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13 January 27th, 2011 Sexiest Woman Alive Nadia Bjorlin on Venice, Beemer & DAYS Chloe!

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Nadia Bjorlin named 2011′s Sexiest Woman Alive by TV Guide Canada? Well duh, as if there is any other choice.  The Days of our Lives, and Venice star, is drop dead gorgeous, and truly a stunner.  In a brand new interview with the woman who embodies the flawed characters of Lara in Venice and Chloe on DAYS, discussed her recent acting successes in both series, plus her man, B&B’s Brandon Beemer (Owen) who formerly was Shawn in Salem, and gives some insight if there is a Broe reunion in the works.    Here are a few excerpts!

Bjorlin on how finding out she was playing Lara in a millisecond on Venice adapted and made scenes sizzle with co-star Jessica Leccia (Ani):  ” I discovered Lara while I was acting as the week was unfolding. [Luckily, I gelled with the cast easily]; I felt the chemistry was effortless, at least on my part. I also felt like I instantly connected with Jessica [Leccia]. After two days, I really did feel like I was dating her [laughs]! It was really exciting because I really wanted to challenge myself [as an actress] and really prove that I could do something so different from Chloe. And Chloe’s great; she’s always changing. But Chloe is always going to be Chloe, and I really wanted to prove that I could do something different. It was Crystal’s idea to take Lara to this dark place because she really wanted to push and challenge me and I’m so grateful for that. It was thrilling to have that opportunity. The whole crew and cast … Venice turned into this great love fest. Our camaraderie off-set, I think, really helped create these characters and [kick off the] relationships right off the bat. For example, Crystal and Galen [Gering] really made believable brother and sister thanks to their off-set relationship.”

Bjorlin on the infamous DAYS half-naked between the sheets photo shoot with her, Beemer, Jay Johnson and Martha Madison which soon after saw Beemer and Madison let-go by the series:  ”I was completely shocked! At that point, I felt like a pseudo-veteran of the show, like I knew what could happen around there, but I was wrong! People were nervous because Julie Pinson and Judi Evans had just been let go, but I remember saying to Brandon at the time, “Honey, you have nothing to worry about — you’re the son of Bo and Hope; you’re the last person to be fired.” And, as if on cue, like a week later, he came to me and told me he had been fired. I totally thought he was kidding! On some level, I felt like I was an island floating around, so I figured I was more expendable than Martha and Brandon, especially since they had been such front-burner characters for so long. I couldn’t imagine it, but change needs to happen.

Bjorlin on if there is hope for a re-teaming of Chloe and Brady on DAYS, since the Broe fan base have been vocal:  ”The Broe fans are amazing. They’re so sweet. Their passion is undying. Personally, I feel terrible because at this point, I can’t offer them anything [story-wise]. Persistence is definitely the key to getting anything you want in life so perhaps they have it figured out. Damn it, maybe it will happen thanks to the laws of attraction. Broe is so special to me personally, and to Chloe … and yeah, I definitely think … there was never any closure and there were so many gaps in the story, which is why the fans — and us actors — never got any closure because it didn’t end properly.  I think the possibility is definitely there. You never know what’s going to happen on a soap. Eric (Martsolf) and I always joke when we have a scene together, “Well, that was fun — I’ll see you in four months,” because we have these beautiful little moments together, which are very random most of the time,  but they’re really small and subtle. You do wonder if there is something behind those brief scenes — or are we just creating it all in our minds?

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  1. Patty says:

    Thanks for the great Nadia interview, Michael. I just love her to pieces and this interview showed that she is beautiful both inside and out. I think her spirit really shines through this article. She’s a sweetheart!


  2. Imane Assi says:

    Love NB.She’s o talented,smart,gorgeous,hot and a real sweetheart


  3. navygirl says:

    I always knew Nadia Bjorlin had more in her than just her Chloe/Days alter-ego. She’s a complex and interesting woman with so much to offer her fans if she’s given a chance. I felt that the writers were making Chloe too one dimensional and forgot about Chloe’s rich past. Thank goodness Crystal Chappell saw Nadia’s potential and wrote something that would stretch and challenge Nadia’s acting muscles. I always thought Nadia was under-rated as an actress due to the poor writing at Days. I’m glad to see that other fans are finally seeing it, too, thanks to Venice and Nadia’s various prime time gigs. Let’s hope she keeps finding other projects to show us what she’s got! I also hope the new creators of the Wonder Woman reboot television serious are taking a serious look at casting her in the lead role. With the right part, Nadia could be catapulted into super stardom. I, for one, can’t wait to see that happen for her! :)


    navygirl replied

    Sorry about the spelling errors…that’s what I get for doing this in a hurry.


  4. bottomchef says:

    Of course she’s named sexiest and her “acting” is praised, bec it’s a tvgc blog. Thanks to On air on soaps for not putting that whole article, w/c I’m guessing is something to avoid. She should not be considered for Wonder Woman at all. Bjorlin is physically wrong for that part. Wonder Woman is very light skinned and should be 6’2. Bjorlin does the fake and bake, is not tall and more importantly, is a terrible actress. Bjorlin has been horrible on Days since portraying ghoul gurl. People hate how stupid her char is bec of the bad writing and her horrendous acting. The only thing interesting abt Chloe was Patrika Darbo’s Nancy. But even she couldn’t make Bjorlin’s Chloe tolerable. Bjorlin and Darbo demonstrate that Daytime soaps are abt looks over talent. Bjorlin is so monotonous and pathetic as Chloe, while Lowder is such a hammy actor. If he rejoins Days and they’re reunited, it’ll be bad acting at its worst since he is one of Daytime’s worst actors ever and she is one of Daytime’s worst actresses ever. They really need to ask pointers from Arianne Zucker, who is fantastic as Nicole on Days.


    Imane Assi replied

    Really?She’s 1.73 m.Yeah..that’s short for sure.And she’s skinned

    Nadia has been praised for her performances on Days (leuchimia sl and the paternity reveal’s sl)and Venice,so stop making up crap.Chloe was a very loved and famous character thanks to NB’s portrayl,beauty,talent,charisma and sweetness.And Chloe has been thrown under the bus to prop Saint Daniel,saint Carly and Saint Melanie.Still NB is doing an amazing job with the crap she’s been given and she would rock wonderwoman just like she rocks Venice and is rocking Days with her latest sl.Get over it


    bottomchef replied

    Bjorlin’s a terrible “actress”. That’s not “making up crap” Imane. That’s called having an opinion. Many people on message boards routinely call Chloe an idiot and think Bjorlin’s acting is pathetic. The romance w/ Daniel is atrocious. Bjorlin was horrendous when she was part of Days’ younger set as ghoul gurl. Back then Days was known for some of the worst acting on Daytime so Bjorlin is the worst of the worst. Bjorlin’s line delivery is still flat whereas Arianne Zucker has improved tremendously. Nicole brings so much to Days. Arianne is fantastic, dramatic, comedic, bitchy and overshadows veteran Sweeney. The Daytime Emmys often get it wrong but they were right to nominate Zucker. Bjorlin is terrible. She should not be a candidate for Wonder Woman. That part is too iconic for Bjorlin, who does not have the acting chops. Acting is obviously ageist, especially towards women. If a Wonder Woman reboot does get made, the people running that project would want a young actress so the part has longevity. If the character and backstory of Wonder Woman is to be respected, then actresses 30s and up should not even be considered. Wonder Woman should convey strength but she must also be very young and virginal since she grows up on an island full of Amazon women only. Actresses 30s and up would not be right for that part. Age wise Bjorlin is wrong for that part. Physically Bjorlin is wrong for the part also. Wonder Woman should be white skinned, 6’1 and above. Bjorlin’s too dark and too short. Ok, not tall enough.

  5. Imane Assi says:


    Oh I see your’s an AZS’s fans and you can’t tolerate the fact that NB’s acting is finaly being praised like it should have been long time ago.She’s been underrated for so long and now that finally more people are seeing how talented she is and praising her talent,it’s unbarable for you..Get a life….opinion is no fact.You may not like Chloe or NB’S's acting but wether you like it or not it has been praised many times:With the leuchimia sl,with this sl and on Venice.You tink she’s the worst of the worst.That’s your opinion.It doesn’t make it fact.I’ll leave it at that.


    bookchick replied

    I am also of the opinion that NB is a stunted, stiff, terrible actress. While after much support and cajoling, she was able to pull off a semi-decent performance on Venice,but in my opinion it was not all that. If Nelson Branco didn’t have his head up Nadia’s ass, perhaps I could respect his opinion as valid albeit different than mine. But he has no credibility left. Yes Imane, this is my opinion which I am entitled to just like you are. None of our opinions are fact. Everyone has their preferences and just because you love Nadia doesn’t mean everyone has to agree with you and see your opinions as fact.


    CuttheCrap replied

    The fact of the matter is Nadia was challenged and trusted by Emmy Award winner Crystal Chappell to take on this role of a lifetime and either make or break her career. She did very well with her Venice role and credits Chappell for her guidance in achieving such success. She is a class act and down to earth. In fact, she is very much like a young Crystal. Many similar personality traits, not to mention their beauty. Nadia has the best mentor in the biz. All the best to them ALL. Cut the negativity and childish name calling. This is a worldwide phenomenon. ENJOY IT!


  6. CuttheCrap says:

    Chappell on Bjorlin’s performance in episode eleven when Lara pushes Ani into the wall in a drunken stupor: “Once I saw the finished episode, I told her, “I think you’re going to be really, really happy.” I’m happy for her. I love it, I love it. You know what she told me the other day? This is kind of cool: Nadia went to an audition and the director was saying nice things about Venice … and that’s how Nadia got the film audition and how they knew her — based on her performance on Venice.”

    Interesting how “Saint Chappell” is actually loving Nadia’s success? She was proven right about Nadia being able to handle this role. She said she only writes for the people she loves. How lucky is Ms. Bjorlin? And obviously the feeling is mutual.


  7. Imane Assi says:

    I have no rpoblem with CC My problem is with Carly,Daniel and Melanie.But since you can’t make the difference between a character and it’s portrayer I’l leave it at that.


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