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12 September 3rd, 2014 Shemar Moore Talks Malcolm’s Entrance In His Return To The Young and the Restless With ET!


On yesterday’s Entertainment Tonight Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore was the very special co-host.

During the episode, Shemar talked about his upcoming two-day return to the soap that jumped started his career, The Young and the Restless!  The Daytime Emmy winner has not appeared on the show since 2005.

So what brings Malcolm back to Genoa City? Well as Y&R fans know, his brother Neil (Kristoff St. John) is blind and in this exclusive clip that was shown while Shemar chatted with the ET hosts, it looks like Malcolm’s return takes his brother by surprise!

Shemar also talks about when he might settle down and if he would want to start a family in real-life, and gives a tidbit about his upcoming new movie, The Bounce Back due out in 2015!

Watch the moment when Malcolm first resurfaces in Genoa City in the clip from his segment with ET after the jump!  Then, let us know if it piques your interest to not miss the episodes next week on September 10th and 11th only on CBS Daytime!

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  1. Timmm says:

    Its good publicity for the show BUT he is a Winter and the Winters family sucks!


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Its good to see a former soap vet make an appearance on any soap no matter how long or short the visit…meanwhile, who else from Y. AND R. can GH get a hold of…Peter Bergman would be an ok Jeff Webber…Tracy Bergman as Anne Logan…Tristian Rogers would make a great Robert Scorpio…kidding but not about T.R….lol


    Elite Advisors replied

    Have you heard the “wink” from Anna regarding Robert being in Wisconsin? I loved that….


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Missed it…i like those little things…like when Delia mistook a picture of Sonnys father for her husband Roger(both played by Ron Hale)…those moments can be more interesting and fun than the storylines!!!

  3. harry says:

    Well, this should be fun.
    Now I hope Malcolm can teach Neil about the danger of playing with electricity.
    Malcolm: Neil, I know you’re the big brother here, but I don’t think prying the toast out of the toaster with a fork is a good idea. Just sayin.


  4. su0000 says:

    This is good!

    Malcolm/ Shemar back/stop in…. for 2 days, only..
    I’d be happy if he has a total of 18 minutes total screen time during the 2 days!


  5. k/kay says:

    Must be a crime to be this drop dead handsome and a sweetheart to boot! Oh please let me arrest him and keep him for a week. I adore this man. :)


  6. damien says:

    go y n r!!!! in the spotlight and getting prime time publicity!!! the winters rock, if only we could get aunt liv in the mix, where is tonya lee williams?!
    now we just need neil back with leslie and tyler stirring up lily and cane!!
    i ve said it before and i ll say it again redaric williams is the next shemar moore!!! shemar was so dry when he first started on y n r but with good storytelling , shemar shined! tyler needs to be written as a bad boy stirring things up for lily or whomever not a pushover for abby!


  7. 4ever DAYS says:

    Are viewers going to see Moore than just his hands?


  8. johnny says:

    I love Shemar, He is a wonderful actor and very sexy too. lol.


    Nick replied

    Eye candy johnny, Hot Hot Hot. I saw your picture Johnny, you are also hot. You are Italian and a partime model. I know you are 25 years old and you stated to me, you are getting married to your boyfriend. Congrats Johnny I love your comments and love reading them all the time.


  9. Elyce says:

    Love his character and how he appears on Criminal Minds – he is wonderful in his part……please do not leave that show…it is the best of tv family!,,,,,,,,,


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