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10 October 27th, 2011 SEASON PREMIERE: The Bay – Watch the Episode!

It’s here! The second season premiere of Gregori J. Martin’s hit web soap, The Bay! And the opener is a doozy! So many questions to be answered and so much drama unfolding!

With her youngest son missing, her other harboring dark and dangerous secrets, and a cynical daughter judging her every move, Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) struggles to keep her family together in Season Two of The Bay The Series.

Life grows more complicated when her three-times husband, Lee Nelson (Paul Sattefield) returns to Bay City. Old wounds are reopened as Lee and Commissioner Lex Martin (Tristan Rogers), Sara’s former lover, clash.

New faces for Season Two of The Bay include Ignacio Serricchio as Manny Ramos, Jed Allen as Harold Johnson, and Jackyln Zeman as Sofia Madison, and the aforementioned Paul Satterfield stepping into the role of Lee Nelson, which last season was played by Joe Lando.

Now after the jump watch the season premiere and let us know what you think is going down in Bay City!

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  1. LCS says:

    Love it! Absolutely love the fact that it is shot on location. Gives it such a ‘real feel’. Just hoping this ends up on TV real soon. I’m hooked and would gladly follow it there.


  2. Sherry says:

    The opening episode was wonderful. It had all the elements of a great soap and then some. Everything came together to make it one of the best episodes I’ve ever watched. It makes me wish for next Thursday to come so I can see what else Gregori Martin has up his sleeve. He and the cast and crew can pat themselves on the back for a job well done.


  3. Bay Fan says:

    Gregori’s genius is showing through. Kutos to Gregori, cast and crew. Hoping for some big financial sponsors. Would love to see more each week. Hopefully soon, could even move to TV. Thank you Michael for your support. LONG LIVE THE BAY


  4. Laura says:

    Loved it.. Loved everything about this episode..It was spectacular..


  5. Miahappy says:

    Oh, the long-awaited premier was worth every minute of agony! Beautiful cinematography, excellent actors, and riveting writing. What else could you ask for? THIS is what today’s soaps are missing!!!! Bring The Bay to my TV screen. PLEASE!


  6. Alex says:

    Absolutley remarkable! The Bay is better than TV! Seriously.


  7. disgrazia says:

    Wow. I’m just starting to see these internet webisodes and I like them. It makes me want, more than ever, to purchase a TV with internet capabilities. I like how they have the ads at the end. I’d love to be rid of my TV/cable for good! Thank you Michael, for turning me onto to webisodes!


  8. My2Cents says:

    Someone fill me in?? Where & how do I watch this?? Thanks!


  9. mlynnd says:

    Okay, where do I even begin? I admit, I’m a day one fan of THE BAY. I loved every minute of Season 1 and Far From the Bay, and I’ve been counting the days until Season 2 started. But this premiere was beyond my wildest expectations!

    First, Gregori has done an amazing job with this cast. Having to recast the role of Lee could have been a huge letdown, but Gregori did so seamlessly. And, adding in the likes of Jed Allan and Jackie Zeman just makes this an even bigger treat.

    Next, visually this show was just stunning. Of course the outdoor shots at the Garrett mansion were gorgeous, but even the indoor shots at Zoey’s house and in the hospital were beautifully lit.

    And the sound. Such a drastic improvement over Season 1!

    Next the acting. These guys are pros. Each and everyone in this episode rocked it out — from Sara’s confusion, frustration and ultimate joy in seeing Lee…to Christine’s crazy little grin in that hospital corridor which sent chills down my spine. And Derrell — that boy nearly had me in tears. Bravo! Oh, and Jackie Zeman brought so much spunky zest to this new southern belle that I can’t wait to see more of Mrs. Madison.

    Finally the writing. This is what a soap is supposed to be. Period.

    Gregori, you have managed to do in 12 minutes and on a shoestring budget what none of today’s network soaps can do. You sucked us in, made us smile, made us cringe, made us sad…and just plain entertained the hell out of us. I can’t wait for next week…and I haven’t said that about a soap since…well since last season of THE BAY.

    Well done. Well. Done!


  10. My2Cents says:

    So please, someone, tell me, is this show done in small amount of time? 12 minutes? A day? A week? Please advise.


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