups, whose members most likely don’t even watch OLTL, determine the content of the show makes no sense, and that these focus groups are responsible for Kish ending has made me livid.

    I am one of the “mainstream” viewers that Kish supposedly didn’t resonate with, and April 16th is also my last day watching.


  11. Temika says:

    Hello there, Happy April Fool’s Day!!

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    There was a short pause, then Rivkah said, “Does this mean you’re not coming over?”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!


  12. James Thear says:

    OLTl’s ratings are suffering due to their ridiculous sotries about Mitch Lawrence impregnanting half of LLanview and the make Doria ngay for votes and the boring boring boring ?Rex gigi Skyler and the kids…Get rid of allthat and you may get the ratings back. The best part of OLTl has been Bree Williams and the Kyle & Fish stories. They are the reason I tuned in again after not watching this show for years. OLTL has had some great moments – especially when they had Judith Light on as Karen Wolek and Bree Williams took over from her in the drmatic actress category. Now Kyle and Fish – 2 macho men and good role models are thrown away because the writers at OLTL keep rechanneling stupid Mitch and his Obama like cult members….Enough..I am done with this show and will go back to ATWT and watch Luke and Noah until they are cancelled, What a slap to the gay community….as if making Dorian gay forr votes wasnt bad enough. One Life you suck !!


    Jardo replied

    James, I totally agree with you. It wasn’t just a slap to the gay community, however, it was a slap to all of human kind. Kish was a beautiful love story between two same sex individuals. As a married, middle-aged heterosexual female, I didn’t even pay any attention to the fact that this storyline was about two guys in love with each other ….. all I saw were two people IN LOVE. And both of these characters were, as you said, excellent role models for ANYONE. They were certainly better than RIGI who are the absolute WORST couple in daytime (not to mention the two worst actors on any soap)!

    In my opinion, Kish was the ONLY bright spot on this show. It amazes me that there are still idiotic people in this world who complain about gay or lesbian relationships, yet they have no problem watching a two-time “rapist” running the streets free to do anything he so desires (Todd), a crazy man (Mitch) attempting to commit rape and incest with his own daughter, two teenage couples “shacking up” together (one of which already has an illegitimate child to raise), a mother/grandmother of several children (Blair) running around town being the “ho” of Llanview making it with anyone that will have her, a teenager (Langston) cheating on the boyfriend she lives with to shack up with another “loser” just for the sake of “doing it’ and becoming the next skank-ho of Llanview, and even parents who are allowing their underaged teens to “shack up” and live together and are even paying their expenses and rent to do so. WTF? And these “do-gooder” saintly viewers think two people in a committed same-sex relationship is a problem? I find it ironic that they didn’t seem to have any problems with anything else “immoral” except Kish. In my opinion, Kish was the only SANE couple in Llanview and the most “normal” and committed relationship of any other relationship on the show! Kish were both hard-working professionals and totally committed to one another. In my opinion, they were the ROLE MODELS of the show.

    What’s next from these bigoted viewers? When Chris takes Layla to the “PROM” (another catastrophe storyline), will they make Layla sit on the “black” side of the room and drink out of a different drinking fountain than everyone else? Maybe they will have Chris make her sit at the back of the LIMO!

    OLTL definitely took some major steps backwards with their decision and, like you, I am done with the show and the ABC network in general. I refuse to support a show or a network that caters to bigots of any kind. GO KISH!


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