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35 February 22nd, 2013 Shenell Edmonds Posts Message To Why She Is Not Returning for Prospect Park’s OLTL!


So many fans have been wondering just what was the reason that Shenell Edmonds (Ex-Destiny Evans) would not be returning for Prospect Park’s reboot of One Life to Live, especially with the casting news that the part has now been recast!

Edmonds took to her Facebook page to post a very special message to her fans and friends on why Llanview is not a city stop in the near future:  “Many of you have asked me about the Prospect Park reboot of OLTL online so here goes.  I am very excited about the return of OLTL as many of you are. Obviously I can’t give specifics but I will tell you that I was invited to join the cast. Unfortunately, they were unable to accommodate my school schedule therefore, I had to politely decline.  My heartfelt thanks to all of you for rooting for my return and your continuous support. OLTL will always be dear to my heart and hey, you never know, soaps may return into my life at another time.
Lots of love, Shenell”

Shenell began her message with some background as to what she has been up to since the end of ABC’s OLTL: “A huge shout out to all the One life to live fans! I have been enjoying life to the fullest and slowly easing into college life since you last saw me on OLTL.  During the past year, you might have seen me in a few commercials and most recently out & about as a nominee for the 44th NAACP Image Awards held in Los Angeles on February 1st.  I had a chance to visit with Frank Valentini, ex-OLTL and current GH Executive producer and Paul Glass, ex- OLTL and current GH Musical Director. It was so nice seeing them again.”

So soapers, hard to believe anyone else playing the role of Destiny, when Shenell made us love her and root for her in the role!  But, are you understanding why Shenell could not commit to being part of the series reboot? Will you miss the on-screen relationship between Eddie Alderson (Matthew, who is also not returning) and Shenell?  Weigh-in

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  1. David says:

    Glad to hear they asked her first to return. Hope the new Destiny will have as good acting chops. Model pretty isn’t enough to carry the role. Casting the new Matthew is even tougher. Fingers crossed they get it right.


    Tali replied

    I totally agree with David. Will miss Shenell and Eddie, best of luck to them. The John McBain recast is also top on my list, love Michael Easton and will miss him, but John McBain does belong in Llanview with his family. Patiently waiting for news, can hardly wait for production!! Bring it on!


    Jolie replied

    Where did you hear that John Mcbain was being re~cast ? The only one that anything has been said about going back is RH

    Rusty replied

    Did you just insinuate that Shenell is not attractive with your “model pretty” remark?


    David replied

    Nope quite the opposite. But the soaps love to recast roles with people who are pretty faces/limited talents. Shenell is a beauty inside and out but she is an actress above all else, and I am sure her career destiny will be something amazing to watch.

  2. Jules says:

    I think if there were any reason she couldn’t return, this was a very important reason. I’m glad she chose her studies over acting. It shows where he priorities are, and in my estimation she has them ranked right.

    Best of luck to her in her future endeavours.


    Michael replied



  3. tretag says:

    Good for her to put education first!!! Her talent will open doors for her when the timing is right-


  4. jim says:

    Of course you always miss the original actors in most cases, and you hate to see them replaced. But if things dont work out and an actor cant return to their role for whatever reason you got to learn to move on just like that actor.Who knows… Shenell could end up on another show or even return to OLTL someday and replace the actress who replaced her. And so what if they aged the character of Destiny if she ever got the chance to resume the role? Edge Of Night years ago replaced the actress who played the role of Nicole with another actress who was 20 years younger than the original! Whatever choices S.E. makes for herself whether its acting or a completely different career choice i can respect that and wish her the best. In the meantime i will miss seeing her. Thanks Micheal and Shennell for the interview.


    jim replied

    p.s. wherever she goes in life its her DESTINY!


  5. Barbara says:

    Sad that Shenell, that you will not be reprising your character, but your reasons are justified. Don’t pass on your education, You can always fall back on acting later. Recently on SoapNet was the OLTL Classic episode where Destiny auditioned for a part in the Star-Crossed Lovers Musical. Shenell, you have a beautiful voice. The best of luck to you.


  6. Vanessa says:

    School is always a great reason to pass on just about anything. Best wishes to Shenell and her replacement.


  7. Kathy says:

    You made the right choice, dear! We will miss you in the role but I will still be watching and it sounds like you will too! Good luck to you in your future!


  8. aria says:

    this girl is a class act. good for her, cant wait to see her in the near future.


  9. Troy Turner says:

    I give her much credit for explaining her side of things. Even though we love the actors/characters too much sometimes, we should always remember that these are real people making decisions that are the best for them


    The_HugoBoss replied

    Well said! And totally agree! :-)


  10. Lynn says:

    My kids are around her age and I have preached education and esp college first before anything, so I am so happy that is what she is doing! I shelfishly would love to see her on OLTL but education in todays world is the most important and I’m happy she is putting it first!


  11. Llanviewer717 says:

    Thank you for posting this. I am glad TPTB asked Shenell to return. She was wonderful as Destiny. I’ve very sorry they were unable to accommodate her school schedule. Congratulations to Shenell for making what I am sure was a difficult decision to concentrate on her education for her future. I’m sure she will have a very bright and successful future. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Wayne Lawless says:

    Sad to read Eddie Anderson is not returning to OLTL. Watching the reruns show what a superb, sensitive actor he is.


  13. Cnucmecnu says:

    thank goodness! After reading the post on her webpage about the white girl dating the black guy, I wouldn’t watch the show if she was on it anyway.


  14. Louise M says:

    I loved you when you first came on OLTL I watched you become a lovely Young Lady. You definately made this Grandma a fan of yours. I wish you well and pray that you somehow get on the show even as a cameo . You have an amazing voice ( just watched a rerun of the time you were trying out to sing in the musical about Starr and Cole ) lol Soap Net plays all the reruns thank heaven as it was one of the episodes I did miss. God Bless you and Keep you in his loving Arms during your Journey in Life.


  15. Jennifer Janeiro says:

    I will miss Shennell in the role. The first teanage character on soaps that I have loved since Christie Clarke’s Carrie Brady. Mostly do to Shennell’s portrayel. Her and Eddie were amazing together. Best of luck to both actors. Education should always come first!!!!l


  16. Cela says:

    Good for you Shenell. While i will miss you playing Destiny, i think you’re doing the right thing. Good luck to you & all you plan in your life…. you have brought such joy to us the fans, & have made OLTL more enjoyable!


  17. meg says:



  18. Catherine Climpson says:

    It certainly won’t be the same without Shenell. I find it hard to warm up to new actors, but after a while; I get used to them. What else can you do? I will be happy just to have One Life to Live back.


  19. ethel says:

    i will definitely miss her as destiny BUT i applaud shenell for putting her education first………….


  20. Rodd says:

    I respect her for her choice and wish her nothing but the best!


  21. Monica says:

    Love that she’s so supportive of the new OLTL, even though she won’t be a part of it. Shenell, you are sweet, classy and fierce. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! Best of luck in school. :)


  22. loveabc says:

    Well I will always root for education first. May God bless her.


  23. Shawn says:

    I’m really going to miss Shenell and Eddie best of luck for her future. Education comes first. And wish the best of luck of Laura Harrier as the new Destiny and whoever will be the new Matthew Buchanan.


  24. elizabeth says:

    Matthew and Destiny were a good couple just like they were.There must have been some compromise with her school schedule that could have been found.I will miss both actors.


  25. Kmilton says:

    I was looking forward to the return of shannell Edmonds on one life to life! SCHOOL FIRST THOUGH!


    Kmilton replied



  26. Kmilton says:



  27. Liza moulton says:

    I hate to see her go on the Y&R.


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