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11 September 13th, 2013 Sheryl Underwood Reveals Her Childhood Secret On A Heartbreaking Segment Of THE TALK!


This week, some of the most emotional drama was not on the network soaps but with the ladies of CBS afternoon hit talk series, The Talk.

All week long we have been posting secret reveals of the co-hosts from Julie Chen, Aisha Tyler, to Sara Gilbert, that were all part of The Talk’s season four premiere week.  But on Friday’s episode, a real shocker and painful admission came from Sheryl Underwood.

The comedienne and co-host admitted she was actually born a twin, but her sister died in the incubator at the hospital. Her mother had told Sheryl her father killed her twin to try to get her to hate him. When Sheryl was 5 years old, she witnessed domestic violence when her mother stabbed her father. Sheryl considers her sister her “guardian angel” and feels her presence every day.

The faces of disbelief, shock, and sadness on the faces of Aisha Tyler, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, and Julie Chen, also illustrated that they had no idea what Sheryl was going to say, and how heartbreaking it was.   But one thing is for sure, if you watched the entire segment, Underwood discusses how she lives her life every day, as we all go through our own personal struggles and challenges, with the help of her “twin” sister and trying to help others.

Watch the touching reveal of Sheryl’s emotional childhood trauma after the jump! Then, let us know if you were affected by her personal story!

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  1. Mary SF says:

    The segments this week all prove a point that most of us all have some kind of pain, shame or burden to bear. I just don’t understand if we are more a like than different why can’t humanity find a way just be a bit more kind to one other.


    Tori replied

    Your words are so beyond true. I think living population are more alike then we want to admit. I always had this crazy theory, the cure to all of our problems like, diseases, wars and bigotry are encoded in our DNA.Only when we truly recognize and respect our commonalities and our uniqueness at the same time, the answers will be unlocked.


    Patrick replied

    Good lord….


    Only when we truly recognize and respect our commonalities and our uniqueness at the same time, the answers will be unlocked.

    Patrick replied


    kind words are not lost…. just missing

    i was all ready to expect… jumping the gun… that maybe it had something to do with her weight… this floored me…

    and i said as much.. because… Sara uses her humor to beget her escalation of rejection/acceptance of being gay….

    jesus….. (excuse me)… but… this is real pain and emotion… that people know… it’s not just ours…

    it’s someone you know… it should be you… who understands….

    help me… i’m helping you

    level the playing field… if you will… we are all born with


    Patrick replied

    I learned a new word….


    3. A means by which something is transmitted:

    so help me… god… there’s nothing wrong with speaking in this forum of “hiding” behind a computer… i’m learning to think… read… and write again.

    i’m not looking for absolution… just sparks of a fervent desire to put myself out their… to do good for my advocacy

    and… bemoan and applaud Serial.

  2. caroldee says:

    I saw it and it was heart breaking to listen to..she is a strong christian woman I can surely say that. GOD BLESS they went to commercial every single woman was at her side holding and comforting her. It was really touching..


  3. des10261991 says:

    God Bless Her. Her Sister is with her everyday, she helped her speak out today,


  4. Patrick says:

    Sheryl Underwood.









    I can’t echo any more than any one else…. feeling for our brethren… our fellow peers… our being

    is a natural instinct… we are born with

    taking care of yourself first… is allowed

    your spiritual being is ever present… and your life… carries… the past, present, and future…

    and you are an advocate to yourself… and however, your flight plan.. you are lauded.. because of the public eye… and its ALL GOOD

    mistakes are not a misfortune… you are humane


  5. Mo says:

    Oh my. That’s quite a secret. Didn’t know she had all the pain in her life.


  6. Doe says:

    My admiration to Sheryl.The fact that she told her story not only helped her, but many others who are afraid to to tell anyone or who have no one to tell their story, might be a blessing.They may find the courage now just from hearing Sheryl’s personal heartbreak and her courage.God Bless you and your sister who is always watching.


  7. Derrick says:

    Oh wow! That is shocking :(


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