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2 October 23rd, 2010 Sean Ringgold lands contract with OLTL just as Terrell Tilford set to make exit!

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Interesting indeed! If you watched yesterday’s episode of One Life to Live, the big shocker for the Evans family, is that Greg Evans played by Terrell Tilford is not Destiny’s brother, but her father! And, that is just one huge lie along with the Tea Delgado cover-up that the not-so-on-the-up and up Dr. Evans has been been hiding!

So while all of this was going down on-screen, there was great news for another member of the Evans clan behind the scenes when Sean Ringgold (Shaun) was put on-contract by the powers-that-be in Llanview.  Will it be Destiny and Shaun against the world?   

Congrats to Sean who has played Shaun for all he is worth and then some.  But we also have to admit, we will miss the talents of Terrell too!

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  1. semaj says:

    congrats to sean on his contract i hope he gets a meaty storyline on oltl


  2. gloria thornton says:

    Congrats to a wonderful actor!


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