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4 April 30th, 2011 Slezak, Jackson & Geary named “Power Performances of the Week”!

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So here is ABC, who cancels two longtime soap operas and literally two weeks later airs two episodes in their daytime line-up that illustrate the creativity, emotional power, and unbelievable talent that is within the daytime genre.  We dare say that these performances and episodes rival anything we have seen with a higher budget on a primetime series, and were magnificent to boot.  Still, one of those shows is soon to be gone. And the other, who knows how long they will truly last.  But let’s try not to dwell on that here.  Let’s celebrate and recognize the beautiful performances this past week by One Life to Live’s Erika Slezak (Viki), General Hospital’s Jonathan Jackson, (Lucky) and Anthony Geary (Luke).

First up Erika Slezak, who delivered a tour de force performance that had us lapping up every delicious moment of her portrayal of Viki and her alters, Niki and Jean.  And just when you think you have seen Erika Slezak do her ultimate work ( after those six Daytime Emmys) she proves without question, and remind us why she is the greatest actress on daytime television.  Kudos to the brilliant writing of Ron Carlivati and team for the script, and Roger Mooney for the incredible set representing Viki’s subconscious mind.  We have to say, when Erika as Niki in the courtroom flipped into Jean, and then started to lose her grip as the ‘everything-must-be-in-order’ alter,  it was just stunning to watch. And that is only one little gem of many in the entire 40th anniversary episode in Erika’s honor. We don’t think there will be anyone who watches OLTL that will ever forget this episode, or the final speech made by Viki to her alters that included mentions of her character’s past: her losing her husbands, her child, her beloved mother, etc.  Hankies galore! Erika, a seventh Emmy is on the way to you in 2012.  Make sure you submit yourself, please!


Over at General Hospital, the creative team literally mounted a stage play of Luke’s Intervention complete with chairs, and basically no set, and just actors all sitting around six time Daytime Emmy winner, Anthony Geary.  Each took their turn to read their letters and time-out-of-time pleas for Luke to get help for his addiction. In the end, it would ultimately fall on deaf ears as Luke would not accept what his friends and family were attempting to do! The writing and the production were exquisite… complete with a back-screen in which past clips were viewed to illustrate the relationships between all involved.   Geary was understated, masterful, and balanced all of Luke’s emotions as a man literally and figuratively tied-up! And it was Geary, who had to listen and react effectively as each of the character’s in Luke’s life tried to get through to him.

However, Jonathan Jackson actually stole the show from Geary, once Lucky had his turn to confront Luke. With letting out his feelings on the way his father is destroying his own life, and how Lucky needs his dad to help him get over the loss of his son, Jake  (even though Luke is the responsible party for the hit and run that eventually killed the boy)  needless to say, it was powerful stuff.

We don’t think there is a better and a more natural actor, who is the prime of their acting career than Jonathan Jackson.  In the time he has been back to GH, we have given Jackson this honor twice before!   Jackson and Geary brought tears to our eyes and we are sure everyone else’s in the viewing audience.  They are quite the team.

Watch clips of this week’s Power Performances of the Week below and let us know if you agree with our picks!

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  1. Doe says:

    Michael, Those three performances were the best of the best. I also agree that Jonathan Jackson is the one that broke my heart and he consistency can do that in these stories. I hope Jonathan can have the career that Tony and Erika have had…he is that good! I commented on Erika’s performance earlier in the week. She also reached the pinnacle of her career so far, and she made me weep at the end of that episode. Tony has always given us something to wait for. You know he is the master of underplaying his role. All in all, this was a powereful week that should go down in the annals of soap history. They give all actors a high ladder to climb…..I also want to give you, Michael, bravo on your latest podcast. It was insightful and fun and very entertaining. I loved Robin’s emotional thoughts about OLTL and its demise. But I also feel there may be something or someone who has the guts to do something exceptional to back these two soaps.This has been an unsually difficult month for all soap fans. I will not abandon the soaps before their time. But, we have been privy to great writing and production on both those shows, not to mention superb acting. So. we are winners all around….


  2. ethel says:

    those scenes were just awesome!!! erica, tony & jonathan ARE the best actors currently on daytime!! all three have a talent that i can’t even describe in words………….they put their heart & soul into their portrayal of the characters!!!


  3. todd says:

    Wow. I do not watch GH, but JJ was amazing. AG is still as good as when I watched the show back before it was about the mob. Erika was great too. That episode was so much fun. It almost felt like the final episode with Viki’s speech at the end. Thank you for recognizing the incomparable Erika Slezak.


  4. Barbara Cramer says:

    I thought the performances were amazing…of all of them. My only problem was the way the writer’s brought about this intervention. It seems they try but always HAVE to rely on the great performances of Tony, Jonathan, Jane, Julie, Maurice, Laura and Nathan because their writing falls short. It takes you up and leaves you hanging and then drops the ball and moves on to something else with no real closure. It’s very frustrating. Thank you for your kudos to these actors. They are well deserving of academy awrds.


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