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5 April 4th, 2011 Should there be less acting noms at Emmys, if there are less Soaps?


In an interesting commentary and revealing piece today from veteran soap journalist, Michael Maloney for Variety, he takes a look at if the Daytime Emmys should consider limiting the number of acting nominees in the acting categories, with only six soaps on the air.  And,  if NATAS should do away with the Younger Actor and Actress categories, as well as if the Guest-Star category should return. Maloney spoke to a number of soap vets for their thoughts as well.  Here are what a few had to say:

Peter Bergman (Jack, Y&R) ” They do need to change. You can’t have five (nominees) with only six shows. If you do, you may as well throw one from every show in.” Christian LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R) “I don’t think there should be younger actor or actress categories. If you’re that good, then you can be up there with (older actors), the way Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense) and Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) have been at the Oscars.”  Ken Corday (DAYS, EP) argued the other side of the coin, that NATAS and the Emmys should keep the younger set categories because, “there will be more awards to give out.”

What do you think? Should we honor less actors, in a genre which gets very little recognition anyway? Or, are they right, since there is less of a talent pool with the dwindling number of shows?  Let us know your thoughts.

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  1. kay killgore says:

    Well, could we have an emmy for the actors and actresses who throw their names in for not even having a lead story! Mr. LeBlanc and Mr. Bergman neither one of these guys have had a LEAD Story this last year! Campaigning is a turn off!


    sara replied



  2. Kate says:

    The genre unfortunately gets very little recognition, but that’s at no fault to the actors. Daytime actors are unquestionably some of the hardest working actors: memorization of lengthy script dialogue on a very regular basis, working through long production hours on a weekly basis, minimal rehersal time, and decreasing job stability all contribute to what makes these actors strong, and worthy of formal recognition just as actors who work in other mediums. Further, there may be less of a talent pool in terms of numbers, but it’s certainly stronger now with less shows on the air and more vets and previously established actors finding work on currently existing shows. In some ways, there is arguably now more competition for the gold, but now there’s arguably an easier chance to win as a result of the smaller talent pool. I think reducing the number of nominees is a good option to alleviate the concern of too many actors earning nominations over the six remaining serials. Perhaps cap the nomination numbers at 3 or 4 nods per category. The Daytime Emmys seems to increasinly become a popularity contest, and reduced nominations may help with this. I also think the younger actor/actress categories can be eliminated, and worthy opponents can contend in the Supporting category. In my opinion, most of the younger nominees are not Emmy-worthy performers; they just qualify for placement in the category, so they end up with a nomination despite lack of a justifiably solid, nomination-worthy performance. Obviously this can’t be said for all Younger actor noms / winners like Jennifer Finnigan, Eden Riegel, and Jennifer Landon, who deserved their Emmy wins, and Scott Clifton, who is LONG overdue for an Emmy. However, with the dwindling number of younger actors in daytime it just seems like anyone who’s under 26 will get a nod. In a nutshell, the Daytime Emmys are necessary as actors in this medium deserve formal recognition. However, reduced numbers of nominees and the elimination of the Younger Actor / Actress categories may balance things out. Thanks!


  3. Toscanti says:

    I feel they neeed to more fairly evaluate the actors rather than the popularity contest it has become. It shouldn’t be the actors themselves deciding who gets the nomination. Every year there are great individuals left out that in my opinion could have gone home with the gold. I appreciate both actors quoted here, however they are 2 that always get a nod. It is a popularity contest amongst themselves.


  4. Tanya says:

    I say let it stay the way it is and give us “the best guest appearance role awards again”. The way I see it is it wouldn’t be fair to cut down the awards because I remember when one year where GH had many nominees in each Categories while there were other Actors who should have been nominated and were over looked and we see where Actors who were great last year (2010) were shot out again as well and have to wait for a time to be nom. again. There are some People who should have won an Emmy in the past who hasn’t yet which is beyond me like Melody Thomas Scott. The younger Actors & Actresses awards shows off how talented our younger Actors are and who can keep up with the likes of Anthony Geary, Michael E. Night, Susan Flannery, Eric Breaden and our many great Vets who shows that just because they are Soap Actors they shouldn’t be underestimated that they can far act anyone who dears to be in a Scene with them. Not to mention sometimes these young Actors have there own Stories being told separately which test talent and further more they are the new generation of the genre, plus it shows which Soap has the best young talent right, sounds awful I know but a good point. This might not make any sense but why not make it 6 noms each from each Category since there are only 6 Soaps any way, then picking who should represent each Soap would be easier and more divided cause the decision is made from one episode Reel anyways right. As for best Drama there should just be 4 noms. Now I don’t know how this whole award thing works so is it about money or should it be about who should really get the award at the end of the Day or just simply who should really be nominated. Like I said before though some Actors are over due for an award, that’s my opinion. Besides when it comes down to it isn’t it about the love for the genre it self, if it were me though I would just be grateful I have a Job.


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