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14 July 25th, 2011 Sneak Peek: Josh Duhamel images of his return to All My Children!


Motion picture star, Josh Duhamel will make his highly anticipated return to All My Children on the August 4th episode to reprise his Daytime Emmy Award winning role of  Pine Valley’s favorite con artist, Leo du Pres, who allegedly died in 2003.

As many recall, Leo was deeply in love with Greenlee played by Rebecca Budig, when he presumably perished over the falls! ABC Daytime is teasing that Duhamel’s return promises storyline twists and turns that All My Children fans have grown to know and love.

ABC released some principal photography today of Josh in a few scenes with Rebecca Budig and this solo shot at the doorway.  


Are you looking forward to some Leo? We are!

So, after taking a glance at these photos, what do you think brings Leo back? Is he a ghost or is he real?

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  1. Katherine says:

    My first couple love on amc was Leo and Greenlee. I am so excited Josh is returning. It’s great that after all his success that he is still so grateful for is time on amc. So very humble, I just love that about him. I prefer Leo to be alive but if I haven to take a ghost it’s worth it just to have Josh back on my datytime screen!


  2. Amy says:

    I want him to be real so bad and I want Greenlee to run off with Leo to Paris when the show’s television broadcast ends…it’s how it always should have been. These two were soulmates but unfortunately…I think Greenlee dreams about Leo but I still think he maybe alive but I don’t think he reunites with Greenlee in the end which means things will not end as they always should have which is the worst thing to happen when a show ends….even if it’s just on TV and will continue online, I don’t know that Budig won’t continue with the show but I have doubts so if my doubts are confirmed and this is the end of the road for Leo’s Greens than Greenlee should be with Leo when the televised AMC leaves the air. Did I say they belong together yet? LOL


  3. Jillian says:

    Hell yes they belong together! Greenlee should end her run on TV with LEO, not Ryan!!! Anything less will be totally unacceptable to all us GreenLeo fans out there! (I don’t think Rebecca Budig will be continuing online. So it would be VERY easy to write a happy ending for this most beloved AMC couple!) I’m not planning on watching the online version, so this is the end of the line for me. Greenlee HAS TO end up with Leo; she just has to!!!


    ryanandgreenleeforever replied

    She might continue online, especially since her good friend Cameron wrote on his twitter account that if he is offered to stay and go online he will. He wants to stay with amc. Rebecca and him have been friends for years and they love working together. I’ve seen Rebecca in a few other things, and Cameron too and though I love them dearly as Ryan and Greenlee, they won’t really make it anywhere else. Just like Susan Lucci, she tried to leave and do other stuff but the stuff was short lived and she ended up back. It’s weird with some soap stars, they’re big in soaps but duds anywhere else. Josh was lucky and should never return to a soap as he is doing very well.


    Jillian replied

    In light of Rebecca’s recent interview with, it seems highly unlikely that she will continue online, regardless if Cameron continues or not. (IMO, I don’t think Cameron will either.) As for what they can achieve outside of soaps, I don’t agree with you. Cameron is doing well with his GMA gig & Kelly Ripa even mentioned him as a possible replacement for Regis. I think he would be just fine if he chooses not to continue online. As for Rebecca Budig, I think she will do very well. She’s just as talented an actor as Josh Duhamel is. So there’s no reason to assume that she can’t “make it” in Hollywood this time around. Josh just got lucky. Rebecca did land 2 pilots, but unfortunately the shows weren’t picked up by the networks. (One was for ABC and the other was for FOX.) I think it’s unfair to say she is a “dud” anywhere besides the soap world. Her scenes with Josh proved that is not true. She can hold her own with him or any other actor. I can’t wait to see what great show she’ll end up on next.

  4. monday says:

    Josh I’m glad your doing AMC before it goes off air, however, I’m not happy that you are being paired with that horrible actress who plays Greenlee, her bug eyes just annoy me.


  5. chutney bucket says:

    It’s hard to see than AMC is going off the air but it will continue online, it will not be the same but I’m happy to see everyone who is returning Can’t wait to see how it all ends. I’m angry at ABC because they are making a big mistake in canceling AMC because they want to put a food reality show in its place, thats why there is Food Network Channel, they are comming up with some of the most stupid shows like cupcake wars, cake boss,Have Cake, Will Travel, last cake standing ect. All I know is that ABC is making a big mistake.


  6. Melanie says:

    I still can’t understand why ABC wouldn’t sell the rights to NBC? greedy! I WILL not watch ABC once the soaps finish! Who the heck needs another cooking show? And what kind of stupid name is that anyways? “The Chew”? Who wants to watch people do a reality show on food? Bunch of swamp donkey’s!! I’m soooooo mad!!!!! YES put it on the food network!


  7. avelina says:

    So excited that Leo is coming back!!


  8. ryanandgreenleeforever says:

    Greenlee has been with Ryan longer then she was ever with Leo. Ryan and Greenlee have great chemistry and if Josh Dumal had stayed all these years, we all know that they would not be a couple any longer.

    They got to stop this scifi station crap they’re pulling on us.


    Pearl replied

    First off, Ryan and Greenlee has no chemistry at all. And Leo will always be the love of Greenlee’s life. And if Leo was alive today, there is no way she would take a second look at Ryan. Because Ryan doesn’t hold a candle to Leo. It’s really quite simple.


    ryanandgreenleeforever replied

    I respectfully disagree. I’ve watched all the couples and yes, Rebecca and Josh has chemistry but so does Rebecca with Cameron. Josh left the show almost 10 years ago and Rebecca was worried about doing scenes with him again as she did not know if they could re-create the same chemistry that had years (and years) ago. Basically all this Leo and Greenlee stuff is old news as they were only together about a year to a year and a half and then he was gone….. Greenlee and Ryan have been together much longer and I love their stuff in 2004 and 2008 as my favorite years for the couple. Even taking into account when Rebecca left the show, her character was still with longer with ryan then she was ever with leo.

    I’m glad they made it a dream sequence because I would be ticked if David married and has sex with the woman that his brother was married to, and that he knew was alive. David loved leo and to me, David would never hurt leo like that.

    Josh, looked horrible in those scenes, but then again, Josh dumal is not aging too well. :-(

    Cameron on the other hand is older than Josh and still looks awesome.

    I do agree Rebecca’s hair looks horrible lately. She has a great head of hair and whoever talked her into that cut needs to be b slapped. Plus tell her to get rid of those shoes, she’s worn since last year in almost every scene.

    I did see an interview with Cameron and Rebecca and the person asked Rebecca about the darker hair and she said it was a color mistake that went bad. Cameron said he liked it as he likes dark haired women, and Rebecca gave him this double take and said “really?” I hope that was not her reason for keeping it dark. She looks better with light brown and highlights. Though the scenes when David died, and her hair was pulled back she was beatiful, can a Woman call another woman beautiful? Well, whatever I love Ryan and Greenlee and the green butterfly forever.

  9. Lacie says:

    I just got done watching the All My Children episode of where Leo appears to Greenlee in a dream. I was so upset to find out that ABC did that. He should have been alive. But I’d really like to believe he is because in the first picture up above, they’re showing Leo leaning up against the wall at the Pine Valley Hospital so maybe he is alive. I hope he is alive and he comes knocking at Ryan’s door asking for Greenlee or at least goes looking for her to see how she’s doing. If he doesn’t, I’ll be so upset. The two of them belong together. They need to end the show with them two finishing where they left off and running off to Paris together. It would be a beautiful happily ever after ending.


    ryanandgreenleeforever replied

    I don’t think he is alive. After watching the scene I came away with the feeling that Leo said if she had to be with someone it might as well as be Ryan. Ryan and Leo were best bust and Leo remembers how much Greenlee wanted Ryan before they got together. As he said he just wants her to be happy. I did love the flashbacks and remember how beautiful Rebecca’s hair was and how much better it suits her.

    I’ve always loved David’s character and how much love he had for his brother. I loved him years ago when he was with Erica. I did not want them to ruin david’s love for his brother or leo’s love for david because if Leo was alive, I think david’s marrying and having sex and then even faking his own death and greenlee almost going to jail would have ruined leo’s love for him. To me, that was worse then leo being dead, and to me, I did not think David would ever hurt leo like that.


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