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44 August 18th, 2013 Sean Douglas Exits DAYS This Week As Vargas! Should They Have Kept Him On The Canvas?


This is not a good week for Vargas in Salem, and for fans of the sexy Sean Douglas  of Days of our Lives who plays the ex-convict, who we first met back in February and realized he had a connection to Nick Fallon (Blake Berris) from their prison days, which caused plenty of turmoil for Nick!

Vargas also caught the eye of  hot-to-trot Nicole (Arianne Zucker) when he was being helped by Father Eric (Greg Vaughan).  And, many had believed or hoped, that perhaps there would be a spark or a new romance for Hope  (Kristian Alfonso) with the ex-con, since Bo Brady played by Peter Reckell is off the canvas!

Well, on this Thursday’s episode of DAYS, Vargas gets arrested after going out on a date with Theresa (Jen Lilley).  That was the guy’s first mistake!  And according to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, Vargas gets in a situation trying to defend evil Theresa’s honor and it backfires! The police arrive and Vargas is hauled off to jail, once again! Thus signaling for now the end of Sean Douglas’ run on Days of our Lives.

So the question; do you think DAYS should have found a way to keep Vargas on the Salem canvas? Or, are you glad they are writing him off, and you feel he serves no purpose on the show right now?  Would you like to see Sean on another  soap? If so, which one?Weigh-in!

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  1. Daniel Lewis says:

    I want to see him back.


  2. Chloe says:

    Yes, big mistake writing him off! I hope the writers come to their senses and bring him back. Days fans are planning a Twitter bomb tomorrow [Aug. 19th] at 1PM to let the show know just how much we want Vargas back.


  3. AliciaE says:

    Aww, he gets in a fight defending a lady? This is why we need Vargas back on Days. He’s a grey kind of baddie. He’s shady, ambitious and smooth, but with a sense of honor to him. Also, he knows how to charm a gal with comfort food. Kinda want to hang out with the guy and gnaw on a chicken leg. He could be very handy in a storyline where someone needed certain connections, or they could focus on his efforts to make a fresh start. Plenty of possibilities.


  4. KatieK says:

    Days is loosing a lot of its cast. What is going on over there? They need to bring back, Shawn & Belle, recast if they need to. Bring back Shane Donavan, show Roman & Lucas more. Bring Robert Kelker Kelly back as Bo, & actually give Bo a storyline. Let Bo come back with a son or daughter he was off searching for, one he fathered when Stefano had control of him. Let this Jenn & Danielle thing go, please!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I agree with some you said…Roman should be shown more…he should rekindle his romance with Marlena now that John isnt around…bring back Bo but he doesnt need any more children Shawn, Cierra, and Chelsea is enough…instead it should be revealed that Anna had a son with Stephanos late son Tony and has kept him a secret all these years in fear Stephano would corrupt him.


    No1_ILoveLucyFan replied

    He double-hockey-sticks no to a Roman & Marlena redux. As friends, yes. As anything more? No. She belongs with John. I’d love to see Roman paired with Anne or killed off in spectacular fashion & give the Salem PD something to do.

    shawn replied

    There is no way in hell RKK will set foot back on DAYS. He was not very well liked last time he was there.


    judith replied

    above all KA (Hope) can’t stand but i really like him as Stavros Cassadine..

  5. Patrick says:

    Soaps need to heed fan appeal…. and HANG On to Newbies!


    in order for soaps to sustain themselves and fan pull.

    soaps cannot rely on bait and switch…. stars of ole showing up to assuage our awareness…. etc… blah, blah, blah…

    Vargas had so much appeal across the board… as it were….

    we saw him with Hope…. hmm… yum… could their be?
    we saw him with Nicole… no easy feat to rein her in… he almost got her.
    we saw him with Father Eric… his boss.
    we saw him with Nick… the biggest draw… especially for the acting talent Blake Berris’ is: this was especially evident for Sean Douglas… to star his acting chops.

    Vargas had that charismatic swarthy appeal that was loaded with possibilities. why not take the time to mine his – tap in to his talent. he definately draws you in.


  6. Patrick says:

    looking at his pic above…

    1. yum

    2. doesn’t he look like… and/or give you the vibe of…. Bo and definitely Jason Brooks.

    DAYS – SONY- NBC… are you listening? Jason Brooks…. does he need a job?


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Doubt a Jason Brooks return…um he and Melissa Reeves…do you remember…their big contriversal story off screen?


    Patrick replied

    according to a bio, online: he was last on DAYS 1993-98.

    well a lot of water under the bridge and time has lessened the crossing over?

    15 years to act professional?

    real in high end drama and intrigue? i’d say so.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    The Brooks/Reeves ‘thing’ is still fresh in a lotta peoples mind…im not sure how Missy would feel…but i still think its not a good idea to bring him back…maybe it could work but im not certain tptb would chance it…


    judith replied

    Melissa (and her husband) will totally veto it hands down.

  7. Mary SF says:

    What a waste of potential– a complex character portrayed by a handsome and talented actor, what more could a soap watcher want? And what a way to leave defending the spoil brat Theresa– come on. Would have been better if he stuck around and tamed her– not let her pull her crap on him, like silly boy JJ does. Oh well– some times the best soap stories are the ones we imagine in our own minds.


  8. Gerardo Ramirez says:

    He was underutilised.His character had great possibilities.


  9. Blake says:

    I really like him, plus he is total eye candy! Days should bring him back. Put him with someone he has chemistry with!


  10. Days Fan No More says:

    Let Him Go! What Days Needs to Do is Bring Back DRAKE HOGESTYN – John Black, Put John & Marlena back together and give them a storyline. Get Rid of the Current Head Writters who have made Days unwatchable and bring in Writers who can bring back the Romance & Intrigue that made me a Days Fan all those years ago.


    Carrie replied

    The difference between Drake and Sean Douglas is Sean Douglas can act. Drake has had years to try to learn to act, he can’t do it. I don’t miss Drake at all.


    Daisy replied

    I agree! Drake is a terrible. The show is better without him.

    CharmedJunkie replied

    I completely agree!! And watching John and Marlena kiss was nauseating!!! I do not miss their “passionate scenes” at all!!! I would like to see Marlena with someone a little rougher around the edges… i think she needs that .. there just arent that many older guys on the show, and I am really tired of the 60 year old woman paired with 30 year old men.. YUCK!!

    No1_ILoveLucyFan replied

    Why not keep them BOTH on? I miss Drake – the show isn’t the same without him and in my opinion, he’s a fine actor (a lot better than some of the others). But Vargas had an air of mystery about him that Days could & should have explored. Perhaps getting rid of pointless JJ and all the Dannifer angst could free up some air-time for people we actually want to see.


    judith replied

    JJ is a great character and member of a core family, he is needed.

    CharmedJunkie replied

    JJ gets on my last nerve!! I am so tired of his drug-dealing, whiney attitude, and the monotone lines delivered by those “friends” he hangs with. Maybe Mom could admit him into rehab for awhile and then he could go back to boarding school!!

  11. Leigh says:

    I loved Vargas. He was a hot new grey character with loads of potential and tons of chemistry with both Hope & Nicole. And Sean Douglas can act. I think they could write a lot of stories with him. At the very least if they were going to keep him villainous, he could work for EJ DiMera. If they wanted to redeem him a little bit he could work on some kind of undercover case with Hope as a consultant.


  12. Chaz says:

    “DAYS – SONY- NBC… are you listening? Jason Brooks…. does he need a job”

    Well, that won’t happen as long as Missy Reeves is still there.


    Sara replied

    This could be the end of Danifer Please make it happen.


    dmrjmd replied

    I agree about Daniel and Jennifer. I’d like to see a Daniel and Jordan pairing, instead of a Jordan, Rafe, and Kate triangle.

  13. Libby says:

    Sean Douglas has captured the interest of viewers of DAYS. I would hate to see him go. So much potential for him and the character of Vargus. With the confirmation that Peter Reckell is not returning any time in near future. I wish DAYS would put Sean Douglas on contract. So many fans have asked for Vargus to be Hope’s new love interest. Hope that still happens.


  14. Iakovos says:

    I would have liked Vargas to stay. Sexy bad boys working toward redemption with a hint of mystery are staples to soap stories. This was one of those characters. Perhaps this is one of those developments where cast members are front burner then seem to disappear for a few months only to return.


  15. Jules says:

    Do you have to post spoilers in these articles Michael? Alright he’s exiting, you’re reporting. Do you have to spoil how it goes down? Why ruin the plot? Honestly it’s really inconsiderate. I know you won’t post this message like you haven’t with others you’ve spoiled information on and I’ve called you out for but I think you really need to be more considerate to fans who do not want plot revealed before they get a chance to watch. Seriously Michael it’s very thoughtless. You’re better than this.


    Michael Fairman replied

    Hi Jules:
    This information in this article has been out for over a week and in Soap Opera Digest. DAYS obviously gave the info to promote it to SOD far in advance. So in that respect it was news that was already out there. I understand where you are coming from also. And I think you know that we don’t run many spoilers on this site.


    Jules replied

    Thank you for your reply Michael. I apologize if my words came out harsh but given that this is now at least the 3rd time in recent memory a plotline has been spoiled in advance for me on your site, I was frustrated.

    In the future, I would really appreciate a spoiler alert warning at the very least. Personally, I don’t go looking for spoilers in magazine or any other sites (unless it has to do with casting exits or changes, then it’s just unavoidable) so I would like to think the places I do frequent I’ve already felt reassured that they don’t do that. I enjoy coming to your site and would just hate it if I felt I couldn’t come “safely”.

  16. Jules says:

    Such a shame to get rid of potential like this. There was so much more about him that could have been explored. He had great chemistry with Ari and Kristian, with the latter really needing a good potential love interest. Their pairing couldn’t have been easier to craft, I’m sorry they weren’t even given the chance.

    I wish the actor the best of luck and hope we see him and his character back again soon.


  17. Carrie says:

    It’s nice to have a character on the canvas who isn’t related to one of the core families (that we know of.) There are plenty of single women in Salem that Vargas could have been paired with. Giving Hope nothing but cop stuff to do is boring. Peter Reckell has had over a year to return, he isn’t. Time to kill off Bo and give Hope a new bad boy to tame. Hope and Vargas would have been hot. Such a waste.

    Someone’s going to snag Sean Douglas. Days needs to sign him asap.


  18. 4everdays says:

    I wonder if DAYS is ousting actor Sean Douglas in favor of bringing back the
    character of ShWn Douglas Brady. TPTB could think it would be too confusing
    to have both, not to mention the fact that Shawn Douglas is Hope’s son.


  19. Daisy says:

    Days has been soo good lately so I won’t complain too much. But Vargas could have been so hot with Hope!


  20. Patrick says:


    Jeanne Theresa Donovan.

    ‘bumps’ in to Vargas…. “if you play your cards right… it just may be your lucky night”.

    who cares ? that she’s said that to nearly every man in Salem.

    I don’t.

    Vargus update – dang! isn’t he so handsome in a suit… along with his orange suits… his scruffies… work clothes…. and ahem….

    facial hair really embers for…. if you look at his charming simmering self… he gives you that younger playful Dennis Quaid. and I want some.


  21. Lydia says:

    I’m thinking that somehow with the arrival of Theresa/Jeannie, and the return of Patsy Pease as Kimberly, perhaps there is an ISA storyline coming up. Wouldn’t it be cool if Vargas was actually working with the ISA? That would pave the way for Shane’s return, and I’ve heard that Charles Shaughnessy would come back, but “hasn’t been asked yet”.

    We can hope, right? I’ve been watching Days since the beginning (little kid back then!)…my dream job would be to write for Days!


  22. judith says:

    Too bad he had potential but i am not sure about a Hope and Vargas pairing (and yep Hope need someone but Vargas with her i don’t see it) . With Hope to make it work Vargas should redeem majorly and it would take away all his edge and appeal imo, they already tried to start that with him suddenly giving big brotherly advice to Nick of all people..lame..Vargas was supposed to be the guy who stab Nick and made his life hell in prison (i know Derek did worse but Vargas was not a ‘big brother’ to Nick in jail..He threatened him on a daily basis and assaulting him..seem lot’s of folks forgot that pretty quickly..)


  23. michele says:

    I think sean douglas should go to general hospital and be sonny’s right hand man


  24. mark says:

    i love vargas! keep him on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  25. Gmbenet says:

    Vargas was a good match for Theresa. Forget the JJ thing! That is a disaster waiting to further annoy viewers!





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