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21 January 18th, 2012 Should Y&R’s Sharon ultimately be one-half of Shadam, Shick, or Shiktor?


Oh the perils of Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) on The Young and the Restless! She has now successfully managed to wed all the powerful Newman in her young lifetime! Which begs the question, “What’s wrong with her?” Or, begs the statement, “Good Going, Girl!”   Whatever the case, many fans are seemingly outraged and some seem to like her latest coupling, when Sharon and Victor wed last Friday while Vic was in prison blue, while love-of-his-life Nikki finally got some answers to who killed Diane and was on her way to tell him!

Now Adam (Michael Muhney) is pissed, sad, betrayed, and shocked, and so too is his brother Nick (Joshua Morrow)! Each of these men has had a tortured past with Sharon, and they still can’t help themselves from loving or trying to protect the beautiful blonde.

So we ask,  what man should Sharon ultimately be with, thus forming the following duos? The couple called “Shadam” (Sharon and Adam)? The couple better known as “Shick” (Sharon and Nick)? Or, the couple that could be now known as  “Shiktor”  (Sharon and Victor)?

Let us know your thoughts, soapers!

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  1. Fefe says:

    Either Shadam or Shick are fine.
    Victor and Sharon are gross.


    Susan M. replied

    Michael, I’m trying to send you my feelings about the first week without OLTL and I can’t seem to type in the captcha code right.. I have tried several times and keeps saying incorrect.. Can’t get in contact with you ….What can I do???????????? This is the only way I could do it!!!!!!!!!! Can’t get past that code… Is there a better way to get in contact with you?????????? Can you please help me?????????? I had some pretty good comments about OLTL ..BOO HOO!! Can you solve this problem for me??? Is there another way I can send you a message!!!!!! It’s tough getting past the captcha code.. It’s IMPOSSIBLE!!! PLEASE HLELP ME! Have any suggestions… Again, CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME??? Waiting for your reply…


    Michael Fairman replied

    Susan what Captcha Code? Are you taking about in the CONTACT section of the site? Or, are you talking about individual posts?

    Susan M. replied

    yes the contact section of the site………..

  2. sheri says:

    I feel that Sharon should be with Nick.. Although I am liking Shiktor.. Shadam is a sick pairing, hate it..


  3. Gloria says:

    I wish I cared.


  4. kay killgore says:

    I say at this point none of them. Let my girl raise her daughter and please MAB quit trying to ruin this character. Victor is using her, Nick could never be faithful to anybody and we just can not get past the baby switch with Adam even though I think MM&SC have great chemistry.


  5. Iakovos says:

    I just do not care anymore. Genoa Citizens have become beyond stupid and I cannot care anymore. And any regard for marriage and family is gone. How can we root for these characters when their decisions and actions are so unbelievable?


  6. lisa says:

    First of all ,can I please say these terms – Shadam,Shick or Shiktor make me want to hurl.
    Can we speak English please !!
    Secondly, getting a little tired of Sharon… not the actress – the character.
    I like Sharon Case and if I had to choose – I’d want her with Adam.
    There’s real fire and passion there….despite all the pain he’s put her through.


  7. Tom says:

    It seems to me that Bill Bell created Nick and Sharon as a couple for the long-haul–it’s his successors who have failed to understand this. MAB has DESTROYED Sharon as a character to the point that it seems like 75% of the show’s fanbase just can’t handle her anymore. Soaps are supposed to be about escapism, but Sharon gives women a bad name. How can anyone think this is good writing?!?


  8. lew says:

    MAB and her henchmen have screwed up just about every character on Y&R. Sharon has been through enough. Please give her a backbone and a career to keep her busy. She doesn’t belong with Victor and she definitely does not belong with Adam. As someone mentioned, Bill Bell created the pairing of Sharon and Nick and hopefully they find their way back to each other. Sorry guys, I loved Phyllis with Ronan. They totally sizzled as a couple and he cared about her.


  9. Hillary says:

    Adam Newman is the BEST character. He is such a disgusting pig! Morally bankrupt, emotionally retarded, super cocky, twisted beyond the twist, and I love it! Sharon is so lame w/out him.


    Hillary replied

    I don’t see her evolving with Nick. She’s too complacent w/him and everyone knows she’s so uber temporary where Victor is concerned. I mean, it’s only a matter of time…


  10. Doe says:

    I don’t care who wimpy Sharon ends up with. Right now I’m thinking there must be a place in hell for Victor. He has manipulated everyone because of his personal likes and dislikes to the point of interfearing in everyones life, but mostly his own family. He should be accountable for framing Billy, he should be accountable for his duplicity in the marrow transplant for Billy’s daughter, as should the hospital for being part in the lie and participation. Really, the hospital and staff would be censored at least. Victor and his money do not make him in any way less guilty, under the guise of benevolency. Marrying Sharon, serves them both right. It is stupid to say the least. Well, we all know how that will last! Who cares?….


    Iakovos replied

    You strike a chord in your comments I think we should address. I am all for morally ambivalent characters, but part of what makes them fascinating is that dififculty for them to stay on one side of the line. They need to be knocked down a peg and travel redemption road a bit. Adam and Victor do not seem to do that or learn from their wayward journeys. After a while, I cannot care. A holiday episode or near-death experience is not enough. You are right… Who cares?!


  11. Mo says:

    Aron! Sharon and Adam!


  12. Devoted Fan says:

    Who cares anymore? Sharon is ruined. Nick is ruined. Phyllis is ruined. Adam is the devil. Victor is has a God complex to end all God complexes and is incapable of learning. The past few months of character assassinations are just more in a long series of kicks in the teeth from the writers to the fans.


  13. ricardo says:

    sharon newman is getting on my nervous. her charactor is pathetic now. she cant be on her own. always needs a man. what a whiny whiny slut that she is. time for her to be written out. please bring back kimberlin brown as sheila carter she was faboulous intresting and kept us on your toes. sheila needs to come back now. michael fairman i enjoy all your articles especially on the last few weeks of one life to live. i also love you because you know what to say on the video interviews. you made me cry on the erika slezek interview. god bless you michael fairman. i was in the closet for years. im a gay man. you all my children inspired me to come out and im ok with it now. proud of who im. i hope you read this. thank you michael.


  14. lew says:

    The problem is MAB, SH and HS. Think back to 10, 15 and 20 years ago; Y&R was nothing like this. No soap is safe these days. The writers have to listen to the fans and we also have to hang in there and support our shows. There were times I was frustrated with AMC and OLTL, but I hung in there until the end. I miss those shows so much.


  15. Brenda says:

    I’m over Sharon and Nick. You can only get back together so many times. Besides Nick will sleep with anything that ‘s breathing. Victor and Sharon NO WAY, makes me want to barf. I think Sharon and Adam should get back together.


  16. Jenna says:

    I don’t care for Sharon anymore. I actually fast forwarded her “love” scenes with Adam today.

    I think Sharon needs to join a convent. She is a lost cause.


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